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The Altruist And The Assassin book pdf download for free or read online, also The Altruist And The Assassin pdf was written by Sarah M. Cradit.

Sarah is the USA Today and international bestselling author of over forty epic and contemporary fantasy stories, and the creator of the Kingdom of the White Sea and Saga of Crimson & Clover universes.

BookThe Altruist And The Assassin
AuthorSarah M. Cradit
Size2.5 MB

The Altruist And The Assassin Book PDF download for free

The Altruist And The Assassin Book PDF download for free

The Altruist and the Assassin is a fateful fantasy love story set in the White Sea Kingdom universe with hints of Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. It is the first story of the Guardian Cycle of the Book of All Things.

The Altruist And The Assassin Book Pdf Download

The Altruist and the Assassin is the third installment in The Book of All Things series, part of the Kingdomverse, a universe of fantasy novels created by Sarah Cradit.

First of all, what I can say is that I am completely committed to this universe and the stories that Sarah creates. Regarding the series, and including TAATA here, I must highlight some reasons that really got me hooked on this series: a) It is more than a fantasy romance, it is an epic romance, entitled to a whole macrocosm of time and space that it unfolds in different directions as we go from book to book; b) we have adventure, romance, political intrigue, magic, in short, everything that I love about novels; c) Worldbuilding evolves with each story, which is crucial for me to fully engage with the reading.

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After all, I’m the reader who needs context and a well-constructed fantasy universe, as well as the romance itself; d) The graphic design of the series with its fabulous artwork is like a gift to us readers. I can only commend the author for what she offers us beyond her stories and she still appreciates the work of so many talented artists.

In the specific case of TAATA, we have a novel filled with all the familiar tropes that make a good story: amnesia, opposite twins, fateful companions, and even a touch of magical Romeo and Juliet, with feuding families and dark secrets from the past. .

Sarah’s proposal is inspired by magic (which involves the characters much more here than in the first two books of the series) and an FMC that grows and matures as the story unfolds, as well as a hero who exudes charm. and delivery (the I can I must say for sure that the altruistic Asterin is my favorite guy on the show so far and his altruism and selflessness make him very very sexy to me!

After all, he is that man who is protective and affectionate, but still desires and loves intensity). The book is hot, with really engaging hot scenes (we know everything that’s going on, even with the euphemisms the author uses).

In addition to the saga of As and Rhiain, the story also includes other characters that involve us and promise good future stories, such as Tyr and Jesstin. In fact, the organization of the series is something quite original in fantasy romance: the author proposes loosely connected cycles within the same universe, thus creating a kind of subseries within a larger whole. So within the Kingdomverse we continue to travel through time and space, but always return to previously visited contexts and meet, who knows, beloved characters.

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What else can I say if not that I can’t wait to continue traveling on this unique adventure. I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy romance who doesn’t lose the epic perspective, it doesn’t disappoint!

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