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Reluctant Husband book pdf download for free or read online, also Reluctant Husband pdf was written by Hope Ford.

BookReluctant Husband
AuthorHope Ford
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Reluctant Husband Book PDF download for free

Reluctant Husband Book PDF download for free

Isabella has had a crush on Lucas Blaze for as long as she can remember, and working as a janitor for her ailing grandmother doesn’t help either. Thanks to her huge crush, she can barely be in the room with him, and the worst part is that Lucas doesn’t even realize how he’s feeling.

When his grandmother suggests he settle down and find a nice girl, someone sweet and kind like Isabella, Lucas begins to see her in a whole new light. Except Mr. Doesn’t-Do-Feelings goes from 0 to 100 and comes up with the idea that he and Bella are getting married to make her happy.

Reluctant Husband Pdf Download

Lucas doesn’t realize it but falls head over heels for Bella almost immediately, but he has some major abandonment issues getting in his way. Bella throws herself headfirst into her relationship, knowing that it will only end in a broken heart, but luckily her story is sweet (and slightly steamy) and they have a happy ending despite all the pain and heartbreak.

I can’t wait to read about Ford and Lillian, especially after that suspense in the final chapter of Reluctant Husband!

Reluctant Husband is a sweet (though unpredictable) romantic marriage of convenience between a hero who doesn’t believe in love and the family friend who has been in love with him his entire life.

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Lucas has been more or less raised by his grandmother since his mother left the family when he was a newborn. As a result, he doesn’t really trust or believe in true love. Isabella is the family friend who takes care of Lottie, aka Granny G, and has always had a crush on Lucas. G knows this of course and as her health deteriorates she tells Lucas that she would love for him to settle down and get married and that she is worried about Isabella who has no other family. Using the seed planted by his grandmother, Lucas proposes a marriage of convenience to Isabella.

Foreseeable? Naturally. But Hope Ford did a good job of showing that Grandma really knew better because Bella and Lucas are such a well-matched couple. This couple’s biggest conflict comes from their wacky assistant (who wants it for herself), but I was happy to see Lucas quickly put her in her place. Because it didn’t take long for this sham marriage to become something very real for Lucas and Bella.

Hope Ford is a new writer for me and I really enjoyed this story. I’m also interested in reading about Lucas’ siblings in the rest of this series.

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