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The House on Blueberry Lane book pdf download for free or read online, also The House on Blueberry Lane pdf was written by Brenda Jackson.

Brenda Jackson, author of more than 100 New York Times and USA Today novels and short stories, was born in the Jacksonville, Florida. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Jacksonville University. She married with her high school sweetheart, Gerald, and they also have two sons, Gerald Jr. and Brandon, ages 43 and 41, respectively. She is the active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Her writing career began in year 1995 with the publication of her first book, Tonight and Forever. Since then, she has written over 100 titles, including a BET TV movie, One Special Moment, as well as her own film company’s Truly Everlasting; and A Brother’s Honor by Passionflix. She was nominated for a 2012 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Fiction for her book A Silken Thread; and she received Nora Robert’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the Romance Writers of America in 2012.

BookThe House on Blueberry Lane
AuthorBrenda Jackson
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The House on Blueberry Lane Book PDF download for free

The House on Blueberry Lane Book PDF download for free

The biggest mistake of Jaye Colfax’s life was letting Velvet Spencer go. They were exclusive for three years and it was great, at least for Jaye. But Velvet wanted more. Jaye wouldn’t commit to anything because he just didn’t believe in the love or the marriage. Velvet got tired of waiting and left without even saying goodbye to her. It was then that Jaye realized that he had been too proud to admit that he loved her. But it was too late: her stubbornness had cost him the love of her life.

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It took Jaye two years to find out where Velvet had gone. He now he has come to Catalina Cove to show her love and win back her heart. She will do whatever it takes, even buy the local bank and move next door. But will Velvet have it?

The House on Blueberry Lane Book Pdf Download

I think we all know what this story is going to be about. We have our main characters, Jaye and Velvet, who had a relationship based on the sexual pleasures of the body and mind, rather than the all-encompassing love of two people destined for each other. This book was great overall. I love the Catalina Cove series. The author knows how to skillfully weave a book. I think this story is different from the other five in the series. Velvet was bland for my taste.

She was so frustrating to me. I wish I had consulted more than her friends for advice. There was more than enough sex in this book, which will be upsetting to some. I think this will be up to the readers to enjoy or not. I love the ending! This book had passion and desire. I wanted more romance, but I knew the book wasn’t going to be based on that. I appreciated this book for the characters, the settings, the plots, the drama, the commitments, and the love for the Catalina Cove series.

Reading Velvet and Jaye’s story was a thrilling experience that provided another fascinating glimpse into the Catalina Cove saga. While her circumstances were a bit exaggerated, it was fun to watch her story unfold. Velvet was a school teacher/heiress who hid her true identity from most of the locals; and Jaye was a wealthy banker who found his way to Catalina Cove to win back Velvet’s love after taking her for granted, which resulted in her leaving him after a three-year exclusive relationship.

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Their subsequent journey back to each other, complicated by some supporting characters with disturbing motives of their own, makes for an interesting story of romance, family history, small-town politics, and broken love coming full circle.

Brenda Jackson did it again, this book was great. This is Jaye’s story, he said that Velvet was dating when she lived in Phoenix for 3 years, she loved him but he always said that her relationship was only based on sex. Velvet leaves him and he realizes that he loves her. He tracks her down 2 years after her and is on a mission to get her back. I couldn’t stop reading it. This is one of my favorite authors. I would have liked an epilogue, but it’s still a wonderful book.

The chemistry between Jayne and Velvet was on fire. They were able to communicate more about their feelings and life in general when they met again. The updates and the interaction with the people of Catalina Cove were a pleasure. It was a heartfelt story about recovering a lost love. Congratulations to Brenda Jackson for another amazing story.

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