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The Bodyguard book pdf download for free or read online, also The Bodyguard pdf was written by Katherine Centre.

Katherine Sherar Pannill Center born on March 4, year 1972 is an American contemporary novelist.

Center was born and raised in the Afton Oaks, Houston, Texas. She is a graduate of St. John’s School and Vassar College. As a student she won the Vassar College Prize for Fiction. She received her M.A. in fiction from the University of Houston, where she was associate editor of the Gulf Coast literary fiction magazine. Ella’s thesis Peepshow, a collection of short stories, was a finalist for the Mary McCarthy Award for Short Narrative. Her sister is the US Representative named Lizzie Fletcher.

Center is the author of several books, which she calls “bittersweet graphic novels.” Her first novel, The Bright Side of Disaster, was purchased by Varsity Pictures and her sixth, How to Walk Away, was a New York Times Best Seller and was promoted from the Book of the Year Club in May year 2018. The Center’s 2019 novel Things You Save in a Fire was a New York Times Bestseller and a July year 2019 Book Club Pick of the Month.

Along with Jeffrey Toobin and Douglas Brinkley, Center was one of the speakers at the year 2007 Houston Chronicle Dinner of Books and Authors.

Center has published essays in Real Simple and the anthologies Cause I Love Her, CRUSH: 26 Real-Life Tales of First Love, and My Parents Were Awesome.

Center also creates video essays, one of which, a letter to her daughter on motherhood, became the hugely popular Defining a Movement video for the Mom 2.0 conference. Center spoke at TEDx Bend in 2018. Her talk was titled “We need to teach boys to read stories about girls.”

A film adaptation of her novel The Lost Husband was released in year 2020. In year 2021, she filmed for Netflix an adaptation of her year 2015 novel Happiness for Beginners, starring Ellie Kemper and Luke Grimes, to be released in 2022.

BookThe Bodyguard
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The Bodyguard Book PDF download for free

The Bodyguard Book PDF download for free

She stands behind him.
Hannah Brooks looks more like a kindergarten teacher than someone who could kill you with a wine bottle opener. Or pen. Or a napkin. But the truth is, she’s an executive protection agent (aka “bodyguard”), newly hired to protect superstar actor Jack Stapleton from his middle-aged, corgi-raising stalker.

He has her heart.
Jack Stapleton is a household name, captured by paparazzi on beaches around the world, famous, among other things, for emerging from the waves in all manner of comfortable shorts, shimmering like a Roman deity. But a few years ago, after a family tragedy, he disappeared from the public eye and disappeared from the scene.

You have a secret.
When Jack’s mother gets sick, Jack returns to the family’s ranch in Texas to help out. The only drawback: he doesn’t want his family to find out about his stalker. Or the bodyguard. And so, against his will and his better judgment, Hannah pretends to be Jack’s girlfriend to cover herself up. Even if his ex says like an idiot no one will believe her.

What could go wrong???
Hannah hardly believes it. But the more time she spends with Jack, the more real it all seems. And there’s the heartbreak. Because protecting Jack is easy for Hannah. But protect her own neglected heart from her for a long time? It’s the hardest thing she’s ever done.

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The Bodyguard Book Pdf Download

Hannah Brooks is one of the best executive protection agents (aka bodyguards) out there. She is dedicated to her work and loves the company she works for. But after the sudden death of her mother, instead of taking time off, Ella Hannah decides to get back into the routine. Doubly so, since a possible promotion between Hannah and another agent is up in the air. Hannah’s latest assignment has her superstar protector, Jack Stapleton.

Jack Stapleton left fame behind a few years ago after a family tragedy. He is now back in Texas after his mother got sick. With the studios banking on a comeback, they’re still pretty committed to Jack, and with some overzealous stalkers in their past, they can’t be too careful. Enter Hannah as Jack’s bodyguard. To keep the stalker from him and the need for a bodyguard a secret, Jack asks Hannah to pose as his girlfriend.

What starts out as a simple job helps both Jack and Hannah heal in ways they didn’t know they needed to.

I’m not usually one to read a story arc that far in advance, but I always jump in to read what Katherine Center comes up with.

From the beginning I had a feeling that The Bodyguard would be different from what I had previously read about Katherine Center. In a way, I felt like it was much more comical. It almost feels like you’re getting something in the superhero realm with a title like The Bodyguard. At least that’s what I felt when I read the title. And to be honest, Hannah is very superheroic. One of the elements you can always count on in a Katherine Center book is a strong central heroine.

Whether they’re trying to break into a man’s job, overcoming physical trauma, or standing up and fighting for what they believe in, they’re all strong women. We know from her work that Hannah is strong. In this case, it’s the vulnerability she needs to work on. Knowing that it is okay to cry or not knowing how to cry. Accept that she doesn’t always have to be perfect.

I loved the bond that forms between Jack and Hannah. It’s a bit of animosity at first, but naturally they click. Neither one of them lets the other get away with it, which is particularly refreshing in Jack’s case, since he’s usually surrounded by people who are just there to do what he wants. In this way, Hannah helps Jack and his family heal in a way that sometimes only a person who approaches a situation with a different perspective can.

Watching Jack and Hannah slowly move towards each other is almost magical. I really enjoyed it and look forward to revisiting it right before release. Katherine Center is a machine read for me on a normal day, if you are new to her as a writer hurry up now and get everything she has written.

Katherine Center’s The Bodyguard confirms that romance still works for me.

Hannah Brooks is not having a good week. The day after her mother’s funeral, her boyfriend left her and gave 3 reasons. The last one is like a knife in her chest.

“You are a bad kisser.”

