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The Dead Romantics book pdf download for free or read online, also The Dead Romantics pdf was written by Ashley Poston.

Ashley Poston is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and has spent the last ten years in the publishing industry as a social media coordinator, marketing designer and eventually as a writer. Her novels have appeared in the Indie Next List, Teen Vogue, CNN, Hypable, Seventeen, EW, and Buzzfeed, among others.

When she’s not writing, he enjoys building miniature rooms and taking long walks to listen to Dungeons and Dragons podcasts. She lives in South Carolina with her bossy cat, Paprika, and they firmly believe we’re all a bunch of weirdos looking for other weirdos and asking for their AO3 username.

BookThe Dead Romantics
AuthorAshley Poston
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The Dead Romantics Book PDF download for free

The Dead Romantics Book PDF download for free

Florence Day is the ghostwriter of one of the industry’s most prolific romance novelists, and she has a problem: After a terrible breakup, she no longer believes in love. He’s as good as dead.

When her new publisher, a very handsome man, does not grant her an extension of the deadline for her book, Florence prepares to say goodbye to her career. But then she gets a call she never meant to receive and has to return home for the first time in ten years to help her family attend the funeral of her beloved father.

For ten years she fled the city she never understood, and while she misses the sound of a warm southern night and her eccentric, loving family and funeral home, she can’t bring herself to stay. Even without his father, nothing seems to have changed in this city. And she hates it.

Until she finds a ghost on the doorstep of the funeral home, as broad and maddeningly handsome as ever, and just as confused as to why he’s there as she is.

The romance is definitely dead. . . but so does her new editor, and her unfinished business will make her question everything she knows about love stories.

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The Dead Romantics Book Pdf Download

Charming and poignant, this ghost story is a little bit romantic and a little bit girly. Our hero is a ghost, which of course creates a lot of excitement. But as someone who reads romance novels exclusively, I was no exception. A sweet and dazzling love story is at the heart of a somewhat heavy book about grief and coping with loss. Mixing somber moments with hopeful ones, it masterfully weaves together so many important themes.

And ghost puns! SO MANY spooky references in the text, loved it. The romance reader in me swallowed every bit of romance; I personally wanted to focus more on that, but that’s because I’m greedy. One of the best parts of the book is how it balances light and dark: as much time is devoted to the pain of death as it is to hope for the future. And that unique feeling makes this book a really special book, a really special romance novel, even if this romance reader wanted to focus more on that element.

The story follows Florence, a woman who is a ghost writer for a famous romance novelist. When her own debut novel flopped, Florence feared her career was over, but found success as a woman behind the scenes. At least he did until his own love life imploded a year ago. Now Florence has a tight deadline to produce a happy ending and she just doesn’t have it. He’s starting to think love is dead, and his father’s sudden death certainly doesn’t change his mind.

When Florence’s sexy and stern new editor shows up like a ghost at the funeral home’s door, she’s not sure what to think. Florence and Ben only met briefly before he became a ghost, and neither is sure whether Florence should help Ben find peace or if he should help Florence finish her life novel as he processes his father’s death . However, as these two near-strangers spend time together, they begin to wish they had gotten closer before Ben went to the other side.

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You are probably still skeptical about whether this is a romance novel or a womanizing novel because of the ghost situation. I would call this a romance novel for readers who like elements of women’s literature, because the book is really Florence’s journey, and that doesn’t always involve Ben. But… yes, it’s also a romance. While much of the book is emotional and filled with pain (Ben not only deals with the fact that he is no longer alive but that Florence’s father has just died), there is also a funny and uplifting side to it. It’s hopeful. It’s a little dizzy.

I loved the opposite attraction between Ben and Florence and how they definitely wouldn’t have bonded if Ben hadn’t shared that time with her. Florence is a chaotic mess of a woman who communicates with spirits, so controlled workaholic Ben couldn’t have handled it before the accident. There are these little dynamic changes along the way, and Poston does a masterful job of bringing it all together seamlessly. So this romance reader is willing to round up their rating: While I’ve been itching for more romance, this is the kind of book I’ll be pondering for a long time. And it had exactly the ending I wanted.

Audio Note: The audio was excellent! The story is told solely from Florence’s point of view, so there is only one narrator. But she does a great job of differentiating the characters and providing an excellent vocal performance. I found her voice soothing and easy to hear, perfect for the different facets of the story.

The run time was a little too long for a day/seat (10-11 hours) but I wanted to pick up the book every time I had to put it down. It’s also a great daytime listen because there’s little to no steam (Florence and Ben literally can’t touch) and the romance is painfully slow. I’m sure I would have enjoyed the book in a more traditional format, but the audio definitely enhanced the experience.

The Dead Romantics was an enchanting and unique love story. I laughed little and also cried little. It’s an emotional read with some really beautiful passages about death, loss, love and relationships.

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TDR is narrated in the first person by our heroine, Florence Day. She is a ghostwriter for a hugely popular romance novelist who can see ghosts, usually of people who have recently died. These spirits are not here to haunt or scare you, they are usually here because they have something to say or something to do. When Florence helps them with their problem, they leave forever.

Florence hasn’t spoken to or helped a ghost in a decade, when she moved to New York from her small town in South Carolina. All that changes when he has to return to Mairmont to bury his beloved father. The ghost of his new publisher, Benji Andor, stands on the porch of his family’s funeral home. He told the same publisher the day before that “love is dead” and that he might not be able to finish the fourth and final book of his contract before the deadline. You see, our dear Florence recently suffered a horrible betrayal that led to her breaking up with her boyfriend.

As the week goes by and Florence deals with her father’s funeral arrangements, with Ben’s help, she begins to come to terms with her feelings of betrayal, loss and love. it’s always in and out. But when he finally leaves, Florence is truly heartbroken.

On the negative side, however, I found that there were some editing issues; wrong words, weird transitions, etc. and Poston’s decision to ignore the canon he created, shiny dead people to move the story along. And while these issues hampered my reading flow, they don’t affect the overall story. It is wonderful. The two twists weren’t a mystery to me at all, but it didn’t matter. Poignant and very joyful, The Dead Romantics offers a much nicer way to think about the death.

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