Download A knight In Shining Armor [PDF] By Jude Deveraux

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A knight In Shining Armor book pdf download for free or read online, also A knight In Shining Armor pdf was written by Jude Deveraux.

BookA knight In Shining Armor
AuthorJude Deveraux
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A knight In Shining Armor Book PDF download for free

A knight In Shining Armor Book PDF download for free

Abandoned by a cruel fate, the beautiful Dougless Montgomery lies weeping on a cold tombstone in an English church. Suddenly the most extraordinary man appears. This is Nicholas Stafford, Earl of Thornwyck… and according to his tombstone he died in 1564.

Drawn to her side by an attachment so sudden and compelling that it eclipses reason, Dougless knows Nicholas is nothing short of a miracle: a man who does not seek to change her, who finds her perfect and fascinating just the way she is. What Dougless never could have imagined was the strength of the chains that bind her to the past…or to the great adventure that awaits her.

A knight In Shining Armor Book Pdf Download

A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR is very classic of the romantic literature. It often appears on lists of the best romance novels of all time. Published in 1989, I first read it a few years after it was published. I remember being surprised and upset by the end of the novel. In fact, I hated it so much that I couldn’t remember anything else about the book except that the end of the book was in my memory. In the years that followed, when I saw this book on classic lists, I questioned the intelligence of those reviewers. When the book showed up for reading at my book club, I was determined to read it again.

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A warning that this review contains spoilers.

THE STORY: In 1988, Dougless Montgomery embarks on the journey of a lifetime to England with her lover, and the man she loves and hopes will take this opportunity to ask her to marry him. The man Dougless befriends is a serious jerk who treats her badly, but Dougless blames himself and allows himself to be taken advantage of. Her lover is successful and very popular with her family and Dougless, who has always felt like an outsider in her incredibly successful family. When her lover leaves her, Dougless prays that a knight in shining armor will rescue her.

Lord Nicholas Stafford is a man of the time. In 1564 he was threatened with an undeserved death as a traitor to the crown. When he’s called back to 1988, he finds himself in a future he doesn’t expect but decides to use to his advantage. NIcholas is determined to find out who framed him as a traitor and then return to his time and save himself and his family.

The plot of the story revolves around discovering the person who tricked Nicholas, but at the heart of this story is how two people who live four hundred years apart can find each other and be together forever.

OPINION: This book has several negative aspects to overcome. Dougless is a doormat at the beginning of the book. Some people never get past the beginning because she is so pathetic and desperate for a perfect relationship with a man who treats her like dirt. However, Dougless is no longer a static character. She learns that she can face and handle life and that she can be strong and independent in ways she never expected.

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She discovers the person who betrayed Nicholas, then travels to the 15th century to rescue Nicholas. Dougless’ ability to deal with the past and succeed shows a strength she never expected of herself. With Nicholas’ love, Dougless acknowledges that she deserves a man’s respect. This novel follows her journey, so readers need not fear that Dougless is a doormat throughout the book.

The ending of the novel has bothered me for years. There is a HEA as Dougless finds the actual man who possesses Nicholas’ soul after believing he has lost him forever. Their meeting is brief and the book ends with Dougless realizing that Nicholas has returned to her. Intellectually I can accept the ending. Their souls meet and are expected to build a life together.

As much as my intellect really recognizes the ending, my heart doesn’t like it. Dougless may have found Nicholas’ soul, but finding a man who doesn’t know anything about their experiences and their life together is unsatisfying. Intellectually I can explain it. Just as Nicholas “knew” Dougless in the past before meeting her, this new “vessel” will know Dougless… but emotionally I still felt cheated by staying at the beginning of the journey.

Although the ending still bothers me, I still loved the story. The ending is bold and unique in romance. The story is consistent and works by its own rules. The beauty of the story outweighs the parts I don’t like. Nicholas’ experiences in the modern world are really funny without being the silly. I loved how Dougless manipulates Nicholas, using his curiosity to distract him. I also really enjoyed how the book compares and contrasts the two time periods in a non-romantic and non-contemptuous way.

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The overwhelming love for eternity is beautiful and I cried when they parted ways. The beauty and the sense of pain and loss were heartbreakingly real and for that I can accept the ending. This book makes you believe that souls meant for each other can find each other despite all obstacles, including time. It’s an romance you can’t forget even if, like me, you’re frustrated by it.

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