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Scarred book pdf download for free or read online, also Scarred pdf was written by Emily McIntire.

Emily McIntire is an Amazon Top 15 and international bestselling author best known for her Never After series, in which she gives our favorite villains their happy endings. With books ranging from a small town to a dark romance, she doesn’t like to get bogged down in any kind of story, but at the core of all of her novels is deep love. When she’s not writing, she’s waiting for her long-lost Hogwarts letter, enjoying her family, or getting lost in the pages of a good book.

BookScarred ( Never After Series Book 2 )
AuthorEmily McIntire
Size2.1 MB

Scarred Book PDF download for free

Scarred Book PDF download for free

Once Upon a time,
There was a king who passed by.
He left two sons
a lover and an outcast.
The older of the two must take the throne,
but before he could, he had to find a queen to call his own.
The youngest was considered rebellious and deranged.
The chosen queen was warned to stay away from him.
Beautiful and intelligent, she stood in the light.
But late at night, it was the shadowlands that she played in.
Mistakes were made and secrets forged;
I forgot duty and purpose.
And while the new king had his hand
his heart belonged to the prince of scars.

Scarred is a dark royal romance and the second fully standalone game in the Never After series – a collection of broken fairy tales inspired by our favorite villains. It’s not a retelling, and it’s not a fantasy. It has mature situations and themes that can be seen as triggers for some. Reader discretion is advised.

Scarred Book Pdf Download

I AM OBSESSED WITH THE NEVER AFTER SERIES! Emily is such a brilliant and intelligent mind, I am amazed, there really is nothing she can’t write. Scarred is spectacularly told, creatively inspired, hungrily entertaining, and deeply moving – a truly perfect storytelling!

Emily never ceases to amaze me with her creative prowess and her moving prose. Her stories are immersively poetic: emotional words effortlessly, but intentionally. Scarred is simply a creative masterpiece – capturing the dark magical wonder, artistically evocative edge, and heartfelt cuteness that made Hooked such a revelation, but somehow completely different. While Hooked seduces with her taboo touch, Scarred enchants with her regal, fairytale charm that is far more searing than idyllic. From the first page to the last I was captivated, captivated and completely mesmerized by this story.

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A story that could have a nostalgic and familiar premise: a scarred and proud prince, spiteful and resentful of his powerful king brother, lurks in the shadows (earth), part of a power struggle that only one of them knows exists. . Sounds familiar? Well, the similarities end there: the story is much less Hakuna Matata, so be prepared. Our “hero” is actually our villain, and the scars run deep.

To be clear, this is not a count. And to be honest, it’s much more than a reinterpretation.
Emily completely reinvented the plot of this story, including our hero and our heroine. So much so that she wasn’t even quite sure what the source material was until there was a glorious part of A-HA when we discover that our protagonist is much more than just a victim.

Each fairytale-inspired character is given new life. Emily nods just long enough to seduce us with that familiar tingle, only to let the story and the characters surprise us, how they’ve changed, giving new life, new energy, new purpose to what is already one of the most powerful stories ever. of all the time.

The power is not diminished but amplified, magnified by the triumphant and inspired way Emily turns this story or its head. She asks the question some don’t think to ask: what if there’s more to the villain than meets the eye? What if the history we know is just a matter of perspective? And so Scarred offers something racy and intriguing, and leads us to consider what if the scarred prince wasn’t just a mad, power-hungry megalomaniac, but an uncompromisingly twisted and once-bullied revolutionary.

The story is AMAZING – suspenseful, twisted, lots of plots and mysteries, very clever. But our heroine and hero are the true jewels of this story. Her character arcs, delicate and raw, are more than convincing. Tristan, our prince, is delightfully twisted and broken. Like his inspiration, he has a charismatic panache and levity, and certainly showed his pathos and talent for wacky intrigue. But Tristan has so much more heart, sincerity and passion than the scarred prince he is inspired by. Not to mention that he is SEXY.

