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One Bossy Dare book pdf download for free or read online, also One Bossy Dare pdf was written by Nicole Snow.

Nicole Snow, a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author, began writing romance novels to escape office politics. Ella Today she writes about powerful alpha males and irresistible bad guys, and delivers some of the hottest romances to hit the shelves.

Fan favorites of hers include her MC Grizzlies series, Deadly Pistols and Prairie Devils, and PRINCE WITH BENEFITS. Snow’s style ranges from suspenseful to sweet, and there is always something that swoons in her works.

Nicole Snow is a Wall Street Journal and an USA Today bestselling author. She discovered her love for writing by spilling lunchtime love scenes and planning her grand escape from the boardroom. Her work burst onto the indie romance scene in 2014 with her series Grizzlies MC. Since then, Snow has striven for the best in golden alpha hero growls, incredible suspense, and swoons galore. With more than a million books sold, she lives for the joy of making two people fight with all their souls for a happily ever after.

BookOne Bossy Dare
AuthorNicole Snow
Size1.8 MB

One Bossy Dare Book PDF download for free

One Bossy Dare Book PDF download for free

Full office romance from enemies to lovers with slow burning hiss. He witnesses how a commanding single father is so enchanted with Hell that he can’t bear to do anything to keep her forever.

One Bossy Dare Book Pdf Download

This story is literally full of beans, coffee beans that exist. Coffee is Eliza’s life. Ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed of blending different beans to make the best cup of coffee. Little did she know that the dreams of her would come true. Unfortunately, she comes at a price, Cole Lancaster. They met at her favorite coffee shop and eventually ran into the CEO of Wired Cup. You guessed it, Cole Lancaster. Despite her great encounter with him, he offers her a job.

Cole is moody, moody, and moody most of the time. There is one exception, his daughter Destiny. He is a single father and strives to do her job the best he can by supporting and loving her.

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When he meets Eliza, he finds her rude, rude, and just plain lewd. But he knows her talent when he sees it. If you read his story, you realize that Cole bears the blame for his past. Both Eliza and Cole struggle to find common ground other than coffee. Nicole Snow brings us another delicious adventure full of romance, humor, steam and suspense.

It’s a safe bet that you’ll enjoy a Nicole Snow book, and One Bossy Dare is no exception to that rule. Snow brings us another grumpy billionaire vs. a sunny girl, and it’s the perfect summer read for the beach or poolside.

Eliza Angelo is a coffee connoisseur. So much so that she roasts and brews her own beer in hopes of one day opening her own coffee shop. Cole Lancaster, aka Grumpasauras/Grumpfather, is a coffee king from Seattle. Let’s just say that when these two meet, there’s nothing wrong with a stuttering, runaway espresso machine.

As with all of Ms. Snow’s rom-coms, there is a great story and romance. This one is a bit more emotional, darker and more fearful. It’s quite well done and gives depth to the story. Also, research on coffee roasting and the different types of coffee beans. You never leave a Nicole Snow book without learning something along the way.

As expected, we have our happy ending. Due to this fearsome act, it is difficult for our partner to win. That makes everything prettier. As it is that panorama we always get it in an extensive epilogue. One Bossy Dare is a resounding success of reading.

Set the stage for a tense drama between enemies and lovers. The story is rich in detail and depth about the coffee business that is the backdrop to his story. Don’t forget to download the free Flash Forward from the link at the end of the book!


This is the second book in the Bossy Seattle Suits series about bossy billionaires and the quirky women they fall in love with. This series follows the Chicago-based series Bad Chicago Bosses. Although this series from Seattle is somewhat similar, it has a slightly different feel.

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So far the Bossy Dare series includes:

  1. A Difficult Proposal (The Story of Lincoln Burns and Dakota Poe)
  2. One Bossy Dare (The Cole Lancaster and Eliza Angelo Story)

Fans will be pleased to find various cross-references to other series by the author.

Brock Winthrope is new, but Winthrope’s name is not. It is reminiscent of the Bad Chicago Bosses series. I’d hope Brock would eventually get his own story from him, possibly with Destiny.

Lincoln and Dakota from the first book in this series appear here. Now you have Baby Evermore.

Lincoln’s friend Wyatt spent a year or two at Heart’s Edge in Lincoln’s youth. Spending time exploring mines with his friends certainly brings back memories of all the oddities that ultimately made the little town so famous in the Heroes of Heart’s Edge series. Lincoln and his girlfriend Meadow return in small roles in this book.


This story begins in Seattle in the summer. Lincoln and Dakota have already welcomed baby Evermore into the world.

Eliza Angelo, twenty-six years old, lives and breathes coffee. She believes that a good cup of coffee can change a person’s day. Eliza gets bored easily, but she can get lost trying to think of the perfect cup of coffee. For her, making coffee is an art. For years she has been perfecting her methods and writing her recipes. Her dream is to one day open her own coffee shop and call it Liza’s Love.

Meanwhile, her job as her virtual assistant helps her pay the bills and gives her the flexibility she needs to make her coffee experiments her priority. However, without serious savings, her dreams only get further away. Money has never really motivated Eliza, but without money she cannot fulfill her dream.

Originally from a loving family in San Diego, Eliza had traveled quite a bit when she left home. She spent time in five states and even worked at The Nest in Heart’s Edge for one summer. Finally, a few years ago, she decided to make Seattle her home because the city is known as the capital of coffee.

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She was her best friend, her Dakota, her former neighbor, whose support got her through a tough time shortly after her arrival. Derek Stevens was seventeen years older than Eliza, but his good looks, charisma, and confident style made him irresistible. Eliza fell in love with him only to find out that he is a liar. Since then, she has decided that she doesn’t need romantic complications in her life and instead devotes herself to her love of coffee.

Thirty-seven-year-old Cole Lancaster Jr. is the billionaire CEO of Wired Cup Inc., an established regional chain of coffee shops based in Seattle and known for his reliable beer. The Lancasters are the kings of coffee. Cole is the fourth generation to run his family business and hopes to one day pass it on to his daughter. Fate can be tricky at fifteen, but she’s a great girl and he knows how lucky she is. She’s going to college in a few years and he’ll barely know what to do with himself.

His late wife, Aster, died ten years ago, making Cole a single father. The Hawaii police told him it was an accident, but to Cole it made no sense. Since then he has avoided returning to the family estate he inherited there. Some have suggested that he needs to accept what happened and move on, but moving on is not in his best interest. He and Aster had an arranged marriage.

It was a good business partnership for his parents. Cole had spent much of his life on the coffee farm in Hawaii and was poised to one day take over the company. Aster’s parents worked in the shipping industry, and the Lancasters relied on his company to import their grain.

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