Download Smartasses [PDF] By Erin Mallon, Avery Flynn, Helena Hunting, Jana Aston, Jiffy Kate, Karen Grey, Kayley Loring, Krystyna Allyn, Penny Reid, Sara Ney, Sonali Dev And Susannah Nex

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Smartasses book pdf download for free or read online, also Smartasses pdf was written by Erin Mallon, Avery Flynn, Helena Hunting, Jana Aston, Jiffy Kate, Karen Grey, Kayley Loring, Krystyna Allyn, Penny Reid, Sara Ney, Sonali Dev And Susannah Nex.

NYT and USA Today bestselling author Helena Hunting lives outside of Toronto with her amazing family and two amazing cats who think the best place to sleep is on their keyboard. Helena writes everything from heartwarming contemporary romance novels to romantic comedies that will make you laugh ’til you cry.

Jiffy Kate is the joint pseudonym of Jiff Simpson and Jenny Kate Altman. They are best friends, co-authors sharing a brain. They also share a love of cute boys, strong drinks and fun times.

Her first published book, Finding Focus, was published in November 2015. Since then they have continued to write what they know: southern locations full of powerless heroes and strong heroines.

Sara Ney is USA Today’s bestselling author of How to Date a Douchebag, best known for her sexy and funny sports and contemporary romance novels. Favorite vices include: travel, historical architecture and being nerdy about all things Victorian. She’s a “cool mom” who lives in the Midwest and loves antique malls and thrift stores, and once carried an antique copper sink through the airport as a carry-on because it didn’t fit in her suitcase.

Before writing gripping romantic comedy novels, Kayley Loring earned a BFA in creative writing and had a fifteen-year career as a screenwriter in Los Angeles (under a different name). He wrote mostly PG-13 family comedies, which studios paid him big bucks for and never made into movies. In 2017 he decided to move to the Pacific Northwest and write about all the fun stuff he wasn’t allowed to write about in those PG-13 scripts. Now she’s one of Amazon’s top 25 best-selling authors, breathing cleaner air and writing dirtier words. It’s an attitude he’s happily getting used to.

SUSANNAH NIX is a USA Today Best Seller and RITA® Award-winning author of romantic comedy and contemporary romance residing in Texas with her husband. On the rare occasions when she’s not writing, reading, knitting, lifting weights, drinking wine, or obsessing over Ted Lasso to ward off existential angst.

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KAREN GRAY is the pseudonym of award-winning storyteller Karen White. A stage, film and radio actress based in Boston, New York and Los Angeles in the late 20th century, she began recording books in 1999. Now back in her home state of North Carolina, she shares a home with her family and (probably) too many pets, where he continues to narrate audiobooks and make up stories.

Krystyna lives somewhere in the US with her amazing husband. Despite working full-time, blogging and reading like a maniac, she manages to find the time to write all of her crazy stories.

Her hobbies include baking, skydiving, karaoke, and general shenanigans. The list of her favorite authors is endless, so instead of naming someone in particular, she simply mentions that her favorite cookie is oatmeal raisins.

Erin Mallon’s first romantic comedy, Flirtasaurus, is out in July 2020. She is an award-winning storyteller of more than 500 books and an accomplished playwright and producer based in New York City. He has written more than 40 plays that have been produced Off-Broadway and across the country, including These Walls Can Talk, a raw theatrical love letter to the romantic audiobook community. She lives with her husband and Three J’s in a small yellow house in a suburb of New York.

AuthorErin Mallon, Avery Flynn, Helena Hunting, Jana Aston, Jiffy Kate, Karen Grey, Kayley Loring, Krystyna Allyn, Penny Reid, Sara Ney, Sonali Dev And Susannah Nex
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Smartasses Book PDF download for free

Smartasses Book PDF download for free

The best thing about the anthology is that it’s an opportunity to try out new authors and reconnect with loved ones.

