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Tempt book pdf download for free or read online, also Tempt pdf was written by Piper Lawson.

AuthorPiper Lawson
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Tempt Book PDF download for free

Tempt Book PDF download for free

He is a single father and my new boss.

The man is red hot. His dazzling smile and his dark eyes turn me on like crazy.

Too bad he’s ten years older, with trust issues and more shifts than my psychology degree could handle.

I need this job and a roof over my head. Sleeping with him in bed is a bad idea. It would be even worse to have my heart involved.

But he makes me feel things I never expected to feel.

She is the nanny of my son and student at the university where I am a professor.

Watching her play with my son, hearing her laugh, watching her walk by with those legs that would look great on my shoulders is delicious agony.

You should know better than to pursue this attraction, no matter how intense it is.

Since the death of my wife I no longer wanted a woman. But there is no future for me and the college student sleeping in the next room.

I have to be professional… but she is too tempting.

TEMPT is a sexy, swoon-worthy, age-gap single dad/babysitter romance from USA Today bestselling author Piper Lawson. It can be read independently.

Tempt Book Pdf Download

After reading the previous 3 books in the Off Limits series by Piper Lawson, I was really hoping that Sawyer’s colleague, friend, and neighbor, Daniel, and Olivia’s best friend, Kat, would have their own story next, and luckily, My wish has been fulfilled! ! Does a reader have to read the previous 3 books to enjoy this one? No, Tempt can stand on its own, but there’s plenty of heartbreaking goodness and backstory to delve into this world of Russell U when you have time for a nice juicy binge. Each book, including this one, contains one of my favorite Tropical Age intervals of all time, sometimes with a side of forbidden charm!

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Since Daniel’s wife passed away, he has carefully focused his attention on the happiness of her 8-year-old son, but keeps his own in the background. The lives of this little family will soon take a turn for the better when lovable, optimistic and free-spirited Kat, like the villain she is, falls into her structured and controlled world and shakes it to its foundations! She is a fun, quirky, and independent fourth-year psychology student who looks to the future and is 10 years younger. So why is she offering him a job as Andy’s babysitter and how did those words come right out of her mouth before she could stop herself? Oh my gosh, let the fun begin!

Talk about opposites attracting! There were some awkward moments between the quiet Kat and the more serious side of Daniel, as she gets involved in the background and takes care of her cute, precocious son while she takes classes and lives at her house full time. It’s hard to resist this lovable single dad who unknowingly exudes warmth wherever he goes. Just being around him almost pushes her over the edge, in a good way of course!

Daniel also doesn’t stand a chance with Kat after being alone for too long. She gives him the warm, cozy hugs that her son loves and needs in her life, and he’s a breath of fresh air disguised as a whirlwind of chaos. Kat flies into her hearts bringing confusion, joy and just what father and son didn’t know they needed. Could love and a new chapter in your life be closer than you think?

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I loved revisiting the town of Elmwood and what a delightful bonus it was to see once again what the sexy residents of Russell U’s “Hot Prof Lane” are up to. This was a light and less scary story with these characters I was so excited to learn more. Tempt is a perfect book to get lost in for a few hours with a guaranteed HFN and a feeling of happiness after turning the last page. Am I dying for more hot teachers? Hmm, do you really have to ask?

Tempt book by Piper Lawson is Book 4 in the Off Limits series. Daniel and Kat previously met through a nightclub encounter that sparked sparks between them. They were all alone that night. As the year progresses, Daniel discovers that he needs a nanny to care for his youngest son full-time while he goes through the difficult tenor process of college. Kat finds herself without roommates who have moved out to move in with her love interests.

Daniel and Kat have mutual friends, so they see each other often. Daniel asks Kat to be the live-in nanny for his son, and she agrees. Hilarious moments of hilarity ensue when Daniel follows Kat to a frat party, where they share their first kiss in a bathroom. Sweet Times of Liv and Andy, Daniel’s son joins in when he breaks a friend’s flowerpot; and she helps him paint new ones to give away. Great bonding moment, but leaves a terrible mess for Daniel to clean up. tall. Tempt is a slow burn that only Piper Lawson can deliver with finesse. A wonderful read, like all Piper Lawson books.

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