Download Desert Island [PDF] By Olivia T. Turner

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Desert Island book pdf download for free or read online, also Desert Island pdf was written by Olivia T. Turner.

BookDesert Island
AuthorOlivia T. Turner
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Desert Island Book PDF download for free

Desert Island Book PDF download for free

Molly takes the place of another flight attendant who has called in sick. On the plane she meets a handsome man and falls in love with him. Then kill everyone…well, nobody’s perfect. Forced to parachute out of a crashing plane, they must stick together to survive. Blake knew the moment he saw her that Molly was meant for him, but she was there to avenge her father’s death.

Could Molly ever love him after watching him kill? Blake decides that staying on this stranded island would give him the time he needs to win her over. A sweet and sexy instant romance with two epilogues. I loved the scene where Molly parachutes out of the plane and eats cookies!

Desert Island Pdf Download

Molly is a stewardess on a private jet. It turns out it’s a gangster and his cronies who are about to die. After Blake shows up and finishes off the guys, the plane crashes and our story really begins. Of course, Blake is sexy and grumpy. Of course Molly is sweet and virginal. I never have a problem with these aspects. I really enjoyed Blake’s internal alpha dialogue about Molly. I also really enjoyed the epilogues. OTT always gives us great epilogues.

I guess my disgust comes from Blake. They tell us he’s an assassin. Mmm no. It definitely isn’t. He’s a school principal out for revenge. Which is fine, but it’s not the book I was generally sold to. As always, this was a good read, but I wish I’d made it clearer that Blake isn’t a mob killer who leads a dangerous life. It’s actually quite soft.

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