Download Missing Girl At Frozen Falls [PDF] By Leslie Wolfe

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Missing Girl At Frozen Falls book pdf download for free or read online, also Missing Girl At Frozen Falls pdf was written by Leslie Wolfe.

BookMissing Girl At Frozen Falls
AuthorLeslie Wolfe
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Missing Girl At Frozen Falls Book PDF download for free

Missing Girl At Frozen Falls Book PDF download for free

It lay on the frozen grass behind Frozen Falls. Her eyes were wide and the wind tousled her hair, the ash blonde streaks reflecting the blue sky. Her face, beautiful even in death, was pale, as if the icy mountain cold had dulled the color from her cheeks.

On a crisp fall day in the small town of Mount Chester, detective Kay Sharp is confronted with the past she’s been fleeing from for the past decade. Her ex-husband Brian was charged with murder.

Seeing Brian brings back a flood of painful memories: he betrayed her in the worst possible way. But despite her broken heart, Kay is willing to risk her career to prove her innocence.

Missing Girl At Frozen Falls Pdf Download

Brian is accused of killing Kay’s former best friend Rachel, the woman he cheated on Kay with and got her pregnant. blood drips from Kay’s face; Got a voicemail from Rachel two days ago. “I hope you forgive me,” she had said in a tear-choked voice. “I know I don’t have the right to do this, but I need you.” Kay’s stomach tightens. When he called back, Rachel was already dead. Could Brian really be the killer?

Kay is pressured by her crime team, who don’t want her working on an investigation so close to home. But she’s willing to risk it all: she vows to be fair to Rachel.

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When Kay visits Rachel’s mother, she makes a shocking discovery that makes the case even more critical: Rachel’s eight-year-old daughter, Holly, is missing. Could the girl still be alive?

Faced with the most complex and personal case of his career, can he save the beautiful Holly before it’s too late? And will Kay’s determination to uncover the truth bring about justice or her undoing?

A thriller couldn’t be more exciting! Your heart will race through this addictive book full of twists and turns. Perfect for fans of Robert Dugoni, Karin Slaughter and Rachel Caine.

Missing Girl at Frozen Falls (Detective Kay Sharp Book 5) by Leslie Wolfe sees Detective Kay Sharp confront the past she has been fleeing from for the past decade. Her ex-husband Brian was charged with murder.

This book was so good! Described as the “completely addictive and also moving crime thriller full of unexpected twists,” it did not disappoint. The cover artwork was pretty cool too.

You know you’re reading a good book when you have to leave it several times because the characters’ emotions touch you. A book so well written that it captures the emotional intensity and action of the scenes. There were times when I just cried because of what happened to the characters; Now that’s good writing.

I would definitely love to see Detective Kay Sharp and her partner Elliot Young return in another story, and fast! I really enjoyed the writing style and the story. The ending with Holly was quite abrupt. I would also like more information on Ciara’s exit. But the culprit was amazing, and the plot and twists of the story kept me on my toes. I really enjoyed reading and immersing myself in the area. The story had strong characters.

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Two cases, one in Mt. Chester and the other in Kay’s former territory of San Francisco, are closely related. Once again Wolfe had me with the first set and I was in it. Elliott works the Mt. Chester case while Kay is in SF. I melted into Elliott, as always. With each book, I find myself more drawn to the transplanted Texan. His consideration and affection for Kay is evident and makes me admire him even more.

Baiting lower than Kay’s snails, ex, Brian, is front and center. He’s accused of killing his fiancé and his daughter is missing, so of course he shows up looking for Kay’s help despite betraying her years ago.

I enjoyed the action and tried to solve the case while fainting over Elliot and his Stetson.
It reveals a lot more of Kay’s story and makes it very entertaining. Who hasn’t been betrayed by someone they loved?

Did I mention how well Elliot is doing?
I love this series and each book draws me more into Kay’s life. As long as I include more Elliot, I’m all for it!


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