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The Forever Girl book pdf download for free or read online, also The Forever Girl pdf was written by Jessica Simpson.

BookThe Forever Girl
AuthorJessica Simpson
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The Forever Girl Book PDF download for free

The Forever Girl Book PDF download for free

When Maze returns to Wildstone for the wedding of her estranged best friend and the sister of her heart, it’s also a reunion with a once-ragtag team of teenagers who had only each other until tragedy drove them apart and… scattered them widely.

Now, as adults back together at the lake house, secrets and resentments mix with all the wonderful childhood memories. Unexpectedly, they immediately revert to their roles: Maze, the ruthless leader of her, Cat, the mother of the lair, Heather, the beloved little sister, and Walker, a mysterious man.

Life has really changed for all four of them in immeasurable ways. Maze and Cat must decide if they can rebuild their friendship, and Maze discovers that her longstanding attraction to Walker hasn’t faded over the years, she’s only gotten stronger.

The Forever Girl Book Pdf Download

A return to Wildstone for Jill Shalvis is always an adventure, and this time she delivers as usual. Maze reluctantly returns to Wildstone, but she cannot ignore Cat’s request, who is her heart sister and best friend, even though she is currently a separate best friend from her. Maze grew up in foster care and spent that wonderful year living with Cat and her family along with a motley collection of other foster parents who willingly became her family.

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But “Mayhem” Maze has been separated from her family because she is afraid of hurting them and being hurt herself. Childhood trauma has long term effects and needs to be healed. And this is a book about the power of love and healing.

Everyone in this novel has issues they need to address due to childhood trauma. It is treated with a very delicate hand and well done. Furthermore, we can see how love can truly conquer all when we are willing to break down our wall and let in someone who may have the power to hurt us, but who truly loves us. Not only does Maze learn that in this novel, but all of her misfit family members learn from her as well.

Yes, there is a true love story in this wonderful novel, but for me that is secondary. What mattered most to me was how everyone was finally able to begin to heal from their childhood traumas. Healing is a lifelong process, but it is also liberating. And it was amazing to see Maze’s transformation as she began to heal.

As with all of Ms. Shalvis’s books, the characters and plot are well researched and well written. She weaves a delicate hand in dealing with childhood trauma and how it complicates trust. There are also some really good love scenes in this book.

I always say that her latest book is my favorite and it’s true. I love this. And I already have my reread planned. I took my time to read this and enjoy it. There is a lot to collect. But if you’d rather peruse her romance novels, this book will do that, too.

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Plan a weekend where you can curl up in a comfortable spot and escape back to Wildstone.

That sixth in the Wildstone series was harder to come by than previous titles, but it ended well and emotionally. I mean, if it’s not the bride wearing her wedding dress and it’s not the bridesmaid wearing HER dress, who is it? And why does each one flee through a window so as not to go through with the marriage?

Better yet, this family of misfits who form a family of half-sisters and brothers and their escorts to Caitlin and Dillon’s wedding are back together at Caitlin’s behest. They are all worried about the reunion after they parted ways all the years before due to misunderstandings and secrets each kept. But then there’s little Sammie, the little girl no one else knew. Or, well, maybe most of them, but not Walker, who helped Heather when she found out she was single and pregnant. Then he mazes her, that he’s sure Dillon isn’t the right man for Cat, but he’s not her choice, even if she’s a maid of honor.

As with other stories in this series, we see families made not of blood but of important and compelling relationships and how from these reunions we see the mating of not one couple but two, which begs the question of how they will all end. especially when one of the Plus One boys has a crush on Heather and her cute daughter. Doesn’t she deserve a good one too? But will Maze take what Walker offers? Or will he turn and run to stop Maze from doing the same thing, again?

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