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The Girl And The Twisted End book pdf download for free or read online, also The Girl And The Twisted End pdf was written by A.J. Rivers.

AJ Rivers loves all things mystery and suspense. AJ grew up in a small quiet town. he spent his days solving crime novels and movies. She started writing stories from a very young age to escape from it and create adventures for herself. When she was a child, she dreamed of solving crimes and becoming a crime fighter. She dreamed of being as big as her favorite criminal character, Sherlock Holmes. During her college days, she realized that leading a life fighting crime could be more cruel than she could bear. She decided that it would be best to merge her love of writing with her love of intriguing mysteries.

She finds inspiration in true crime investigations and is passionate about writing thrillers with quirky twists. Twists you’ll never see coming. The inspiration for her first novel came when she read a news article about a missing young woman in a small town who was never found. Her questioning of who, what and why led her to her diary to uncover the dark and twisted story behind the disappearance and seek justice for the victim through her writing.

Her suspense novels have elements of mystery, suspense and romance.

When she’s not reading a novel or working on her next mystery thriller, her favorite time is spending time with her husky. She finds great inspiration in walks with her dog.

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BookThe Girl And The Twisted End ( Emma Griffin FBI Mystery Book 21 )
AuthorA.J. Rivers
Size2 MB

The Girl And The Twisted End Book PDF download for free

The Girl And The Twisted End Book PDF download for free

A horrific beginning.
It ends with the most unexpected twist…

Marie was young, beautiful and alive.
Her life was cruelly taken from her.
Her killer still wanders this world, possibly looking for new prey.
As Sam works to finally put an end to Marie’s case, Emma delves deeper into the twisted worlds of corruption and brutality to finally solve the mystery behind Miley’s disappearance…
When the pieces seem to fit together to put an end to the cases pursued by FBI agent Emma Griffin, unexpected people enter her life.

The question is… what are his true motives?
who or what do you believe in

All questions are ready to be answered.
All mysteries lead to a twisted and shocking conclusion.
A storm is brewing around Emma Griffin.
Will she pass through the eye of the storm or will she be completely destroyed?

The Girl And The Twisted End Book Pdf Download

The Girl And The Twisted End is an appropriate name for this final book in Season 3 of Emma’s Journey. Resolutions sought on Marini’s death; Emma wants to find Miley, who is still missing. Xavier is sure he knows how Jonah escaped from prison and Dean wants to get his memories back.

Sam goes to Michigan to find out exactly what happened to Marie, and things don’t go well.
It will be very helpful for the readers to be aware of the events and characters from the previous books to avoid any confusion here. This book is exceptionally well written. In typical AJ Rivers fashion, a hint of what’s to come is offered and readers won’t be able to resist. I’m excited to see what’s next for Emma and the team.

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I have everything A.J. The Rivers books and I was a little let down by the first half of The Girl and the Twisted End. There was a lot of backstory and internal monologues tying multiple stories together, but seemingly at a snail’s pace.

Then came the second half! The action, the suspense, the revelations and the surprises fell on the pages like hail. Be sure to read this book. Just not right before bed. It will take a while for your pulse to settle down.

Wow, that was a perfect Emma Griffin thriller. AJ did not disappoint. So many twists and the turns in this plot. I literally couldn’t stop reading, I stayed up all night. EMMA now has to solve several cases at once. The brutality will take your breath away. The story ends on a cliffhanger. I can’t wait for the next book and series starring Dean and Ava. thanks to Aj

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