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Wretched book pdf download for free or read online, also Wretched pdf was written by Emily McIntire.

Emily McIntire is an Amazon Top 15 and international bestselling author best known for her Never After series, in which she gives our favorite villains their happy endings. With books ranging from a small town to a dark romance, she doesn’t like to get bogged down in any kind of story, but at the core of all of her novels is deep love. When she’s not writing, she’s waiting for her long-lost Hogwarts letter, enjoying her family, or getting lost in the pages of a good book.

BookWretched ( Never After Series Book 3 )
AuthorEmily McIntire
Size1.5 MB

Wretched Book PDF download for free

Wretched Book PDF download for free

There was a bad girl.
She lost everything that mattered
where the darkness unfolds.
impulsive and intelligent
She helped make her family name strong.
But one day a man without a heart appeared.
An undercover agent tasked with spying and bringing clues.
He follows his hidden path of faded yellow bricks.
She hated him, he wanted her;
she was too good to be true.
But a woman can be great…
and horrible too.

** Wretched is a dark contemporary love story (no fantasy or repetition) and the third standalone game in the Never After series – a collection of broken fairy tales inspired by our favorite villains. Contains adult themes and content that may not be suitable for all readers. READER DISCRETION ADVISED.*

Wretched Book Pdf Download

There’s no place like an Emily McIntire Never After series, and let’s just say I was thrilled to dive into Wretched, the third in the highly addictive, epic absorbing and thematically rich NOT retold fairy tale series. As always, Emily tells an unexpected, moving and beautifully written story. A tale where the wicked witch is the heroine and a once ruthless tin man has his heart beat for her. Hot magic, captivating characters and drama are the delicious formula in the Wretched.

In the same spirit that Emily redefined the origin stories of these fairy tales, in this story she turns something else on its head: the anti-hero trope. Instead of the tried-and-true formula of the alpha anti-hero and the heroine caught in his web, Emily treats us to an anti-hero. Evie is a villain.

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Evie is just as compelling as a heroine: Emily somehow gives her enough depth that we can see layers in Evie, supports her, gives her enough baggage and vulnerability that we CARE, but is also not afraid to make Evie really BAD. She is dark, unapologetic. She does evil and reckless things. Powerful and smart, she is an alpha mastermind, her family’s true crime showrunner. She is cold, at times aloof, feisty and at times bitter in the way she faces the world and interacts with people, and what a good time her spirit embodies. It’s so refreshing to see that character archetype in a heroine.

And Emily surrenders to her and hugs Evie happily and without apology for all her insidious ways. She may not be a character everyone likes (although, let’s talk about the sexism of ours who flatters dark anti-heroes but doesn’t love their female counterparts), but even if she’s not always replaceable, she’s FASCINATING and beautifully portrayed, oh so carefully and substantially. She’s not without a reason, even if she doesn’t regret it. She’s not without heart or emotional vulnerability, even if she buried that part of herself.

Likewise, we have one hero who is “good,” a significant change for this series. Sure, she has an edge, but Nick represents Evie’s integrity, light-heartedness, lack of a moral compass, and dark soul. His mission drops him squarely into his world, and as we see the HERO cope with what he is willing to compromise in himself to be the hero, we see a dark and twisted heroine at the heart of this stoic police officers finally beat faster.

And to be honest, he doesn’t have to fight long, he readily calls his world “evil”. Their chemistry is decidedly physical at first, and I wish we’d had a little more of the romantic set pieces as they developed, but this is a dark, fractured fairy tale after all, these aren’t characters engaged in cute things. This book is certainly HOT, perhaps the tastiest of the series so far.

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Like his other stories, this one has clever nods to the original, including the entertaining Winkies, a flying monkey that handles an entirely different kind of flight, the well-worn yellow brick road, and best of all? A super witch Dorothy, arrogant and tasteless, radiant as ever in blue and red shoes. The winks are more subtle on this one and it’s a bit shorter than the others, especially the ending felt a little closed.

And given the nature of their romance, it took a little longer for an Emily book for this couple to click for me, but when they did, I was lost. And my love for this series in general and Emily’s meaningful and provocative writing style certainly influenced my love for this book.

The shine is a bit different, but I admire Emily’s creativity and the way she reinterprets these stories not only in concept but also in tropes and genres, but somehow spiritually aligns the stories of the series. She captures the important essence of the legendary evil heroine and the wonder of the Oz story in a whole new way.

Epic obsessed with this series and can’t wait for what’s next!

Emily McIntire just dropped a bombshell when she released this latest book in the Never After series, and it blew up every page with some of the rawest words and beautifully gory emotion I’ve read in a long time! This is a book you will love and cannot devour fast enough. You’ll fly through the pages to see Nicholas, the undercover cop known for being cold and ruthless on these jobs, and Eveline, the wonderfully broken and misunderstood villain who does what she wants when she does wants, and does not apologize for her rudeness. fierce edges and tendencies!

Phenomenally written, this book is loosely based on the Wizard of Oz and focuses on the Wicked Witch and the heartless Tin Man. I love finding little nods to the original fairy tale. Evie is a wild and evil heroine who doesn’t take a shit and lives life like she’s ten feet tall and bulletproof, when in fact she’s wrapped in a small package. I love that he has the intelligence and insight and intensity and ferocity that we find in so many romance heroes. She’s more of an anti-hero, but you’ll be totally sucked into her web.

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I love the few moments she finds peace and quiet with Nicholas in this chaotic criminal world. I love that we see the woman underneath who is broken and emotional in those moments and relate to her in a different way. In a world where she has gone from morally gray to almost entirely black, you can’t help but love her and support her in finding her own version of peace and happiness.

Nicholas is a DEA agent assigned to covertly find out who the Flying Monkey’s supplier is. He is so good at these jobs because he can shut off his emotions and just focus on the task at hand. But he finds himself unexpectedly attracted to Evie and they have a past before stepping into his new role that he can’t seem to let go. He is attracted to her and cannot avoid her, even though he knows his actions are morally wrong.

But I love that with Evie she also finds her own version of calm, where she shuts down all her doubts and allows herself to just be. And he’s definitely a dominant male because of his actions with Zeke, but he allows himself to be vulnerable towards Evie and gives her the power, which is amazing to see her in this dynamic! And I love that he cares about her even though he’s not sure where he stands with her.

The spice level is off the charts. The domain is shared equally and they allow each other to be truly free when together and alone. The physical tension and chemistry is palpable and believable reading about their journey, and the little romantic moments are just perfect! You definitely don’t want to miss Evie vs. Nicholas or Nicholas playing guns with Evie.

I love this tv show! Hooked was definitely my favorite, but this book packs a punch and I can’t decide which I like better. I can’t expect more from this series!

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