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So That Happened book pdf download for free or read online, also So That Happened pdf was written by Katie Bailey.

Katie Bailey writes romantic comedies to make you laugh, cry, and then laugh until you cry again.

She is a hopeless romantic and her goal is to always write funny and exciting love stories with unforgettable characters and a lot of heart. Oh, and handsome heroes, of course.

If you like laugh-out-loud humor, quirky humor, and plenty of sizzling and chemistry in your behind-closed-door romances, check out her debut series Only in Atlanta today!

BookSo That Happened
AuthorKatie Bailey
Size1.2 MB

So That Happened Book PDF download for free

So That Happened Book PDF download for free

So That Happened is a laugh-action and behind-closed-doors romantic comedy. Expect soft language and racy banter along with tons of chemistry and suspense, but no explicit scenes.

So That Happened Book Pdf Download

A standalone companion to The Roommate Situation and The Neighbor War (aka the Only in Atlanta series), So That Happened features characters from those books in cameo appearances (Luke appeared as a very minor character in The Neighbor War and is much more important ) . Character here as Liam’s older brother and co-investor at SITL, much to his father’s disappointment.

Liam and Annie illustrate the adage that opposites attract, from reluctantly sharing the office to platonic dinners to secret kisses in the copy room. It started with a mix-up at the airport hotel that forced her to spend the night in a hotel bed.

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He was completely innocent, but Annie’s ex finds out they were assigned the same room and threatens to expose her as the boss who is taking advantage of his future employee and a woman willing to sleep with the boss to her career to advance None of this is true, neither of them knew they would be working together at the time, but Annie begins to think she is blocking Liam’s chance to pursue his dreams and boards a bus that will take them to the airport, to Boston and then further brings to the angel investor to ask for mercy.

Liam follows her after Luke and his younger sister Lana Mae, the single mother of Liam’s beloved niece Allegra (“Legs,” a nickname that Annie misunderstands and imagines belonging to one of his many girlfriends, a man as handsome as Liam is, he follows her and is tutored by Luke and his younger sister Lana Mae).

Must have a collection right? Instead of an eight-year-old obsessed with a boy band who asks inappropriate questions about the lyrics of some N-Sync songs and wants a shirt with a naked Justin Bieber on it. and sees neither the irony nor the precocious sexuality in his request).

Annie seems like a free spirit at first, but she’s full of doubts and criticizes his arbitrary statements with ridiculous accuracy, only to cross yet another line between good taste and TMI. Liam, on the other hand, comes across as someone with no sense of humor and with a strong disapproval of the crazy woman who was late, spilled her snacks all over him and then blurted out nonsense and laughed heartily. It has the seeds of a workplace debacle like The Office with an oil and water conflict between Annie and Liam.

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Instead, Katie Bailey sends her on a romantic road trip fueled by Mexican food, coffee, Brene Brown books and highly unprofessional text messages sent during office hours by Annie’s best friend in Boston, Prisha. Justin, Annie’s ex and no relation to Justin Bieber, furthers her cause by being obnoxious and reminding Annie how much better it is to be with a man who admires her skills than expecting her to do her job quits and stays at home with her friends sons. .

After laughing through the first third of the book, I figured their love story would have more comedy than romance. In a welcome twist, Bailey sends the two lovers on a romantic journey and describes what would be a sex scene in many romance novels. She arches against him, he runs his hands down her chest and… they pull apart, gasping for air. For all the love of romance, Katie, why bother the reader and then cut them off?

So That Happened features plenty of laughs and heartbreaking reunions at Luke and Mindy’s wedding (Mindy is another cameo from The Neighbor War), along with a hero and heroine to entice the reader to fall in love with them while waiting for you to fall in love with them. you. fall in love. Highly recommended!

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