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Still Waters book pdf download for free or read online, also Still Waters pdf was written by Sara Driscoll.

BookStill Waters
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Still Waters Book PDF download for free

Still Waters Book PDF download for free

Fans of Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot will love Still Waters riveting thriller starring an FBI special agent and her search and rescue Labrador Retriever as a training session in the Minnesota wilderness becomes a struggle for survival…

Keeping your search and rescue skills up to date isn’t just a job requirement for FBI Special Agent Meg Jennings and her Labrador Hawk, it’s essential to saving lives. A weekend of water search training in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters region drew participants from all levels of law enforcement, all vying for victory. The races are challenging, the rivalry is intense and Meg is already under pressure when Hawk becomes aware of an odor in the water and spots the fresh body of one of Meg’s competitors.

Still Waters Pdf Download

The pageant is canceled but Meg still feels the heat. The victim had filed an unfounded complaint about her that could cost Meg her job and remove Hawk from her care. The field of suspects is daunting, and they are all experts at misleading others. And although Meg’s team flies to Minnesota to help uncover the truth, they find themselves in uncharted territory and confronted by a killer who has the skills and motivation to hide in plain sight…

STILL WATERS by author Sara Driscoll is the 7 book in the FBI K-9 series. It’s the fabulous tale of the switching sides of Special Agent Meg Jennings and Hawk, her search and rescue Lab, one of two teams representing the FBI’s Human Scent Evidence Team at the training session in the Boundary Waters, part of the Superior Natural Forest in the Minnesota. .

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Along with Lt. Todd Webb, her boyfriend who worked for the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services works, FBI Special Agent Brian Foster and his German Shephard Lacey, Brian’s spouse Ryan and Brian’s brothers Josh and Luke Todd had planned to combine the process of training with rest breaks, setting up camp a little apart from the other participants , so as not to disturb the peace if your visit gets a bit rough.

The first test was with timing discrepancies and canines missed. A disruption then ensued, with two participants getting into a heated argument. Fearing that an agitated dog would join them, Meg and Brian tried to defuse the situation. However, it ended up with Rita Pratt of the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department and the winner of the first trial badmouthing Meg’s dog in a spectacle watched by all. Meg refused to lower herself to his level and left.

Later that night, on a trip to the bathhouse, Meg witnessed Rita manhandling her dog and assaulting her. Unable and unwilling to do anything, he confronted her and likely saved the dog’s life. He left with the decision to report them to the proper authorities after they left the event.

On the morning of the second test, Hawk struggled to find the smell and solve the problem at record speed. So much so that the boat crew decided to do a little exploring before returning to shore on this beautiful day. Then Hawk became alarmed and showed his natural abilities and they decided to see where he was taking them and where. Neither of them knew it would be a body deep in the water!

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When Special Agent Jonathan Brogan, who is assigned to the case, targets Meg as the culprit due to their verbal argument in front of witnesses, Rita files a hoax that Meg was the one who abused her pet and that Meg was the one. who were apparently able to find the body, Meg and her friends have a big task ahead of them to prove her innocence. Luckily, she also has friends in high places who are also coming to join forces, but it won’t be an easy task.

How can they refute Rita’s claim about Meg’s animal cruelty when she’s not alive to face it? What happens to Hawk if Meg is arrested? Can her relationship with Todd handle more emotional upheaval, or will it simply strengthen their bond? Can Meg stop Brian from lying to protect her? Did anyone in the training session have a past with Rita or an ax to grind over a past event? Will a second murder prove his innocence or seal the deal for his arrest? Will Meg get her badge back or wear prison clothes?

STILL WATERS is an exceptional read. You’ll turn the pages from cover to cover as you follow the clues, hoping they lead you to the answer and not a garden path. Sara Driscoll weaves a compelling tale of exciting adventure, mystery and love for the trained K9, while also showcasing a blossoming romance that proves that while things aren’t always rosy sometimes, they are sometimes there with a kind word and a warm hand are it’s all we need. .

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Although part of a series, STILL WATERS can definitely be read as a standalone book. If this is your first, you’ll want to catch up with the others, and if it’s not your first, you’ll eagerly await the next adventure in the FBI K-9 series.


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