Smartasses, Sexy Nerd Rom Com Anthology is also no exception. I loved the wide range of stories that come in perfect, bite-sized chunks.

Smartasses Book Pdf Download

I want more! The whole story, very short, is basically a conversation between the main characters and the way it spirals out is enticing.

We discover Elias through Audrey’s point of view, and while she finds him interesting, he also scares her. But Elias’ alcohol and charm will undermine his resistance.

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Audrey’s general uneasiness and Elijah’s silent admiration are quite convincing. You have some intense moments in such a short amount of time, it’s sexy without the sexy moments. The writing style is powerful and energetic, and Audrey’s mind is definitely an odd place.

It’s a fun short read that made me want to see more of Elias and Audrey. And read more from the author.

  • There is also a dog owned by Kayley Loring

Maybe it’s because it’s so short, but I felt I understood more of the author’s style and talent here.

It’s the setting for a Hallmark film: the town lady vacations in a cabin and meets with the small-town eye doctor. There’s an instant attraction…even before they meet! Sensuality arises.

What struck me was the way the writer gave each character their own voice. The words, the rhythm, the thoughts behind the actions… They were different and suited the characters very well. In such a short time, Jillian and Mitchell became quite real. The author even manages to give them a backstory to explain their motivations. I connected with them immediately.

The story didn’t have much to offer: a virtual seduction, an awkward meeting, a strong attraction and some sexy moments. There was also some humor and a cameo from another of the author’s books. It was like an abridged version of the author’s reader.

  • Sonali Dev’s Runaway Bride

The story I didn’t expect. I’m a fan of alienated couples, and this story was close enough that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nisha is scheduled to marry her longtime love Neel the next day, but chickens cringe when she finds out he’s back with her ex.

I loved all the references to Indian culture. Traditions, dress, family dynamics… Although it felt exotic because I knew absolutely nothing about this culture, it also felt familiar in the end because it was described in great detail.

It’s been a journey of self-discovery for Nisha, who suddenly sees her life from the perspective of another, Neels, which changes everything.

There’s one tricky event that felt awkward at first, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. But I enjoyed the rest of the story, which I won’t tell.

  • Not just a crush on Helena Hunting
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Might be my least favorite of the four. Not that it wasn’t good and fun and hot, I totally agree, but it was full of inconsistencies and plot holes. The clothes changed, the unsaid became known, others were forgotten. But if you’re just coming for the fun and warmth, you won’t be disappointed.

Unknowingly, Dahlia and Conrad develop a crush on each other in high school and find themselves in a cabin. There’s a bear, an uncooperative fire, and also a sex toy.

The awkward, sexy nerd and the hillbilly ex-jock, what an unexpected pairing. And really, aside from their childhood infatuation and their current attraction to each other, they don’t share much. At least not long enough to be happily ever after. You have to trust the author.

But since hot opposites attract with a few funny moments and some cuteness, it’s not a bad read.

He had some favorites from well-known authors. There’s also a Kayley Loring dog that’s full of her perfect blend of humor and warmth. Mitchell and Jillian are delightfully awkwardly and painfully attracted to each other. And Agnes the dog is a darling. I also liked Sonali Dev’s The Runaway Bride, which starred Nisha Raje and her husband Neel the night before their wedding, sort of a prequel to Rajes. The complex characters and more from Nisha and Neel’s backstory make for a great introduction to the Rajes and treats for longtime fans.

Some new highlights for me were Shomancing the Bone by Erin Mallon. It’s a funny and endearing story about Wendy and Duncan’s foray into community theater. The characters and jokes are top notch. I also liked Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind by Susannah Nix. It’s the sweet story of nerdy billionaire Henry and Sarah, the waitress he asks to be his fake date for a family party.

There are also great stories from the authors Helena Hunting, Sarah Ney, Avery Flynn and more. This collection is a wonderful selection of fast paced and fun stories with varying steam. I had so much fun reading it and now I have some new authors to check out.

Thank You For Reading.

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