Download Once Upon A Forbidden Desire [PDF] By HR Moore

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Once Upon A Forbidden Desire book pdf download for free or read online, also Once Upon A Forbidden Desire pdf was written by HR Moore.

HR Moore is an author of fantasy romance novels. She loves books that combine a fast-paced, gripping plot with unrealistic locations and epic romance.

BookOnce Upon A Forbidden Desire
AuthorHR Moore
Size684 KB

Once Upon A Forbidden Desire Book PDF download for free

Once Upon A Forbidden Desire Book PDF download for free

When it comes to true love, rules are made to be broken…

Dark forests and locked doors, poisoned apples and forbidden lovers… Brave heroines and powerless heroes break all the rules in this enchanting anthology of fairy tales you thought you knew.

Once Upon A Forbidden Desire contains 20 captivating fairy tale tales from a diverse selection of romantic fantasy authors. From the sweet kisses of true love to white-hot passion, from modern roads to enchanted forests and from a Rapunzel wizard to a winged prince…

If you like intriguing romance, intriguing new worlds, and stories with a hint of the forbidden, you’ll love these happy endings. Give in to the temptation and get your copy of Once Upon a Forbidden Desire now.

With a foreword by Grace Draven and Jeffe Kennedy, this limited-edition anthology celebrates the diversity of the fantasy romance genre. It contains stories that range from the sweet to the steamy and is recommended for an adult audience.

Once Upon A Forbidden Desire Book Pdf Download

Included in this box are twenty wonderful fairy tale stories with themes for adults. This box gave me an insight into his writing as I was reading his stories. I liked that they used a candle to indicate heat. Example low fire to searing which allowed me to read the searing first after reading “The Prince and the Fairy Godmother” by HR Moore.

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The Prince and the Fairy Godmother by the author HR Moore hot
This was an entertaining story about Phinella, a new fairy godmother and top of her class, and Prince Florian. Phinella and Florian are being blackmailed by the devious Fallen Angel Gabriel into getting a Poison Apple because Snowstorm (Rosalind and the Fallen Angel) went wrong. Phinella gives a speech at the award ceremony, where she learns that she is now Prince Florian’s godmother.

Through this forbidden relationship between them, Gabriel is blackmailing her. I liked the connection between Phinella and Florian, who are secret lovers, which gave us the theme of forbidden romance, and the plot was captivating. This was an entertaining story in this box.
There are 19 other stories, just as wonderful and delightful to read, in this box, which I willingly read and review.

This book is an adaptation of classic fairy tales but with a twist, some with a more exotic and erotic twist, for the mature reader. This is NOT for children! Each story is based on a well-known classic fairy tale such as Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, The Frog Prince, and Beauty and the Beast, to name a few.

These are the culmination of stories from all kinds of writers giving their versions of the classics. The twist here is a more mature version of each of the original stories told with the original’s outline or premise. This is by far the only resemblance I found between them. They are unique and interesting stories with varying degrees of fiery pathos.

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Each story has a “scale”, which varies in degrees of heat, from 1) Low Heat “Only kissing or steamy scenes that fade to black.” 2) Burning “sexual tension”; on the side, but not particularly vivid, steamy scenes; Not very vulgar language. 3) “Hot” “More detailed very steamy scenes; also increasing use of the quite harsh language.” 4) Scorching “Extended very hot scenes with the quite heavy description and course language.”

So you can easily choose which story you want to read based on day or night. If you want something lighter, go with a low heat story. If you want a crisp read, Scorching might be for you. Either way, this collection of stories is comprehensive and engaging, giving readers plenty of choice.

There were very few stories that fell short for me, not all stories can be spectacular, but with a few flaws, this collection is still pretty good for the size of its content. Also, at the end of the stories (at least in the ebook), if you really liked the content and want to see more, you can easily find something about the author and the other books and content from him.

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