And Sara is a revelation: a powerful future queen with an intriguing mix of cunning and vulnerability. Both were only seen as assets, not really seen or loved, how ironic that they are first seen by their apparent enemy: each other. The chemistry is totally FIRE, but the emotional complexity truly sings. The burn is noticeably slower than I normally prefer (or what I’m used to with EM), but it’s perfect for their ride – these two have a lot to make up for before they can indulge each other. These are some STRONG characters, a trait that contrasts beautifully with the power others steal from them.

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Emily also treats us to a collection of highly memorable and dubious characters and brilliant nods to the source material. This is part of what makes her writing so compelling: how carefully and meticulously she considers the details. The riddles and uncle’s nasty cane, the family coat of arms, the rebels’ secret hideout and derogatory name, the good-natured sidekicks, the character names (especially those with Sara’s last initials), even the The scarred prince’s infamous motto make an appearance. I can’t help but marvel at how she integrates these little details.

But again, like Hooked, what I found most powerful was how Emily explores the themes that resonate in the source material as she gives us a story that turns the original on its head. Class struggle, the corruption of power and the ramifications of legacy, and the transformative power of true and genuine love still shine through in Scarred.

There is a tenderness and an optimism in this story, a parallel to its source. Of course, Emily allows her characters and her story to exist in a much darker space so that both our hero and our heroine are deeply flawed and gray, but hope remains the most important thing of all. The hope that TRUE power lies in our choices and the fabric of our individual identity, in our capacity to love, and that no one can really take that power away from us. And maybe there is strength in our scars. And the most important power struggle is with ourselves.

There’s a reason Emily McIntire is my go-to for original, inspired stories, and Scarred embodies everything I love about her writing: she’s emotional, she has a point of view, she’s carefully written, she’s rich and moving. There is no voice like hers out there and that is why I will continue to read everything she writes.

The last few chapters have kept me on my toes, and WOW: the ending gives the vaunted dream cycle of life we ​​all know and love a run for its money. It’s like Emily said, “Oh, hold my crown,” and then she handed it over. Not just in a way that does this story justice, but with a delightfully feminist twist. After all the heartbreaking and impressive moments, the real power is in our characters. And it’s magical. LONG LIVE THE KING!

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Never has a book been as perfect for me as Scarred, the second standalone book in Emily McIntire’s dark romance Never After series. It’s rare that I find a book that I feel the author wrote specifically for me. Scars was all I needed to read to make me feel like the hardships I’ve been enduring in my life can finally end.

How does a book instantly heal your soul? Emily McIntire’s books are always great but IMO Scarred is her best novel yet! It was raw, passionate and deeply moving. McIntire has put his heart and soul on display and what an absolutely beautiful and dark place it is!

Have you ever read a version of The Lion King? Nope? Neither do I. This account was brilliant, delightfully seductive, and moving. I had a small smile as I read the last page and felt lighter, as if the pressure of my days, weeks, months, and years suddenly lifted and the sun began to shine.

From two perspectives, Scarred tells the story of two powerful people thirsty for bloody revenge. Sara’s goal is to become queen, and that means marrying the man she hates just so she can end her evil and tyrannical bloodline after her father is murdered. Tristan seeks revenge on his brother who tortured and broke him when he was a child and reclaims what is rightfully his… including Sara, his brother’s fiancée.

Spice Level is at an all-time high of six trillion Scoville Units (LOL) and it’s also one of the best love stories I’ve ever read because of that concept of ultimate unconditional love – when you truly accept someone else for the good and terrible parts. from them.

This book touches on a theme of bullying handled delicately, with extremely powerful results and a message that will remain focused on his heart for the rest of his days on this earth.

Double-crosses and plot twists, surprises, and plenty of unconscious lip-biting and eyebrow-raising throughout the hot, heavy chapters. Emily McIntire has been so generous to us, dear readers!

Be sure to check out this dark romance! You will not regret…

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