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The Big Dark Sky book pdf download for free or read online, also The Big Dark Sky pdf was written by Dean Koontz.

Dean Ray Koontz born on July 9, year 1945 is an American author. His novels are advertised as suspenseful thrillers, but often contain elements of horror, fantasy, science fiction, mystery and satire. Many of his books have appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list, with fourteen hardcover and sixteen paperback reaching number one. Koontz wrote under a variety of pseudonyms early in his career, including “David Axton”, “Deanna Dwyer”, “KR Dwyer”, “Leigh Nichols” and “Brian Coffey”. He has published more than 105 novels and several novellas and short story collections, and has sold more than 450 million copies of his works.

Koontz was born on July 9, year 1945 in Everett, Pennsylvania to Florence and Raymond Koontz. He has said his alcoholic father regularly beat and abused him, which influenced his later writing, as did his tiny mother’s courage to stand up physically to her husband. In his senior year at Shippensburg State College, he won a fiction contest sponsored by Atlantic Monthly magazine. After graduating in 1967, he began teaching English at Mechanicsburg High School in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. In the 1960s, Koontz worked for the Appalachian Poverty Program, a government-funded initiative to help poor children.

BookThe Big Dark Sky
AuthorDean Koontz
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The Big Dark Sky Book PDF download for free

The Big Dark Sky Book PDF download for free

A group of strangers united by chilling synchronicity become humanity’s hope for survival in a suspenseful, twisted novel from Dean Koontz, the New York Times’ #1 bestselling master of suspense.

As a child, Joanna Chase was thriving at Rustling Willows Ranch in Montana until tragedy changed her life. Now, thirty-four years old and living in Santa Fe with only hazy memories of the past, he’s beginning to receive pleas, on the phone, through his television, in his dreams: I’m in a dark place, Jojo. please come and help me Doing so, Joanna is forced to return to Montana, to a strange childhood companion whom she has long forgotten.

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She’s not the only one drawn to the Montana farm. People from all walks of life have flocked to the remote ranch. They are haunted, on the run, pursued and searching for answers to the same omniscient danger that Joanna faced. Meanwhile, a madman lurks on the outskirts of Rustling Willows with a vision to save the future. Mass murder is the only way to make his chilling manifesto come true.

Through a strange twist of seemingly random circumstances, a group of strangers find themselves under the great dark Montana sky. With their lives intertwined, they face an encroaching terror. If they cannot defeat this threat, it will mean the end of humanity.

The Big Dark Sky Book Pdf Download

If you have ever read a Dean Koontz book, you will be familiar with his writing style. If not, buckle up because you’ll encounter some seemingly unrelated characters. In The Big Dark Sky, an unknown person or, for lack of a better word, spoiler appears to be the power in Montana. More specifically, on a ranch where one of the main characters, Joanna, lived with her parents until tragedy struck.

Twenty-four years later, strange things are happening to Joanna and she feels she needs to visit her old home. The childhood she barely remembers is beginning to come back to her, but does she remember what really happened? Viewpoint changes to a hateful and confused man, Asher, who believes his responsibility and destiny is to remake the world.

His kidnapping and murder spree near Rustling Willows could go on indefinitely until he chooses the wrong victim, Ophelia. Then we meet Wyatt, a private investigator hired by the current owner of Rustling Willows to investigate some rather bizarre goings on. We switch to Kenny, a hacker Wyatt hires to explore the satellite that controls all systems in Rustling Willows. Kenny has no idea what he’s dealing with and soon his life will be in a precarious position.

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How are all of these people and events related to Rustling Willows? You will have to accompany yourselves because, as always, the author writes a story that just grabbed me. It moves at a fast pace as we see these people coming together and trying to survive.

I flew through this book until I realized I was at the 90% mark. There was a lot to finish and that would be my only disappointment. Completely developed individual plots in next to no time. It might just be me anyway, and everything I was wondering about was finally explained. Until we meet again, Mr. Koontz, it’s good to know that the battle between good and evil is still alive in your mind.

Dean Koontz has kept me amused, amazed, shocked, amazed, scared, amazed and amazed since I first read his novel Night Chills in 1976 and he has done so again in The Big Dark Sky which gets this reader’s 5 stars .

As the novel begins 24 years ago, we find ourselves on the idyllic Rustling Willows Ranch in Montana, home of 9-year-old Joanna Chase, whose mother died 12 days earlier and whose death will be the stumbling block that drives her away. from the ranch to grow up somewhere else.

She has since become a novelist, seems to have writer’s block, is still single and is cooking her dinner when the first of the strange occurrences begins: From the garage, she hears her car starting by itself and slowly… but sure will happen more oddities, all of which seem to lead her back to her childhood home, which she has some fond memories of and has completely forgotten about for reasons she can’t explain.

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Then we meet a less-than-charming character, Harvey Spondollar, who is standing outside his house peeing on his neighbor’s rose bushes when out of nowhere his house suddenly falls into little pieces before his eyes, and that’s just the beginning. .

In a style somewhat reminiscent of one of the author’s previous novels, Strangers, this diverse cast of characters is presented, the good, the bad, the damaged, the used, and the incredibly weird and bad, some human, some not , all are presented. together in Rustling Willows, for a reason I suspected but wasn’t sure until I got there, perhaps the worst was Asher Optime who is proven insane and is in the process of writing his manifesto while trying to destroy the earth from all their people to be freed. Residents who capture and kill one person at a time while hiding in a ghost town not far from Rustling Willows.

The reader can’t help but wonder what or who brings these characters together in this place, and yet the answer is there from the start because Mr. Koontz tells us what it is: synchronicity, and what I believe true identity to be . of the author. Message to your readers, a warning of our slow but steady destruction of the earth and its resources, senseless murder and lost wars in a long history of bloodshed and violence that must be stopped before the human race causes its own extinction.

This novel is at times gruesome, macabre and at times at odds with the poetic nature of Mr. Koontz’ writing style. He’s even included a nod to the robot novels by Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov, which might give you a little clue as to what to expect in this novel. This reader found it challenging and impossible to put down, and while the resolution seemed too abrupt, it’s certainly not a novel for the faint of heart, but it is a novel I highly recommend.

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