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Zodiac Aligned book pdf download for free or read online, also Zodiac Aligned pdf was written by Elizabeth Briggs.

BookZodiac Aligned
AuthorElizabeth Briggs
Size1.3 MB

Zodiac Aligned Book PDF download for free

Zodiac Aligned Book PDF download for free

What an amazing ending for Ayla and Kaden. So many are struggling to be together and save the wolf population from the manipulations of the sun witches. I’m really glad that the moon witches were able to help and also the zodiac wolves as a whole came together in a united front. I can’t wait to read the stories of the next Alphas to find their happy endings.

Wow, I loved the Zodiac Wolves series from the start and I got to discover Ayla’s powers with her. This book continues her journey to discover her place in the werewolf and witch community.

Zodiac Aligned Pdf Download

Ayla is still backpackless and angry at Kaden for everything he has done. And now he has two new brothers, his old nemesis Jordan and his younger brother, with whom he is trying to form a relationship. The Sun Witches do their best to cause havoc and mayhem, but after capturing Roxandra, they learn many new things… how to mind control wolves, cause fights with the packs to keep them from gaining strength, and use vampires. , and that the pair bonds were all wrong.

Ayla is desperately trying to break the wrong bond with her brother because that’s not right lol and luckily they find out with the help of some red sun witches. Once that false bond is broken, she and Kaden realize they are true partners. And he’s regaining his mark with the Ophiuchus herd, of course.

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Now, in order to break the Sun Witches’ control and sever the false ties, she and Kaden must do the impossible… unite all the packs.

This story was AHHHHHMMMAAAZZING!! I loved this book and the ending was perfect. Elizabeth Briggs did a great job writing this book and she will be writing 4 spin-offs about 4 of the other shapeshifters! I’m so excited!!

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