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Stepbrother Summer book pdf download for free or read online, also Stepbrother Summer pdf was written by Olivia T. Turner.

Olivia T Turner. Look at those initials, baby! I was born to write OTT!

I love over the top alpha males who are possessive and completely obsessed with their women. These dark and powerful men take what they want!

If you like your reading buddies to be cute and cuddly, turn off the computer and walk away. If you like your heroes rough, dirty and possessive to the max, come in and have some fun…

Always “safe” with no cheats and guaranteed HEA.

BookStepbrother Summer
AuthorOlivia T. Turner
Size750 KB

Stepbrother Summer Book PDF download for free

Stepbrother Summer Book PDF download for free

It’s going to be a scorching summer with this disgusting stepbrother sleeping down the hall. It’s going to be sweaty, muggy and sinfully hot! Family vacations have never been so much fun!

Urge love at its best in a SAFE read with no cheating and super cute HEA guaranteed. Duplicate V cards. Enjoy!

Stepbrother Summer Book Pdf Download

Becca is spending a month in the Hamptons with her father Kevin, his new wife Debra and her new stepbrother Ollie. The only thing her father has told her about her stepbrother is that she is smart and that she will start her senior year at MIT in the fall to get her master’s degree in chemical engineering. Nerd, she thinks.

But when they arrive, she is in awe of the beautiful mansion. Debra and Ollie are not there, a note explaining that they are at the beach. But her dad shows him around and “wow” she keeps mumbling in each of the many rooms he points to.

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They head to the beach and Becca’s eyes immediately land on the most beautiful man she’s ever seen. She plays soccer with a boy and his muscles tense when she moves. When her dad calls out to her because she was standing there looking at her, her guy looks up from her and literally gawks at her. They both immediately gets attracted to each other. This summer will be hot!

Then her father turns to her, sees the handsome boy, and waves as he yells “Hello, Ollie!” But it can’t be… Ollie is a nerd, a chemistry nerd, her stepbrother, and he couldn’t be that good! He runs up to them and starts flirting with her while her father doesn’t notice her as he looks for Debra. Ollie points to her umbrella and he walks over to her as Ollie continues with her come-ons, giving a double meaning to everything he says. But to Ollie, she’s not really making fun of him.

He has already decided that he will make Becca his own, and not just for the summer. Will he be able to convince her that falling in love with her is okay?

That is such a sweet story. Ollie is definitely a man who will go for what he wants without hesitation. He is smart, fun-loving, and confident. It takes Becca a little longer to get used to the idea, but could they find an HEA?

Becca’s father recently remarried to a much wealthier woman who founded a global chemical company. She and her dad are spending a week at her new stepmom’s beach house in the Hamptons with her stepmom and her new stepbrother Ollie. When she hears that Ollie is going to MIT to study chemical engineering, she imagines Ollie as nerdy, pale, skinny and out of shape.

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As she and her father arrive at the election and head to the beach to meet the rest of the family, a sexy boy playing soccer with a boy in the surf catches her eye. Her body makes his mouth water and he gazes at her with intense interest. She then finds out that he is her stepbrother, Ollie. She is shocked by the inappropriate feelings and thoughts that she has towards her stepbrother.

When Ollie saw Becca walking down the beach, her heart stopped and time slowed down. She triggered feelings that he had never felt before. She knows that she shouldn’t feel this way about her stepsister, but her feelings are too strong. He needs her and wants her, so he will do anything to get her. Being her stepbrother means nothing while she means everything to him.

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