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Throne Of The Horde King book pdf download for free or read online, also Throne Of The Horde King pdf was written by Zoey Draven.

Zoey Draven loves reading about hot, insatiable alpha aliens, and she loves writing about them even more. She is the author of the Warriors of Luxiria book series.

Zoey has been writing the stories for as long as she can remember. Her love affair with the romance genre began with her grandmother’s old Harlequin paperbacks and has continued ever since. As one of Amazon’s 100 Best Selling Authors, you can now write happily ever after – with a cosmic, otherworldly twist, of course! She is the author of exciting science fiction romance books such as the series Warriors of Luxiria and Horde Kings of Dakkar.

When she’s not writing about alien alpha warriors and the strong human women who bring them to their knees, she’s probably drinking one too many coffees

BookThrone Of The Horde King
AuthorZoey Draven
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Throne Of The Horde King Book PDF download for free

Throne Of The Horde King Book PDF download for free

High in the frigid lands north of Dakkar, I’ve lived a sheltered, predictable, and secure life. I spend my days guarding an ancient temple and avoiding the priestesses. I spend my nights reading the great tales of warrior kings and queens who stole their hearts.

But I have a secret.

I am a hybrid woman. Half Dakkari, half human, the first of my kind. The priestesses risked everything to hide me from the dangerous hordes that roam the wilds and from the greedy king who sits on the throne of Dothik. I am the secret they could never release.

Then a Horde king with molten eyes and the body of a battle god appears at the temple gates and demands entry.

He’s the one I see in my dreams, all ruthless ruthless strength and an enticing smile to match. Except he’s not the gentle man I always imagined. He’s cunning, sensual, cruel… and thinks everything comes at a price. Even I.

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With danger mounting in the east and a precarious throne in the west, he steals the holy temple from me with his own daring plans.

He thinks I’m a naïve temple girl who easily bows to his demands. Instead, I constantly fight him and show him my own claws. Instead of fear, lust begins to rise between us: hot, addictive and forbidden. His teasing touch makes me tremble. Your stolen kisses make me weak.

But the King of Rath Serok’s horde is as mysterious as it is diabolical.

And he has his own secret… one that will change the future of Dakkar forever.

Throne Of The Horde King Book Pdf Download

This is an equally difficult review as Throne of the Horde King is the last in the series. My first love for this fabulous author was the Warriors of Luxiria series and oh I read that series repeatedly. So for me Warrior of Rozun just missed the point. It did for many, but not for me, and I was disappointed that I couldn’t address it. The Krave of Everton series, another one I really enjoyed but wasn’t as excited as reading the Luxiria series. Maybe he was spoiled?

Then came the kings of the Dakkar horde and yes, they arrived in the same place as Luxiria. I loved Captive of the King of the Horde; It was a phenomenal read, the work this author has put into the worldview, the language, the way it pulls you in is easy to understand but it makes you turn page after page, keeps you up at night, that’s for sure, gotta see what happens next.

Claimed by the King of the Horde, my goodness, this book made my heart pound sadly at times, and it was another phenomenal read. I couldn’t stop reading it. Since I never tell the story in my reviews, it’s hard to say how much worth reading this series is. But you’d be a fool if you didn’t try.
Madness of the Horde Kings didn’t strike me as much as the first two, but it does have a very real story to tell for the series as a whole. The second time I read the book I found it more satisfying as I found I learned more from it but only you can know how you feel after reading it.

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Broken by the Horde King was the another phenomenal read. I could have kicked his ass but he’s a man after all [laughs]. This is one of those books that you read through in one sitting because you just can’t put it down.

Taken by the King of the Horde, another five star read in my opinion, bringing us closer to the end of this incredible series. I was hoping we would have a few more books but unfortunately there is only one left.
Throne of the King of the Horde. Read it after reading all the others. This concludes the series brilliantly but also sadly as the world and language are so immersive that you can easily imagine the cutscenes.

As far as the Alien series goes, this is one of the best you can read.

The Horde King series is over and has only just begun.

Kara, a hybrid lady raised by the Priestesses, has been protected long enough as the world is swept by the fog of plague, bringing all life to the brink of collapse. With his gift, his knowledge, he sees that Dakkar will live with the power of the heart stones. If only he could convince the Priestesses and the Horde King of such a theory.

Arik von Rath Serok is the bastard son of King Dothik and reluctantly tried the priestesses to help his world. But when he demands his help and justification for his absence, a sheltered hybrid Kalle intrigues him. And for better or worse, she has become his obsession, his distraction, and his only hope of saving Dakkar.

A sheltered non-priestess with too much curiosity and a bastard king with too much attitude: she’s a classic sheltered princess and an arrogant bad boy, but in space.

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And works!

I’ll admit I don’t like naïve MCs because writers lean so much into the “you’re so innocent” tradition. And the FMC had what made me want to remove invisible dots. But it was also the perfect antithesis for someone as private as Arik. I especially liked it when she stood firm when he acted like an *ss to her.

The submissive Arik felt so needed and I felt so validated when Kara thought things through and didn’t accept his first attempt to bury the ax HE was responsible for.

Okay, personally I didn’t mind the “I dreamed of you” line. Instant Lust felt right because of the tone of the series, but it kind of felt out of place here.

And for a book meant to be the finale in the Horde King series, the ending felt so… mediocre. The epilogue didn’t feel like an ending. If you’ve seen WandaVision, the book evokes that kind of ending, as if the story needed an extra chapter to complete it all.

One thing to note was that my confusion about the other human ladies having gifts felt very…irrelevant. As I understood “the five,” as Kara, I thought that five beings would individually do their part. But it seems it wasn’t and Kara was born for her role alone.

It felt like a red herring and one she didn’t appreciate. I think “The Power of Five” was more of a last minute prophetic thing than an earlier plot as it came out as written from the seat of the author’s pants.

Personally, again this is all personal, I would have liked to have seen the other FMCs and they would have helped and Kara would have met the other women with gifts from Kakkari. It all felt like the missed opportunity.

But i will say overall it was a good ending to the series. I realized a lot of love went into the book, but the ending really screamed, “I’m done. I do not mind. It’s over”.

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