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That Feeling book pdf download for free or read online, also That Feeling pdf was written by Alexis Winter.

Alexis Winter is a contemporary romance novelist who loves sharing her gripping stories with the world. She specializes in billionaires, alpha males, and the women who love them.

If you love to curl up with a good romance novel, you will surely enjoy her work. Whether it’s a story about an innocent young girl learning about the world, or a wild and mischievous heroine who knows what she wants from you, you’re sure to enjoy the happy ending she offers.

When Alexis isn’t writing like crazy, she’s exploring the Rockies, traveling, enjoying a glass of wine, or petting a cat.

BookThat Feeling
AuthorAlexis Winter
Size1.5 MB

That Feeling Book PDF download for free

That Feeling Book PDF download for free

Prepare to be immersed in this deliciously passionate romance that will endear you to your own brooding cowboy who will blow your socks off and turn your world upside down. Each book is a stand-alone book with a happy ending and no catches.

That Feeling Book Pdf Download

This is the 1st book of the second generation of the Slade Brothers series. Tyler is the eldest of Drake and Celeste Slade. Tyler didn’t want to be CEO of Slade Brewery, so he took over the big ranch. He loves working on the ranch and being outside. The only time he is in the office is when they have a board meeting. Tyler has been driving the mechanical bull at the Grand Lake Fall Festival when he first meets a beautiful woman, but she’s too young for him, or so he thinks. Brooklyn is the newest member of Slade International Enterprises, she is director of marketing and social media.

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Brooklyn knew who Tyler was when she approached him at the fall festival and made a bet that she could ride the mechanical bull for 8 seconds. If she wins, she has dinner with Tyler. Tyler thinks she’s just a tourist until he sees her again at the board meeting. Brooklyn wants Tyler to be the face of Slade International Enterprises, Tyler disagrees.

Will Tyler eventually become the face of the Slade International Enterprises? Will Tyler admit that he has feelings for Brooklyn? Will Brooklyn ever admit that she has the feelings for the Tyler? Will ever Tyler and Brooklyn find love and happiness?

The Slade Brothers was the first Alexis Winter series I read. When I heard that she was writing the second generation of the Slade Brothers, I was very excited. By no means does one have to have read the original Slade Brothers series to enjoy this book, although I personally do like seeing the similarities and comparisons between the original group and their children as they begin their journey to HEA.

This new series begins with Tyler Slade, the eldest son of Drake and Celeste (Billionaire’s Unexpected Surprise). I really enjoyed Tyler’s story, and while there are a few parts that didn’t quite fit the story for me (perhaps more to do with establishing part of the plot for future books in the series), I loved Trip.

Tyler is the strong and quiet type, he is stubborn, he focuses on work instead of finding his person, but family is the most important thing for him. Then Brooklyn Dyer shows up and lights a fire inside him and unleashes a side of himself he never thought he’d be able to explore. Brooklyn is feisty and sassy, ​​but she has that fearful and vulnerable side that complements Tyler’s personality. She may be a decade younger, but the chemistry between the two is amazing.

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Tyler and Brooklyn get horny and dirty and they do it A LOT.

But in the midst of their intensity, they form other connections with each other and with their families. Brooklyn was able to get Tyler to let down his walls pretty quickly, and it was fun to see how easily she could get him to accept things so out of character for him. I love Alexis’s work, so I don’t always read the blurbs for her books before delving into them, so I was a bit surprised when they worked a little over half of the book through a big bump. I wasn’t prepared for the direction the twists in her story were taking, but I loved it.

I’m so excited for more of the second generation of Slade – this book helped lay the groundwork and signaled the stories to come, and I’m ready for it!

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