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Playing Games book pdf download for free or read online, also Playing Games pdf was written by Riley Hart.

Riley Hart is the girl with her heart on her sleeve. Although her main focus is male/male romance, she has written a bit of everything under her various pseudonyms. Regardless of the subgenre, there is always one common theme and that is… romance! No wonder, since she’s a hopeless romantic herself.

Riley is a lover of character-driven plots, flawed characters, and she always tries to write stories and characters that people can relate to. She believes that everyone deserves to see themselves in the books they read. When she is not writing, reading, traveling or dreaming of traveling. She has two perfectly sarcastic children and a husband who still makes her swoon.

BookPlaying Games
AuthorRiley Hart
Size400 KB

Playing Games Book PDF download for free

Playing Games Book PDF download for free

Playing Games has easily become my favorite read of 2022. I don’t think I’ll stop smiling from the first page to the last. Except burst out laughing. The banter between Ty and Brax was absolutely hilarious, but also so exciting. They are the cutest couple ever! There is no doubt that this will be a book I will read again when I need something to put a smile on my face. Riley Hart is a phenomenal writer and it really showed itself here.

The two have had eyes for each other for three years, but eventually give in to a chemistry they can’t deny. They may be complete opposites, but they are both dealing with family issues that only deepen their bond.

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I think I highlighted most of this book. The nicknames Ty gave Brax were everything and they made me laugh every time. Ty put it best: “Our love language is insults.” Honestly, I could write about this book for days. I fell in love with her story from the first chapter.

Playing Games can be read on its own, but it is the first book set in the shared world of FU. It was the absolutely perfect way to start this series. If any of the other books are half as well written as Riley Playing Games, that will be awesome. I can’t wait to continue meeting and falling in love with these characters. Although I don’t think anyone can take first place from Ty and Brax for me.

Playing Games Book Pdf Download

Riley Hart wasn’t playing when she wrote Playing Games, the first book in the multi-author, shared-universe Franklin U series centered on the eponymous fictional Franklin University in Southern California. This is the best writing I’ve ever seen from her and she’s written some great stuff so that’s saying something.

Hart creates Brax and Ty as two lively, breathing, lovable and relatable young men who find their way through family struggles, pressure to succeed, and shirking love and relationships. He also perfectly charts the development of Brax and Ty’s relationship from enemy to lover.

In fact, it’s so seamless that Brax and Ty’s ultimate love for each other comes through a smooth, natural transition that makes a lot of sense. One that sneaks up on the reader as secretly as he does. The difference is that the reader sees from the start how well these types fit together, like ying and yang, so the transition to lovers and then forever loves makes perfect sense. It’s more of a surprise to Brax and Ty, who suffer from a lot of forgetfulness.

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Hart masterfully narrates this sweet, funny, poignant, heartbreak-free, feel-good romance with wicked humor, sharp, witty, sarcastic, ponytail-pulling banter between the men, even as they succumb to his irresistible lust one by one. Her hot scenes are spontaneous and wild in the best way. They profess hatred for each other, even as they share their physical and, unknowingly, emotional identities and vulnerabilities. Their chemistry could set off a five-alarm conflagration, and their affection is so obvious it’s hysterical to watch them deny it and then wrestle with their feelings about it.

Hart’s triumph here is in his characters, and I don’t just mean Brax and Ty. His supporting characters, such as Matilda, Brax’s grandmother, and Ty’s trio of buffoonish best friends, are carefully and effectively executed, adding a great deal of context and humor to the story. These are not disposable people to fill space or provide a means of additional interactions for the power grid.

For example, Watty, Collins, and Ford are such dumb jerks that you can’t help but roll your eyes at their antics and stupid comments. But they have hearts of gold and unwavering support and loyalty for Ty, which is an important part of Ty’s journey. Their interactions will bring them both warm furries and laughter as hell.

Then we have Brax and Ty. Despite being billed as an enemy-to-lover trope, Brax and Ty are never really enemies. More specifically, they fight each other based on false assumptions and stereotypes. But that fades quickly, and their antagonistic banter takes on latent affect: “Our love language is insults.”

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Playing Games is really a simple, straightforward story, but Hart crafts it with precision and effortless delivery, and the resulting story is very, very good. Making something new, compelling, and real out of something ordinary… well, that’s a prime indicator of outstanding material. You need games in your life. It’s currently in the game for one of the top spots on my Best of 2022 list. I may have to read it again to make up my mind…

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