Download The Champion Project [PDF] By Chelsea Curto

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The Champion Project book pdf download for free or read online, also The Champion Project pdf was written by Chelsea Curto.

BookThe Champion Project
AuthorChelsea Curto
Size1.5 MB

The Champion Project Book PDF download for free

The Champion Project Book PDF download for free

WANTED: A very fake date for a very real event.

Henry Dawson is many things: successful, charismatic, handsome… and more recently, a liar. A silly lie to her parents about bringing a date to her anniversary party has her brooding and tries to right her wrong.

Emma Burns lives a double life. By day, she’s a civil rights attorney. At night she is the mastermind behind the RB Companions. She accompanies men platonically on social occasions, be it as a girlfriend, boyfriend or business partner. She does her job well.

After receiving a request from a desperate new client, she agrees to be his girlfriend. What he doesn’t take into account is that the mystery man is Henry, the notorious playboy, fellow attorney and colleague he has known for years. Communicating under aliases to protect their identities, the two are intrigued and shocked when they finally face each other.

The two may be experts in the courtroom, but they are laymen in matters of the heart. Pretending to be on a date is easy. When the lines between real and fake blur, it becomes all the more complicated to get what they want.

The Companion Project is a hot romantic comedy about co-workers with lovers, forced closeness and fake dating. Told through dialogues, emails and SMS conversations, you can expect lots of jokes, very racy scenes, an unstoppable woman and a man ready to change himself for the one he loves. It is a stand alone novel.

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The Champion Project Book Pdf Download

“I want to bookmark it so any other women who want to experience it know I got there first and made my claim. The first to keep it longer than 24 hours.”

Two words for you all: Chelsea Curto. This girl has gone from being a good book friend to a friend AND a self-buying author to me. I loved Unexpected Paradise so much, but THIS… this blew me away. Step aside from the list of book lovers, Henry Bloody Dawson is coming! Choose this one if you love workplace romance, you always have been, playboy vs shy girl, all the tastiest SPICE, “nice girl”, forced closeness, fake dating and more.

Henry and Emma have been in each other’s lives for 17 years and have always felt an attraction that they never understood or acted upon. However, Henry was always content to be alone. Until he tells his family that he finally has a girlfriend and is bringing her home to his parents’ anniversary party. When he finds himself on a fake date with co-worker Emma Burns, he begins to realize that she could be the piece of the puzzle he’s been missing all along.

I will NEVER shut up on this book and these characters. Emma is so smart, strong and beautiful on the inside. I love that she was badass at work and relinquished all control to Henry in the bedroom. Talk about HOT. Also, watching Henry go from being a playboy guy to being the sexiest, kindest, most protective, and considerate boyfriend was my favorite. These two are going to be one of my favorite book pairs along with an amazing cast of supporting characters! Choose a Chelsea book. You will not be disappointed!

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“There is a very short list of people I would burn the world for and you Emma are certainly one of them. I would light a match and welcome the flames.”

That was so cute! Henry and Emma ?????? I love their story so many levels how their relationship becomes. Workplace competitors for lovers, but with a lot of history! Fake dating, email and text conversations, suspense, jokes. Henry is just the cutest of them all! can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it!

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