Download Charming My Broody Billionaire Boss [PDF] By Jolie Day

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Charming My Broody Billionaire Boss book pdf download for free or read online, also Charming My Broody Billionaire Boss pdf was written by Jolie Day.

USA Today Bestselling Author

From a sexy alpha hero and laugh-out-loud moments to a happy ending. If you really like staying up late reading romance novels, then you’ve come to the right place!

BookCharming My Broody Billionaire Boss
AuthorJolie Day
Size600 KB Epub

Charming My Broody Billionaire Boss Book PDF download for free

Charming My Broody Billionaire Boss Book PDF download for free

From USA Today bestselling author Jolie Day comes a new romantic comedy Charming My Broody Billionaire Boss. He is alone. Come see what happens when a brooding alpha male and a quirky girl collide. Literally.

Charming My Broody Billionaire Boss Book Pdf Download

From the author as described above and that’s exactly what it is. Damon works hard with his best friends Miles and Oliver for his father. There’s always been an unwritten rule between them that best friends don’t mess with sisters. Which is fine with him until one night he meets Oliver and Miles’ little sister. A hot night of passion follows.

A great distraction from their recent breakup. He gets up early in the morning to go to the toilet and wants to have sex in the morning until he sees a picture of him standing with his brothers. She panics, grabs her clothes and runs away. Damon wakes up in the morning to find her gone. But what can you do without a name, without a phone number?

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Weeks go by and he’s still thinking about “the one who got away”, even his best friends have noticed, but he doesn’t say anything. Aria applies for a job at her father’s company, unaware that she will be working for Damon. When Aria enters the office, she is shocked to discover that it’s her one-night stand. But she plays the “I don’t know you” card. After getting job, she decides to play with him. flirting also but still not acknowledging that she knows it’s him.

What she doesn’t know is that he knows he’s being cheated on and that she was his one night stand. It spirals out of control and one thing leads to another to be in bed with him again. When family found out, all hell broke loose. His father gives him an ultimatum: job, professional future or Aria? what will you choose What will be the consequences? What about the brothers? what about aria There is much laughter, fiery passion, tears and disgust before we get to our awaited HEA. I loved. Well written and great to read.

Damon is… wow. He could be my new definition of the perfect book pal. He is smart and motivated. He obviously cares about other people judging by what he goes through to make his best friends and family happy. However, I had great difficulty connecting with its protagonist. I don’t have a good track record with Bratty heroines, and Aria is a brat that tops all the other brats.

However, there is a lot of chemistry between them and I can easily see how the forbidden aspects of their relationship made them even more attractive. I loved where these two ended up getting to, I think I just experienced a few more bumps in their journey. Even though they drove me a little crazy, I love this family and I’m so glad to hear the series isn’t over yet.

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