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Rogue: Mike Bravo Ops book pdf download for free or read online, also Rogue: Mike Bravo Ops pdf was written by Sav R. Miller.

Eden Finley is an Amazon bestselling author who writes gripping contemporary romance novels that are full of biting, light-hearted nonsense.

She doesn’t take anything too much seriously and lives to create an escape from real life for her readers. Ideas always start from a crazy premise, and she works hard to turn them into romances with heart.

With a short attention span rivaling that of her five-year-old son, she writes several different pairs: MM, MMF, and MF.

Australian author Eden Finley is known and respected for her passionate and passionate romance novels. These have caught the attention of readers around the world, largely due to their instantly accessible style and instantly engaging characters. Many of her books are also LGBT-friendly and offer a wide range of relationships that really capture the realism of modern romance. This is something she definitely has a knack for, which essentially makes her books and stories come to life on the site.

With a whole range of exciting and engaging ideas, Finley always has something interesting to say with her stories. Regardless of what she writes, she sets herself apart from other authors in her field and lets her books speak directly to the reader. She’s also unapologetically Australian, which really suits her, as her books are distinctive, which makes them extremely interesting. With her own unique perspective, she says something completely different in her work as she reaches out to readers around the world.

Eden Finley grew up passionate about reading and writing and she has always been interested in literature and what it had to offer her. Always with a sense of humor, she made sure her work had a certain level of wit and kept it light and fun in tone. Over time, she found her own voice and became a highly successful writer, having developed a style that was completely unique to her.

She drew heavily on her own life and used her own experiences to inspire her stories, lyrics, and characters. This approach later led her to become a highly successful novelist over the years, creating stories that were down to earth. She still writes today while caring for her son and continues to work at a regular and steady pace.

BookRogue: Mike Bravo Ops
AuthorSav R. Miller
Size1.5 MB

Rogue: Mike Bravo Ops Book PDF download for free

Rogue: Mike Bravo Ops Book Pdf Download

Eden Finley’s Rogue is the second book in the Mike Bravo series. I’ve been waiting for this book since we first met Trav at Popstar and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Ex-Ranger Travis West and DEA agent Dylan “Rogue” Rodriguez had an anonymous but torrid encounter at a bar. A few hours after parting ways, they reunite at a DEA takedown where Dylan ends up arrest an undercover Trav. Fast forward 7 years later and they’re still fighting with each other. Information, criminals, and all sorts of other favors exchange hands as the two dig in at each other’s throats, one reluctantly, the other sneering. But when Dylan gets into trouble at work, the only person he trusts to get him out is Trav himself.

This book had all of the explosive action, danger, jokes and funny moments that the first book contained. Add in pseudo-second-chance goodness, long-term awkward flirtations, hilarious banter and a grudging acceptance of some serious feelings, and you have this entertaining and unsurpassed military/cop romance.

Travis is an absolutely hilarious protagonist. He’s revered and respected as Mike Bravo’s boss, but deep down he’s a sweet, goofy man who really just wants to make Dylan Rodriguez his own. Dylan is constantly frustrated by Trav’s quiet demeanor and teasing comments, but when it comes down to it, he finds that he genuinely trusts the man and maybe even loves him for who he is.

I liked the way they fully engaged once they accepted and acknowledged their feelings. There was no hesitation, no back and forth, no misunderstandings that would lead to a breakup. Their entire relationship was built on trust and respect, and when Dylan finally understood that Trav was 100 percent serious about everything he said, their relationship blossomed beautifully.

This book is a fun and suspenseful romantic thriller that will keep you laughing and edgy throughout and I would definitely recommend this wonderful book!

Eden Finley has absolutely done it again. I’m giving Travis and Dylan all the stars because boy oh boy where they are PERFECT in the most unlikely way. I was so excited to get my hands on this second book in the Mike Bravo Ops series because Chief Trav focused my full attention on Iris and the little we saw of Dylan and the fact that he was Trav’s Having attention was enough to make him one. one of my most anticipated reads of 2022. Opposites attract, enemies (kind of) lovers, military/thriller romance at its finest.

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Travis West aka Trav, former ranger and the boss and founder of Mike Bravo, and the man is a beefy, sexy, oversized big boy who has nothing serious to say when it comes to his nemesis Dylan Rodriguez aka Rogue. Trav created Mike Bravo for people in the military who are part of the LGBTQ community and have suffered because of their sexuality.

Travel included. So honorable and I love the story behind it as it sets the stage for all the characters we meet in this series. So underneath the sarcasm and the jokes, Trav is a huge softie and very badass and I absolutely love him. You have a team that respects you and takes on jobs that others can’t or won’t handle. His resources reach far and wide, and while some of his ways dwell in dread, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t look out for the good of the law and the people he helps.

He has seen too many bad and corrupt people above him in his military career to really believe in anyone other than himself and his team. He’s very good at being cool, cool, and collected under pressure, and nobody hates that more than DEA Special Agent Dylan Rodriguez.

Their first encounter was fast, hot and sweaty and made an impression on Trav, but that quickly got complicated when the sexy man handcuffed him. That was seven years ago, and ever since, Trav has been waiting for time, keeping it at a distance for fear of rejection of his true self. He knows how much he gets under Dylan’s skin. And he totally loves it. Like I said, big sexy boy.

Dylan likes to pretend he hates the man who’s been floating over his head from favor to favor for years. They have this game of cat and mouse and unfortunately now Dylan needs Trav’s help. A drug bust gone wrong leaves Dylan on the run from his boss, who strangely and chillingly tried to shoot him while he was at work. Dylan has no idea who to turn to or who to trust.

He became a DEA agent to stop bad guys, not work with them. He follows the rules and this turn of events has put Dylan in a position he hates as he needs the help of Trav and Mike Bravo. I felt a lot for him in this book because he really has no idea what’s going on and he’s literally going to have to put his life behind him for the foreseeable future.

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Trav will be no different, as his number one priority is Dylan’s safety. That means being by your side 24/7. Dylan likes to play cool and pretend he doesn’t like being the center of Trav’s attention, but that’s obviously not true when things get a little messy and horribly HOT in Trav’s large private mansion.

MAN I thought the heat in this one was spectacular. I’ve wanted to see these guys together since we were introduced to Mike Bravo and Finley didn’t disappoint. They have so much in common and yet are so different, but they definitely speak the same language when they undress. Trav becomes Dylan’s deliverance and his forgetfulness, and Trav gets what he always wanted, his sexy agent finally turning rogue for him.

I loved them together and I loved the balance between the sexual chemistry and the action scenes. Finley got my heart pumping for more than one reason and I couldn’t put this book down. I loved his versatility, and I loved how Trav turned into a giant mess in Dylan’s hands, and the same for Dylan, even though he didn’t want to admit it.

One thing that bothered me a bit was how Dylan kept making false claims that he had no feelings for Trav, even though he lusted after the man like it was nobody’s business. It was almost insulting. I understand what Finley was up to, but it made me angry with Dylan. But other than that, I liked the banter and the fun you guys had together in a stressful situation, like running away and having multiple people behind you. Very funny story!

All of the Mike Bravo characters are back and they’re amazing, and it seemed pretty obvious who we’re hoping to see more of in the future. I loved watching Saint and Iris love and support each other and seeing Princess Smooshy Face at her best. I have to say that I was surprised at how much this team achieved this time. It looked a bit out of place. BUT I really can’t wait for more and I hope we see more HEA for Mike Bravo. Trav and Dylan forever!

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