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So It Goes book pdf download for free or read online, also So It Goes pdf was written by Jennifer Probst.

Jennifer Probst wrote her first book at the age of twelve. She bound it in a folder, read it to his classmates and hasn’t stopped writing since. She has a master’s degree in English Literature and lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley in upstate New York.

BookSo It Goes
AuthorJennifer Probst
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So It Goes Book PDF download for free

So It Goes Book PDF download for free

The truth? Lonely ad manager Malia Evergreen is still waiting for a soul mate, a marriage and a family. The lie? Tell all the nosy people that she knows she met someone. Now it’s a matter of finding it. Malia needs a date for a wedding. In a pinch, she makes a deal with her former client, CEO Palmer Matterson, a defiant and arrogant single alpha billionaire whose best trait is insincerity. The perfect fake date.

Palmer wanted Malia from the moment he saw her. A challenging and sexy career woman who knows what she wants. He just isn’t. At least not yet. This is Palmer’s chance to win his heart.

When fate brings them together, Ella Malia unravels the layers of the man she thought she knew and falls in love against all odds. Palmer also falls. If only they could convince each other of what they share… a belief in a happy life in the afterlife.

So It Goes Book Pdf Download

SO IT GOES is the second part of Jennifer Probst’s adult contemporary erotic series TWIST OF FATE, about three friends (Chiara, Malia, Tessa) who own Quench, an online women’s magazine. This is thirty-two-year-old advertising representative Malia Evergreen and forty-year-old CEO of Endless Vows Bridal Company, the story of billionaire Palmer Matterson. SO VA can be read independently without any problem. Any material information from the above story will be released if necessary.

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Told from a third-person perspective (Malia and Palmer), SO IT GOES follows the acrimonious relationship between 32-year-old advertising executive Malia Evergreen and 40-year-old billionaire Palmer Matterson, CEO of Endless Vows Bridal Company. For about a year, Quench has been the main online advertiser for Palmer Matterson’s Endless Vows Bridal Company, but the relationship between Palmer and Malia has been tumultuous at best.

For some reason, Malia Evergreen immediately did not like our hero of the story, a dislike that affected her future relationship. Preconceptions about the billionaire businessman haven’t gone down well with Malia Evergreen, but when Malia leaves Quench to work at a nonprofit, she soon discovers that her first big client is the man who pushes all the buttons. her.

Forced to work with together for a cause, Malia continues to quite struggle with her attraction to the man she doesn’t like, but a man who is about to really propose a mutually beneficial deal. What follows is the building of a romance and relationship between Malia and Palmer and the fight as Malia and Palmer want something different for the future.

Malia Evergreen’s attitude is argumentative and rude. Our heroine wants nothing to do with Palmer Matterson believing him to be an arrogant and self-centered businessman, but Malia’s ideas and feelings are not based on facts, and she keeps fighting between her head and her heart and falling in love with the man. . who stole her heart. Palmer Matterson has had a crush on Malia Evergreen ever since they met, but Malia’s attitude bordered on abuse when they were together.

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Hoping to change his mind, Palmer offers a solution, a fake relationship for the audience, but a relationship that will transform into something more.

Malia and Palmer’s relationship starts off acrimonious, as Malia wants nothing to do with our hero of the story. Her demeanor and demeanor is often immature and childish, and she does not bode well for the man she is about to fall in love with. Malia’s temperament is questionable given her preconceived notions and judgmental attitude; Palmer Matterson wants Malia to give him a chance. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of exaggerated sexually explicit text and language.

The minor and minor characters are numerous, including various members of the charity and Palmer’s assistants Andrea and Emeril, as well as Palmer’s and Malia’s extended families. We are re-introduced to Malia’s business associates at Quench, Chiara and Tessa, coffee shop owner Mike, and high school teacher Emma Primm.

SO IT GOES is a story about family, friendships and relationships; of determination and independence, of acceptance and love. The premise is engaging and entertaining; romance is seductive; The characters are charismatic but desperate: Malia’s temperament and outlook did little to endear this reader. Similar to Chiara and Sebastian’s relationship and story, the heroine is hard to like.

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