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Local Gone Missing book pdf download for free or read online, also Local Gone Missing pdf was written by Fiona Barton.

Fiona Barton’s debut The Widow was a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller and was published and selected for television in 36 countries. Her second novel, The Child, was also a Sunday Times bestseller. Fiona was born in Cambridge and currently resides in Sussex and South West France.

BookLocal Gone Missing
AuthorFiona Barton
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Local Gone Missing Book PDF download for free

Local Gone Missing Book PDF download for free

Elise King is a successful and ambitious detective, or was before a hiatus caused her to doubt if she would ever work again. She now spends most days watching the rising tensions in her small seaside town of Ebbing: weekend tourists convert old bungalows into luxury homes and locals worry about the changes.

Elise can only guess at what really goes on behind closed doors. But Dee Eastwood, her cleaning lady, often knows. She is invisible in many houses in the city, but she sees and hears everything.

Conflicts escalate when a newcomer tries to introduce the town to a weekend music festival and two teenagers overdose on drugs. When a man goes missing on the first night of the festival, Elise begins searching for answers. Ebbing is a small town, but full of secrets and hidden connections that are deeper and darker than Elise could have imagined.

Local Gone Missing Book Pdf Download

I love a crime thriller set in a small seaside town, and reading the blurb for Fiona Barton’s new novel, Local Gone Missing, pushed it right to the top of my TBR stack. I have really enjoyed Fiona’s books in the past and have flown through the most recent books by her. I loved the atmosphere of mystery that Fiona created around her characters and they all drew me into the story and made me want to know what was going on.

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DI Elsie King is still on sick leave after recently undergoing cancer treatment, but she becomes embroiled in an investigation when a local man, Charlie Perry, goes missing. I really liked Elsie King and her voice resonated strongly on the site. Charlie’s disappearance was very intriguing; He couldn’t even trust his closest relatives when Elsie spoke to them, especially his wife, who seemed very cold and uncaring towards Charlie.

Charlie’s disappearance is not the only incident in the city facing the police. The community is in shock after two teenagers required hospital treatment after using drugs at a music festival, and there were many who were not at all happy that the music festival was taking place in town. There seems to be a lot more going on in this town than meets the eye, and Elsie is determined to uncover the truth. There seemed to be a lot of people in this town with something to hide, which gives this book a very dark feel.

I thought Fiona Barton did a very good job of covering her character’s backstories, and I found Charlie particularly interesting as we begin to see the motives behind his disappearance. There are some shocking and disturbing areas of her life that Fiona explores, particularly what happened to her daughter during a robbery at her home many years earlier. That makes the final reveals that come towards the end all the more shocking.

Filled with mystery, suspense, and an intriguing cast of characters, Local Gone Missing completely wowed me. I loved the clever way Fiona put it all together and felt like it was a very clean and tidy ending. This is a really entertaining read; I had my suspicions about everyone in this book, which made it even more entertaining as I tried to figure out what happened to Charlie. I definitely recommend it

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Once a cop, always a cop, and that certainly applies to Elise King, who moved to the seaside town of Ebbing for a fresh start after her relationship failed and a recent cancer diagnosis. Despite being a newcomer, she is more welcome than the weekend visitors that have swarmed the town in recent years. When a local elder, Charlie Perry, a man he saw the same night at a local music festival where two teenagers overdosed, goes missing, he can’t help but wonder what happened to him, especially when he seemed so desperate.

The more we hear about Charlie, the more we realize that what you see is not necessarily what you get. He has much more to offer than meets the eye, he has certainly had an interesting life and there are many who want to find him for personal reasons. The deeper the investigation, the more potential suspects are identified, but only in time will the truth emerge.

There are a few characters to keep in mind, who they were all and how they are connected. And as we learn more about them, we soon discover that most have something to hide and would do anything to arouse suspicion elsewhere to prevent their own secrets from being discovered. At first I wondered why several seemingly misfits were mentioned, but as the threads converge it all begins to fall into place and makes more sense.

I admit that I had to stay sane not only about who everyone was, but also to follow the story as the timelines went back and forth in the days leading up to Charlie’s disappearance and the days after. That said, I didn’t want to leave a second towards the end of the book because I was dying to know exactly what happened and why.

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Local Gone Missing is a perennial favorite of a mystery that is definitely worth reading. Now that Elise is back at work, I hope this isn’t the last we hear from her.

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