For Hannah, the only way to deal with all of this is to immerse herself in her work. She’s an executive protection agent, a bodyguard. She asks her boss for a new assignment, but her boss tells her to fret and punishes her.

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After a month, she finally wants to go back to work. She is eager to leave Texas behind and go somewhere else. Her joke is on her when her boss Glenn tells her that she is staying with her and that she will be the main bodyguard of Jack Stapleton, a famous actor.

Jack and Hannah’s first meeting isn’t perfect. He mistook her for the cleaning lady and at the end of the interview she put him down after he told her to show him that he could take it with her. Things get complicated when Jake doesn’t want his mother, who has been diagnosed with cancer, to know that his life could be in danger and wants Hannah to pretend to be his girlfriend. Hannah doesn’t want to do it, but she is applying for a new job and she will do it to keep her job and get it.

After spending days together, Hannah realizes that she has developed feelings for Jack, and Jack seems to reciprocate. But is she real or is Jake acting in her place?

I loved both characters. They were both dealing with things from their past and carrying the blame. It was nice to see them complement each other and help each other heal. Their banter was great and the way their relationship played out felt real and believable. The best part was the amazing epilogue that answered everything I wanted to know.

The Bodyguard proves once again why I love Katherine Center’s lyrics so much.

After a devastating loss and a personal betrayal, Senior Protection Agent Hannah Brooks is tasked with protecting movie star Jack Stapleton in Texas, though in Katherine Center’s The Bodyguard all she wants is to get out of the country. Written from Hannah’s first-person perspective, The Bodyguard brings together three of my favorite themes: bodyguards, fake dates, and friends-turned-lovers, which is why I was so excited to read it.

And I really enjoyed every moment of this funny and charming novel. To be honest, from the moment Hannah’s boss starts talking about the assignment, no one could tell me that Jack wasn’t Chris Evans. Because in my head it is! And, surprise, surprise. I love Jack so much! But not because it makes me think of Chris. I love it because Center’s descriptive writing, excellent storytelling, and character development made me fall in love with him, Hannah, and her story, along with Hannah being the last thing she’s looking for or expecting.

Center’s vivid writing is rich in detail, emotion, lively and snappy dialogue and character interactions, as well as his deft use of all the senses in his narration and storytelling. I especially love how he uses all five senses to show how Hannah connects more freely with the world through her senses than her emotions. One of the things that primarily captures Hannah’s attention/imagination about Jack is his distinctive scent. Also, Hannah sees his powers of observation and is proud of it. But her “vision” fails her when she is needed most. Center keeps coming back to this at key moments throughout the novel.

Center beautifully fleshes out its complex, flawed, and relatable characters, for whom you can’t help but want the best. He couldn’t wait for Hannah to get this task that she clearly didn’t want but desperately needed! Highly observant, focused, intelligent, logical, sharp-witted, and always ready to move on to the next task, Hannah excels as an EPA/Bodyguard. However, there are parts of her that she keeps tightly closed due to the baggage of her childhood or her parents.

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Hannah is also sarcastic, funny, kind, loyal, and a secret romantic and fan of Jack Stapleton. But to Hannah’s surprise, Jack is not what she expects. He is so much more. Jack is a down-to-earth sweetheart, authentic, funny, charming, gentle and sarcastic. But he is plagued by trauma: a tragic accident and unspoken loss that clearly weighs on him and distances him from his family.

I love the development of Jack and Hannah’s relationship and their humorous, sarcastic, sweet and sometimes sexy intimacy and banter. But what I like the most is how serious Hannah Jack is, even though she can’t see it or believe it. Although Hannah is determined to keep her usual distance from Jack, even more so because he is a movie star, he breaks down his barriers.

Hannah and Jack’s lives couldn’t be more different, but their bonded personalities, which few get to see/experience because they hide behind a façade of the world, are not that different. So, as unlikely as it sounds, he and Hannah are a perfect match. They balance each other out and help each other heal. I also love Hannah’s interactions with Jack’s family.

While Hannah looks more like a kindergarten teacher than someone who could kill you with a pen, napkin, or wine bottle opener, she’s actually an executive protection agent, aka bodyguard. She desperately wants a mission in Korea or somewhere outside the US to escape her life as soon as possible! Instead, she is assigned as the title character to protect superstar actor Jack Stapleton from a middle-aged stalker who raises corgis.

After a family tragedy, Jack disappeared from the public eye and disappeared from the scene. But after her mother falls ill, Jack needs shelter to keep him safe while he heads to her family’s ranch in Texas to be with her and her family.

However, Hannah must pose as Jack’s girlfriend to prevent her family from finding out about the stalker and his bodyguard. Jack, the person, is not quite the superstar she expects. Hannah is used to keeping an eye on people and keeping her distance, but she spends time with Jack and his family undercover since her girlfriend is out of her comfort zone.

The more time she spends with Jack, the more she learns about him and herself. Her heart is in danger because this time she has nowhere to run. Hannah is after Jack Stapleton, but he has her heart. Will she be able to protect him without completely losing her heart to him? Will they be able to keep the secret they’re hiding without having it blow up in their faces?

The scenes with Hannah’s Executive Protection Agency staff meeting and working on the case together are hilarious. A fascinating group, the interactions with each other and with Hannah are entertaining, provide insight into Hannah and contribute to the development/development of her character, particularly her boss, boyfriend and best friend.

Exploring themes of family, self-discovery, self-esteem, hope, grief, loss and trauma, The Bodyguard is a surprisingly romantic, suspenseful, sweet, charming and funny contemporary romance, well drawn with surprising twists and beautiful moments that hug your heart.

CW: Parental death, alcoholism, domestic violence, stalkers, cancer, PTSD, trauma, death of a sibling

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