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Swamp Santa book pdf download for free or read online, also Swamp Santa pdf was written by Jana DeLeon.

BookSwamp Santa
AuthorJana DeLeon
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Swamp Santa Book PDF download for free

Swamp Santa Book PDF download for free

It’s Christmas in Sinful and Fortune is ready to join in the local revelry. The program includes a Christmas gala, Christmas carols and a horse-drawn sleigh ride. It’s not murder. But when someone picks up Santa Claus, Fortune is aware that a killer lurks in the holiday spirit. But with no clients and no reason to get involved in a police investigation, it looks like Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie will have to wait.

Big Hebert and Little Hebert may be criminals, but they don’t favor competition on their turf, especially someone bold enough to kill a man at the Christmas gala. When Fortune is hired to investigate the man’s death, she grants their Christmas wish and Swamp Team 3 sets out to solve their last case of the year.

Swamp Santa Book Pdf Download

I guess it’s dangerous to play Santa in a cozy mystery in December. This is the second one I’ve read where the guy in the red ends up being dead!

However, this St. Nick is not too cheerful. In fact, he’s an impostor who, for nefarious reasons, has dismantled the guy who traditionally plays Santa Claus and taken his place. Let’s just say that when his true identity is revealed, no one is too sad to say goodbye to them.

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His death sparks a spark of curiosity in Fortune and his colleagues, and they soon find themselves back on the case to find out why this shady character was in Sinful and who wanted him dead.

The secret is well resolved. Once a few key parts of the story are revealed, you can get a good idea of ​​what the real motive will be. However, there are several main suspects and you will find it difficult to find out which one is the culprit. You may also find it hard to want one of them to be guilty too! Clues are discovered at a good pace and distracting red herrings are also thrown in to keep the reading detective well occupied. Beautiful and curvy!

Since it’s Christmas, our favorite characters are busy planning the big day and hoping the mystery will be solved by then. Ida Belle tries to fend off wedding planners, and Fortune and Carter are still working to uncover their personal relationship and professional status. I have to say that poor Carter really gets the worst of it. Again, there is not enough character development in Fortune and Gertie. And Celia’s panties can be eliminated from the category of recurring jokes.

Despite that, I still enjoy spending time in Sinful and interacting with the crazy residents.

I love a Miss Fortune story and this book was just as much fun as all the stories before it, Celia gets into trouble (yeah! ), and Francis causes chaos at the election, and Fortune rides to the rescue more than once – literally word – but it was the last conversation in the book that really moved me. It was unexpected, it has the potential for emotional impact like we haven’t seen before and after the bombshell dropped, that was it Now I’ll be on tender hooks until the next book.

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But back to the mystery in Swamp Santa. It was well done and took advantage of the chaos surrounding Christmas in Sinful. Celia still has a problem with Fortune, and that adds a lot to the humor surrounding the main plot. Carter and Fortune once again investigate the same murder from opposite sides, and with a red herring or two more Heberts, I had a blast catching up with the colorful characters of Sinful.

I rarely find funny jokes, but this book was hilarious from start to finish! I laughed so hard with each chapter that my family cracked up just looking at me! Keep up with Sinful, LA Books! Fortune is her usual dynamic action heroine, patiently fighting Gertie’s penchant for knee-jerk reactions that erupt in any situation. Celia is the perfect small-town villain, one we all know.

The long-suffering Carter is finally able to tell Celia exactly what he and the town think of her! Her law enforcement principles are taken to the extreme once again with Fortune’s favorite clients, the Heberts! Big and Little Herbert borrow their hitman Mannie for another wild investigative trip to New Orleans. Will Ida Belle marry Walter before she literally scares him with his dangerous shenanigans? This is really the funniest series of books I’ve ever read!

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