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Resisting Mr Kane Boss book pdf download for free or read online, also Resisting Mr Kane pdf was written by Rosa Lucas.

Born and raised in Scotland, Rosa lives with her husband on the south coast of the England, where she enjoys sitting on the beach and dreaming of new heroes.

BookResisting Mr Kane
AuthorRosa Lucas
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Resisting Mr Kane Book PDF download for free

Resisting Mr Kane Book PDF download for free

Elena “Elly” Andric is in Greece with her best friend Megan after her law degree. They work odd jobs to support island hopping. Tristan Kane tries to repair his yacht in Greece.

They have an affair, but Elly leaves Tristan when she finds out he is with his wife and child. A few months later, Elly begins her internship at Madison Legal.

Resisting Mr Kane Book Pdf Download

Tristan is the CEO, but Elly doesn’t find out until she’s at her orientation. Tristan wants to get back together with Elly. He says that she misunderstood his relationship with his ex-wife. There are some great characters, some not so great characters and a lot of drama in this book. I really loved the development of Elly and Tristan’s relationship. Tristan’s ex-wife was a job. It was really nice to read about Danny, Charlie and Jack again.

Elly and Tristan meet under unusual circumstances and grow fond of each other. Elly then discovers something about Tristran that makes her realize they are from different worlds, plus there is an age difference. Elly gets the job she’s always wanted and discovers Tristran is her new boss. Tristran isn’t done with Elly yet and is after her, but Elly isn’t ready to give him the chance he so desperately wants. Tristran has a busy life, but he’s consumed by Elly and it’s worth it.

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Elly caves in and their relationship begins, however, something big happens that leaves Elly devastated as she deals with her condition, Crohn’s disease. Whereas Elly didn’t forgive immediately and Tristran had to work hard to make sure she listened to him. I enjoyed it, but felt like the last few chapters were too constructed, or maybe I wanted more Tristran angst, or maybe I just wanted the story to continue.

I really enjoyed this book. The heroine was relatable and interesting. It was a fun surprise that she was Welsh as I had never read a book with a Welsh female character. I also liked that it had Chron’s disease, not many novels feature characters with health issues. The way it was woven into the story – looking for restrooms, thinking about it for a moment when ordering food or planning a trip – made it very believable and real.

Tristan was a lost soul regardless of his success, age and wealth. When introduced in the first novel, he seemed super protective of the women in his life. That didn’t seem like a big part of his personality in this case. Still, he was quite arrogant and also irresistible when he wanted to be. A great hero from the books!

Another win for Rosa! Second book in series and just also as good as the first. From Greece to London and Wales, this is a rich, hilarious, three-dimensional journey into a HEA for this fabulously smart couple with chemistry (and hot scenes). The supporting cast of friends is a joke. The editing and continuity is 100% tight and it’s a believable storyline. I personally love the accurate depiction of London life. I’m so lucky to have stumbled across this author and can’t wait to hear Jack’s story!

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