Download The Handler [PDF] By L.T. Ryan And C.R. Gray

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The Handler book pdf download for free or read online, also The Handler pdf was written by L.T. Ryan And C.R. Gray.

BookThe Handler
AuthorL.T. Ryan And C.R. Gray
Size KB

The Handler Book PDF download for free

The Handler Book PDF download for free

Former K9 handler Maddie Castle is injured on duty and finds herself back to square one. The bullet that shattered his leg took the life of his four-legged companion. The pain of recovery goes far beyond the daily physical agony you endure.

Time is the supposed healer of all wounds. In the case of Castle, that has not been the case. In a hail of bullets, he not only lost his dog, but also what he loved most: his work.

Castle is back at the trailer park he vowed never to return to. The job as a private detective has turned out to be an unworthy comparison to her previous career. Castle is barely making ends meet, hampered by the ever-present pain in her leg. Castle struggles to keep her balance in her new life.

The Handler Pdf Download

A K9 trainer from Castle’s old unit is shot. Castle is called in to assess whether the dog can be rehabilitated. The alternative is a consequence Castle cannot live with. Working to save the K9 might very well save Castle from himself.

While searching for the killer, Castle receives a call from a desperate mother searching for her missing son. The search for the boy leads Castle into Pittsburgh’s criminal underworld. High-performing players who will stop at nothing will stand in their way. The truth is behind them. Reaching him could cost her everything, including her life, as she tries to uncover a dark secret that could bring an entire city to its knees.

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Follow Maddie Castle on her desperate quest for justice along the blurred line of good and evil.


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