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Property Of Pops book pdf download for free or read online, also Property Of Pops pdf was written by Jessa Kane.

BookProperty Of Pops
AuthorJessa Kane
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Property Of Pops Book PDF download for free

Property Of Pops Book PDF download for free

Coco has never been on vacation, but she certainly didn’t expect to fall in love on her first vacation. Even more unexpected?

The man who catches her eye, her heart and hers…bikini areas…is her best friend’s grandfather. Walt is a four-star general and in better shape than the younger men vying for Coco’s attention, but he’s three times his age! Not to mention, her best friend freaks out when she finds out what they’ve been doing behind closed doors, despite Walt’s harsh comments that it can’t happen again.

But even the will of a military hero is so strong. He hollows. And the heart of his is already ten steps ahead…

Property Of Pops Book Pdf Download

I’m a huge fan of Jessa Kane and her books are an automatic purchase for me. She is a talented author and storyteller. I love her books!
This book was too far apart in terms of age difference. 10, 20, 30 years is also fine, but more than 40 does not interest me much. Who knows, maybe she’ll live to be a hundred and her 4-year-old twins won’t lose her dad until they’re 30. She’s not to say there aren’t any handsome men in their 60s, but I couldn’t get over the grandpa factor.

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Hmmm that’s hard for me to rate honestly…it was all typically JK engrossing, age gap and some daddy issues and then…had some weird cringe moments lol

  • Extreme age difference (63H, 21H). H is the grandfather of her best friend, but I was still intrigued because I mean he must be sexy, right? Surely.
    -H is a 4 start retired army general whose AF is fit and can take him down lol
    -our H is a shy and innocent orphan college student who has never been on vacation before.
    -Smoky AF as usual for Jk
    -Daddy Knick… she calls him daddy
    -DDLG moments, so the whole calling him daddy thing was fine, but it was the sucking on his thumb while they hit that made him hardest that scared me. And then at the end I was calling him grandpa… wtf lol I was like what’s up lol. I kept reading the whole thing anyway. Finger sucking is one time, I guess. Maybe twice I don’t know but I just pretended it didn’t happen lol

Yeah. It was weird lol. The age difference was so big that I was like um ok lol. Nevertheless. It’s not one I’ve read again, but it wasn’t terrible, so I guess it’s a basic 3 for me.

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