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Fractured Sky book pdf download for free or read online, also Fractured Sky pdf was written by Catherine Cowles.

BookFractured Sky
AuthorCatherine Cowles
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Fractured Sky Book PDF download for free

Fractured Sky Book PDF download for free

Damaged. Broken. Destroyed. I heard everything. A single moment of trusting the wrong person shattered my life and my family had never looked at me like that. It’s impossible to convince them that I’m anything more than the broken girl they saved all those years ago.

until I met him.

Ramsey’s surly demeanor and menacing scowl frighten most of the world. But not me. Not when I’ve seen his gentle hands soothe an abused foal or comfort a frightened mare.

And when I finally work up the courage to start my own business, Ramsey is there. The roommates felt like a safe bet, until Ramsey’s sustained touches and wicked grin lit a fire inside me that I don’t think will ever go out. And he feels it too…

But just as my new life begins to take root, an evil from my past emerges from the shadows, casting a darkness over my newfound freedom. And this time they won’t settle for parts of me. They want everything…

Fractured Sky Book Pdf Download

For me the most anticipated story of this series. Parts of Shiloh’s story were told through other people’s eyes in earlier books. We’ve read about how what happened to her affected everyone else, but now we’re hearing it from her.

Shiloh had a happy childhood. She lives on a farm in a house full of love until one fateful day she was taken away. She was lucky to have survived this harrowing experience, but it has left a mark on her and her family: they are fiercely protective of her.

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Shiloh is the only adult child still living at home. Her parents, especially her mother, find it hard to imagine that she will ever leave. You want her to be happy, but also worried about her. So she is completely shocked when she announces that she is ready to move in.

Shiloh loves being on her horse, Sky. She has always been comfortable with animals, especially horses. However, she is ready to spread her wings and move on with her life. On her daily tours of her family’s land, she often stops at the border to catch a glimpse of Ramsey Bishop, who lives on the neighboring farm.

Ramsey lives a very quiet and private life. Nobody walks through her front door unless she wants them there and she can count those people on the fingers of one hand. She admits horses that need grooming. Some of them have been taken from their owners and often arrive malnourished. Some of them have been through a lot of trauma and Ramsey is very proud to bring them back.

Shiloh loves seeing Ramsey with the horses, and in an effort to make some changes in her life, she decides to approach him and have a chat. This becomes a friendship that has nothing to do with her family, but something of their own. When she expresses her desire to move out of her family’s home, Ramsey offers her the cabin on her property.

Ramsey offers him a lifestyle he could only dream of. She feels safe and has the feeling of being really at home. He helped her find the peace and security she longed for. She loves to help him and she feels very connected to the horses, sharing his sense of being broken. By helping her heal them, they heal them.

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“You are a miracle.” A chill ran through him. A miracle in every way. You took a pain that could have made you bitter and turned it into something beautiful. You allowed this pain to connect you with creatures that did not have it. And you made his life better. you healed her. They wouldn’t trust you if they didn’t feel related to you.”

While all of this is going on, things are happening in the background. Shiloh’s past begins to surface and haunts her once again. Someone is after her, putting her brother and Ramsey on high alert. She has kept very far from her family over the years and it’s time to share it all with them. She must face her past to move forward. She will be awkward, confrontational and frightening at times. But Shiloh is not the girl she used to be. Her experiences have made them stronger and more resilient.

It was the perfect ending to this wonderful series. Set in book one, this story comes full circle as we see the once shy girl grow into the amazing woman she was destined to be. And watch her fall in love squee!!!

Fractured Sky is the fifth and final book in the Tattered and Torn series by Catherine Cowles and is out today. As soon as the arc dropped earlier this month I couldn’t wait to dive into Shiloh’s story and it was everything she wanted!

As we find out in Book 1 and take a look at in the prologue to this book, Shiloh was kidnapped and helped capture when she was 10 years old. Although she returned to her family, the trauma of this never left her or her family for the last 17 years. Shiloh has recently felt that her family is smothering her despite being loving and protective.

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When she sees Ramsey and all the nice things she does with horses, she immediately feels safe with him. In the end, she confides in him that she wants to move out of her, and he offers to rent the guest cabin on her property. Like Shiloh, Ramsey is a loner and would rather spend his time with horses than people.

It didn’t surprise me at all that this was a slow romance, it definitely had to be everything that was going on with these two characters. I love a brooding, lonely hero, and that’s Ramsey. Shiloh still has secrets from kidnapping her years ago and I loved seeing her open up to Ramsey.

Her past still comes back to haunt her, bringing out the moments of romantic tension that this author adds to her stories. I loved seeing Ramsey and Shiloh with the horses and rehabilitating those who had been abused. There were such complete healing moments for Shiloh and she loved her connection to horses.

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