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Savage Prince book pdf download for free or read online, also Savage Prince pdf was written by Sophie Winters.

Romance writer who loves billionaires and bad boys.

BookSavage Prince
AuthorSophie Winters
Size1.1 MB

Savage Prince Book PDF download for free

Savage Prince Book PDF download for free

Savage Prince is book 1 in the Corrupt Kingdom series. It’s an indie mafia romance of first love, second chance with dark themes and plenty of steam. Although this book is part of a continuous series, it ends with an HEA.

Savage Prince Book Pdf Download

First time for me by this author. i loved the story. I think that there was a lot of drama and suspense. I don’t like giving a lot of details and reviews because I’d rather you read it. But I warn you that this is a very emotional story. The backgrounds of the two main characters and how they meet again and fall in love.

Smuts good but the story is meh.

So at the beginning of the book, the descriptive aspect of the story is good. But halfway through the story it feels like they aren’t pulling you into the story, just telling what’s going on. Then at the end this happened and then another kind of story happened.

The plot is fairly predictable and there’s a lot of why did they do that?

A good example is Aidan and even Dmitri didn’t have any guards watching over their wives’ lives and to me that doesn’t make sense considering they are gangsters and have so many things to do and with Aidan his father died , another one died and was attacked and so on. It was her brother Connor and she didn’t think about having guards watch Rose until she was the last 90% of the group they go to to speak to the congregation. Or when Dmitri drugged Rose, they didn’t take her to the DOCTOR.

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But the argument is that Aiden and Rose are children of mafia families. They went to the same high school that other mafia families went to and Dimitri with another student who was your typical arrogant mob son who thought he could get away with it and treat women like shit. He wanted to marry Rose but Aiden was with her and something happens when she loses her virginity and there are snowballs.

Like I said, it’s a good book, I just don’t know if I would have read another.

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