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Quick And Dirty book pdf download for free or read online, also Quick And Dirty pdf was written by Stuart Woods.

Stuart Woods is the author of 44 novels, including the New York Times bestselling Stone Barrington series and the Holly Barker series.

BookQuick And Dirty
AuthorStuart Woods
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Quick And Dirty Book PDF download for free

Quick And Dirty Book PDF download for free

When a scandalous crime brings a beautiful new client to Stone Barrington’s office, little does he know that his association with her will lead him into a much more meandering mystery in the exclusive world of art.

It’s a business where a rare find could make a career, and a collection, and an error in judgment can be costly. And beneath his distinguished and magnanimous appearance lurks a variety of crooks and villains eager to turn the game into a profit.

In the exclusive world of lavish New York City penthouses and sprawling Hamptons estates, it takes a man with the careful judgment of Stone Barrington and a keen instinct to unearth the truth without ruffling the wrong feathers…because when it comes to priceless and irreplaceable works of art, the money and reputation at stake are worth killing for.

Quick And Dirty Book Pdf Download

Old Stuart Woods is back. For several years, novelist Stuart Woods has been campaigning for a certain woman, the wife of a former president, to become president of the United States (probably by inviting him to the White House.

perhaps even awarding him the Medal of Freedom, which is “for… is designed to be a particularly meritorious contribution to (1) the security or national interests of the United States, or (2) world peace, or (3) culture or other significant public or private endeavor The fever turned into a raging case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) Even one of his characters, a New York real estate mogul who is at the top of the Republican ticket, committed suicide over the failure of his political campaign about his sexuality indiscretions publicly.

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One might have thought that subsequent novels would feature her beloved Stone Barrington, defender of the super-rich and well-connected owners of a chain of luxury hotels and numerous extremely expensive homes across the country and abroad, lover of intelligent women and extremely beautiful. connoisseurs of good wine and good food, pilot of a very expensive private jet, owner of an armored car with a former SPS chauffeur and a coveted diner who preferred to have lunch with his former detective days partner New York’s best, now the police commissioner – I would have given up on the topic, but it only happened at the end of 2017

TDS relaxed this winter, first with “Indecent Exposure,” then “Quick and Dirty.” In the first, the first Democratic president (the wife of the previous president) narrowly won re-election by a few thousand votes in Florida, then appointed Stone Barrington’s late night partner as secretary of state.

Stone was quick to offer sound advice on exclusive use of the government-provided cell phone, shutting down her private email server, and being careful to reimburse the government for any expenses she might consider private; also never use the money in your Cayman Islands account and never go to the Cayman Islands.

Then came the advice on how to deal with the press. Stone’s method was to give an exclusive interview to a newspaper and then tell everyone else to take a walk. As for the reporter who appeared, he put her to bed. He there he made her very, very happy. At least until she could write her Tell All story and move on to new conquests. Stone Barrington never has to seduce a woman, they always take the initiative; Her hashtag is: #me too, please.

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In short, old Stuart Woods is back, with his cynical cops, stupid criminals, and plans that are twisted until they almost make sense. “Quick and Dirty” is all about art forgery. Readers of earlier novels will know that Stone’s mother was a famous artist, which meant that she was more knowledgeable about art than the average Wall Street lawyer; and having inherited enormous wealth, she had been able to amass quite a sizeable private art collection.

Stone was once again a regular New York billionaire who saw opportunities to increase his fortune by recovering a stolen painting for an insurance company, saving them mega-millions but earning him a hefty search fee. Don’t worry that this knowledge will spoil the plot. A Woods story is just an excuse for witty dialogue and characters normally only seen in 1930s movies.

Stone has the New York perspective on politics: Democrats are good, Cuba is transitioning to a market economy, and being rich is glorious. There is no North Korea, Iran or terrorist threat; Russia is a distant country; and the national debt does not exist. There are no white nationalists, no Antifas, no Putin, no Jerusalem, no China.

Stone sleeps with the Secretary of State, now positioned as the next Democratic presidential candidate. That said, when the novel begins, they’re a couple, but she disappears when a new hero emerges who can sneak into Stone’s house without drawing too much attention. One has to wonder if Stone will find himself in bed with the head of British intelligence again in the next novel.

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In short, escapist literature at its best. It’s short too. Great airport read. Of course I listen to the audiobook, which has a good reader in Tony Roberts. This is perfect for washing dishes, walking the dog, and recovering from seasonal colds.

These novels give us hope for the future. Just like you can only hold your breath for so long, maybe the Resistance and the Never-Trumpers can give us a break until the midterm campaign starts this summer. At least we can hope that until then they can do without politicizing humor.

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