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Such A Beautiful Family book pdf download for free or read online, also Such A Beautiful Family pdf was written by T.R. Ragan.

BookSuch A Beautiful Family
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Such A Beautiful Family Book PDF download for free

Such A Beautiful Family Book PDF download for free

A gripping psychological thriller about picture perfect life and hidden secrets from New York Times bestselling author T.R. Ragan.

Nora Harmon owes a lot: two wonderful children, a stable marriage and now a dream career. Software consultant Jane Bell really wants Nora on her team. It offers a fantastic salary, flexible hours and the opportunity to travel the world. It sounds too good to be true, but Jane doesn’t take no for an answer.

Jane acts more like a friend than a boss, and also Nora’s personal and professional boundaries begin to really blur. Jane is in love with Nora’s perfect family, especially her daughter, and overly thoughtful of Nora’s husband. Nora can’t help but feel insecure and restless.

Such A Beautiful Family Pdf Download

Maybe Jane is everything she pretends to be: a lonely woman who needs the love of a kind and decent family. Maybe Nora is just being paranoid.

Maybe not.

The novel begins with a flashback to a drunk young college student at a frat party with too many drugs and alcohol and too many boys holding hands. She calls a friend who will pick her up. When the friend arrives, she sees a guy she knew from high school who talks her into having a soft drink. While looking for her friend, she led her upstairs where there was more than drinks and other activities. She got dizzy. Two boys grabbed her, but she freed herself and drove home. She’s starting to feel crazy. His eyelids began to feel heavy.

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She wakes up to two glowing lights heading straight for her. Flash about twenty years into the future and David and Nora Harmon vacation in Maui with their two children. Upon checking into the hotel, she saw a man in a suit sitting in the lobby, looking her in the eye.

Upon her return to Sacramento Airport, she saw him again at the airport carousel. She went towards him, but he was gone. She saw him again as she drove. He parked as she drove by. She parked a few spaces up and went to her car. Before she gets there, the man gets out and walks away. Shortly after his return, he receives a very good job offer that he couldn’t refuse.

This novel is a psychological thriller and is primarily narrated by Nora Harmon. There are some chapters narrated by his son Trevor. The main story revolves around Nora and her new boss, Jane Bell, who has offered Nora a job at Bell’s IT software company with a substantial pay rise, flexible hours and no travel. All three are important incentives that help her spend more time with her family. Only the first incentive remained.

Her new boss is very friendly to Nora and starts infiltrating Nora’s family. More and more red flags keep popping up, but Bell keeps explaining himself and apologizing, but his behavior continues and escalates. I, along with Nora’s character, wondered what would happen next and why. This story holds and keeps the suspense on edge. My attention was drawn to the main story. The action aspect of the novel comes as the novel comes to an end.

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As with most psychological thrillers, the main story revolves around a battle between wits and will. Because the B-Story is usually darker and focuses on emotional trauma. In this novel, both storylines are almost inextricably linked. Every Nora relationship offers a different side of her personality. The richest and most revealing are relations with his two children.

The B-Story threads complemented the main story beautifully. My reading pleasure increased with both stories. I usually need a novel to actively hold my attention. I didn’t like it, but I found that this novel had gradually piqued my interest just as much as the other method.

As for aspects of the novel that some readers may find offensive, vulgar, rude, and ungodly language should not be, as they are minimal in this novel. There is some violence at the end of the novel and it becomes more edgy as time goes on, but it is used to keep the tension high as the novel comes to a close. After all, there are no intimate scenes.

I only found one aspect that didn’t increase my reading pleasure. The cat-and-mouse aspect of Nora and Jane’s relationship began to drag, but the tension continued to mount and circumstances changed so the novel didn’t repeat itself. On the plus side, I enjoyed the relationship between Nora and her son Trevor. On the border between the two, the husband’s reactions were in some respects not what I would have expected, if they were the story would be much shorter and less interesting. Otherwise I was happy with the ending and there were no loose ends.

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I’ve only read the author’s latest independent novel so far. The quality of both novels earned me my Love Reading category. I really enjoyed reading this novel and look forward to more books by this author. I recommend reading this novel with the caveat that it’s a physiological thriller where the action doesn’t play a major role.


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