Download Sinful Crown [PDF] By Ava Harrison

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Sinful Crown book pdf download for free or read online, also Sinful Crown pdf was written by Elizabeth Briggs.

BookSinful Crown
AuthorAva Harrison
Size1.6 MB

Sinful Crown Book PDF download for free

Sinful Crown Book PDF download for free

Gideon finds himself protecting a woman he doesn’t know but promised to do. He is immediately intrigued by Sasha. Her very own little firefly lights up the summer night sky and brings the darkness of her life to life. Two worlds that collide and fall in love.

Make me fall in love with another villain. I love a bad boy who can make me pass out, and that’s exactly what Gideon does. Evil and vicious on the outside, but sweet and loving on the inside. His need to protect Sasha and fulfill a dying promise is very sincere.

Sinful Crown Pdf Download

Villain or Savior… or why not both? Gideon and Sasha’s love story is full of energy. It makes you nervous and makes you wonder when it’s all going to collapse. The mysteries that lie between them and the unknown reason behind that dying promise made me try to accelerate to the end. I can’t wait for you all to join this journey and discover the mysteries for yourself.

Gideon is a ruthless crime boss. When a dying man asks him to protect his sister, Gideon keeps his promise. Sasha has not spoken to her estranged brother and is unaware of the danger around them. She works hard to keep a roof over her head and works towards her dream of going to Juilliard. As the risk of danger increases, Gideon kidnaps her to protect her.

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The first half is based on the tug of war between Sasha and Gideon. This part moved a little slow for me, but it was worth it. In the second half everything changes and we have all the action and everything is revealed. Although things are a bit predictable, there are some unexpected twists.

Sasha is hot. I loved her and she was a really fun character, especially when she was locked up. Her fire made for a hilarious banter between the two.

Gideon is the complete package, redefining what it means to “touch her and die.” Perhaps he smiled as he watched this ruthless monster fall in love with Sasha. When it rally came to her safety, nothing is going to stop him from protecting her. I love a vicious alpha with a soft side that we get in Gideon.

This was an entertaining read. I loved the hilarious banter between the two, but I also loved Gideon’s texting with the other mob bosses. This is a mob so expect some dark tones.

This gangster romance of forced closeness, from enemies to lovers, has plenty of spice, suspense and a plot that made me turn the pages.

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