Download Thank You For Listening [PDF] By Julia Whelan

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Thank You For Listening book pdf download for free or read online, also Thank You For Listening pdf was written by Julia Whelan.

Julia Whelan is an award-winning novelist, screenwriter, actress and audiobook narrator with more than 500 titles. Her

The performance of her own debut novel, the international bestseller My Oxford Year, won a Society of Voice Arts

grant. She’s also a Grammy-nominated audiobook director, former writing teacher, half-decent amateur baker, and

certified tea sommelier.

BookThank You For Listening
AuthorJulia Whelan
Size2.4 MB

Thank You For Listening Book PDF download for free

Thank You For Listening Book PDF download for free

For Sewanee Chester, being an audiobook narrator is a far cry from her old dreams, but her days of acting on movie sets are long gone. He has found success and fulfillment in a sound booth, allowing him to take care of his beloved ailing grandmother.

Arriving in Las Vegas at the last minute for a book fair, Sewanee unexpectedly ends up spending a dizzying night with a charming stranger.

Upon returning home, Sewanee discovers that one of the world’s most popular romance novelists wanted her to perform her latest book with Brock McNight, the hottest, most mysterious voice in the business. Sewanee doesn’t believe what romance novels sell, not after her own dreams were tragically dashed and she stopped telling them years ago. But his admiration for the late author and the possibility of getting more help for his grandmother prompt him to make the decision for her.

As Sewanee begins work on the book and resurrects her old romantic alias, she and Brock forge a real bond that lies beneath the anonymity. He’s soon dreaming again, but secrets are revealed and the realities of life collapse around him once more.

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If you can learn to risk everything for long-buried desires, you will discover a world of intimacy and acceptance you never thought was yours.

Thank You For Listening Book Pdf Download

This book was so good I never wanted it to end! I couldn’t get enough of the lovable characters and their swooning story. Ms. Whelan’s beautiful narration took me to magical Hollywood, where I met Sewanee as she began her new job of narrating a very special book alongside the hugely popular Brock McNight. Their get-to-know emails quickly turned into a deluge of texts as they shared their thoughts on how to do justice to such a special endeavor. They quickly became friends with no pretense, personal information, or face-to-face meetings. Even though they were just virtual friends, it felt like they’d known each other forever.

Sewanee had a different life before becoming a sought-after storyteller. It wasn’t his decision to switch careers, but he had to settle for the hand he was dealt. Brock regretted how his life had turned out and he never thought he would be so popular and was tired of always being someone else. The opportunity to work with Sewanee was accidental and she brought joy into his life with her quick wit, positive attitude and bubbly personality. Gradually, Sewanee began to long for text messages from Brock, for he was like a lifeline bringing her back to the life she had left behind.

It was very hard not to fall in the love with everything about Thank You for Listening. Sewanee and Brock’s intimate yet virtual relationship, their gaze at the Hollywood sign from their guest house, Brock’s sexy, mesmerizing voice, and Sewanee’s love for her grandmother. Once I finished reading I went back to the beginning to start the story over so I could immerse myself in the lives of the characters I love. Thank you Mrs Whelan for telling us such a wonderful story.

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This book blew my mind! I love books about books, and while I don’t listen to audio books, I’ve loved seeing behind the scenes how they’re made. I had no idea this author was an audiobook narrator and I am definitely going to listen to this narration now because how could I not?

Sewanee Chester always dreamed of becoming an actress. Just as his career was beginning, he lost an eye in a horrific accident and thought his life was over. But he bounced back and embarked on a very successful career as an audio book narrator. When one of her favorite authors’ last requests was for her to narrate their latest romance novel, she jumped at the chance. He was paired with Brock McKnight, another successful but elusive audiobook narrator, and the two formed an unlikely friendship when they bonded over their dislike of the romance genre.

I ate it in one evening because I just couldn’t put it down! The dialogue between Seawanee and Brock is second to none. Their exchange of jokes, bickering and humor had me all in my feelings. The story lovingly pokes fun at HEA and romance tropes, and I loved the tongue-in-cheek discussion of women’s fiction and romance genres.

While this story is definitely a romantic comedy, it’s also so much more than that. It’s about loss, second chances, and believing in yourself. It’s full of flawed characters with intense backstories and sizzling chemistry, and it goes along with it tastefully intense themes while being smart, entertaining, seductive, emotional and funny. It’s a story about moving on after tragedy and realizing that your life can still be beautiful, even if it doesn’t turn out the way you imagined. It’s both touching and a little sad.

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I fell in love with Sewanee and supported her even as she tried to sabotage her chances of owning a HEA. She was so weary of life and love after her accident and Brock was the breath of fresh air she needed. And Brock! OMG! The accent alone could have killed me. She was such an interesting and well developed character and I loved the way she saw Sewanee’s beauty even when she couldn’t. SWOON

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