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The Crush book pdf download for free or read online, also The Crush pdf was written by Karla Sorensen.

Karla Sorensen is one of Amazon’s top 20 best-selling authors who refuses to read or write anything without a happy ending. When she’s not gorging herself on historical romance or avoiding laundry, she’s been watching football (British AND American), HGTV, or listening to Enneagram podcasts so she can psychoanalyze everyone in her life, in no particular order of importance. With a degree in advertising and public relations from Grand Valley State University, she made a living in the health industry before turning to writing full time. Karla lives in Michigan with her husband, two children, and a large, furry rescue dog named Bear.

Karla Sorensen is a writer of humor and comedy, contemporary and romantic. She likes to describe herself as a mother and wife who always strives to put a smile on someone’s face. She is obsessed with the Outlander series and has read almost every book in the series. For the most part, though, she prefers romance novels, so she knows that since she rarely reads the classics, she’ll never be considered a literary snob. However, Ella Sorensen has said that Jane Austen would be one of the first people on her short list of people she would meet if she were allowed to travel back in time.

As a teenager, she went to college and earned a degree in public relations before landing a job in healthcare marketing. A few years later, Karla met her, married her husband, and started a family. Ella Sorensen has said that she loves a good glass of wine and when she’s not writing her novels, she can often be found surfing social media, though she hates having to.

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BookThe Crush
AuthorKarla Sorensen
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The Crush Book PDF download for free

The Crush Book PDF download for free

Do you know that girl from your past that you can’t stop looking at? The one you turned down because you had a goal that seemed so much bigger and more important than any crush you might have had?

To me, that’s Adaline Wilder.

Nothing came before football. Neither in college nor in my five years with the pros. All I wanted was to win games, win a league, carve my own path out of the famous Ward family football legacy. And I did all of that. But something is missing.

I have never been wrong in what I want. Except with her.

She reached out to someone else, but this idiot baseball player broke her heart. I don’t blame her for not trusting me, but even Adaline can’t deny the warmth when we’re together.

I have a chance to get her back. And I intend to take it

The Crush Book Pdf Download

Adaline and Emmett have history. The classic case of the right person at the wrong time. 5 years ago they were attracted to each other and had a connection. When Adaline confessed that she had feelings for Emmett, Emmett was about to be drafted, so he put football first. The timing wasn’t right, so they didn’t get together and Emmett moved to Florida to play in the NFL.

Now, after a certain terrifying event, Emmett realizes that maybe his priorities were wrong. After talking to Parker, her friend and Adaline’s brother, Emmett finds out that Adaline is now single…and wants to take a chance with her. Adaline is not ready for a relationship. She also promised herself that she would never get involved with another athlete. Will it be the right time for these two after 5 years? Or are they back to other ways of thinking?

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Although Emmett and Adaline didn’t date when they were younger, their story felt like a second chance. I think it really was, just because they weren’t involved didn’t mean they didn’t have feelings for each other. Their connection was very strong from the moment Emmett reappeared in Adaline’s life.

I loved that Emmett was absolutely certain from the start that he wanted to be in a relationship with Adaline. I also enjoyed how she held back at first for her own good. He gave Adaline the time he needed and it was amazing to see him put her needs first. I loved how their relationship developed and how Emmett slowly convinced Adaline that they would work out.

Another aspect that I enjoyed was the focus on the hard life of an athlete like Emmett. Sure they make tons of money, but the hard work, the crazy hours to get in shape, the training, the bonding with your teammates, the game, the press, the fans, the constant travel, the chance to get traded and move to another city. without realizing it much… It puts his personal and family life to the test. And his families can sometimes suffer from his absence. I definitely understand Adaline’s concerns about being in a committed relationship with an athlete.

Emmett and Adaline were so cute together that I couldn’t help but fall in love with both of them. I enjoyed the family moments in this one too. Their families were great. I also loved seeing Allie make a cameo! However, he wanted a little more of their past together. We didn’t see the beginning of their connection and how they fell in love in the past. They both talked about it, but still felt like something was missing.

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Overall a sweet and super entertaining read with lovable characters, strong chemistry and gripping moments, good jokes, some emotional moments, and great writing.

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