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Sugar And Salt book pdf download for free or read online, also Sugar And Salt pdf was written by Susan Wiggs.

Susan Wiggs :

I like to think I am who my dogs think I am.

I call my parents every day because they are old and adorable and they read me stories from my crazy normal childhood every day. I was a writer before I learned to read, drawing doodles on paper and dictating the stories to my Blessed Mother.

Countless eons later, I still read and write every day, and have become very good at it. I live in a ridiculously beautiful place on earth: an island in Puget Sound, Washington, where we have many of the same flowers that you grow in the UK. But bigger snails. Much larger snails.

BookSugar And Salt
AuthorSusan Wiggs
Size2.3 MB

Sugar And Salt Book PDF download for free

Sugar And Salt Book PDF download for free

Jerome Sugar learned the art of baking at his grandmother’s bakery, also known as Sugar, on historic Perdita Street in San Francisco. He delivers baked goods to the Lost and Found bookstore across the street.

When the restaurant that shares its commercial kitchen loses its former tenant, a newcomer moves in: Margot Salton, a grill master from Texas.

Margot isn’t on the run, but she needs a fresh start. She has taken care of herself her entire life, picking herself up on her nails to recover from trauma, and her dream of hers has been to open a restaurant somewhere far, far away in Texas.

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The shared kitchen with Jerome’s Sugar Bakery is the perfect setup: a state-of-the-art kitchen and a vibrant neighborhood that’s popular with tourists and locals alike.

Margot immediately accepts Jerome’s mother, the feisty and headstrong Ida. The older woman proves to be a good mentor, and Margot finds herself attracted to Jerome. Despite her different backgrounds, their attraction to her is strong, though Jerome worries that once she finds some peace and stability, Margot will simply walk away from him. But just as she begins to relax into a happy new future, Margot finds herself haunted by her past in Texas…

Sugar And Salt Book Pdf Download

Sugar and Salt by Susan Wiggs is another one of her wonderful stand-alone novels. The story revolves around Margot Salton, our heroine, who initially moved from Texas to open the barbecue restaurant of her dreams; Margot has developed a special sauce that has become a masterpiece of hers. The story is told in two timelines; the success of opening her new restaurant in San Francisco and meeting Jerome, who works alongside the local bakery business; and her past in Texas, which was a difficult time in her life. This started out as a light-hearted story, only to go over halfway through to see the hardships and injustice he endured.

In the past, a young Margie helped out at a barbecue restaurant which led her to create wonderful sauces. In between, she was hanging out with friends, including an older guy who she decided she didn’t want to continue her relationship with because she was too arrogant and only cared about what he wanted. One night while the boy is making more sauces, after she tells him she’s done, he rapes her while he strangles her.

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Desperate for her life, Margie manages to grab her gun and shoots him dead. That was in her own defense since he killed her; but the laws of Texas only cared that she kill him. Everything changed for Margie as the victim’s family was rich and powerful and Margie was treated horribly; with the police, the judiciary and bad lawyers. She will spend almost a year in a friendship that leads to a very good lawyer finally freeing her from it and eventually moving under a different alias. Past history was long and very dark to read.

Finally, returning to the present, we learn more about Margot’s successful new business and her growing relationship with Jerome, the bakery owner. Margot met Jerome’s mother, Ida, as they grew closer; her with us she get a backstory about a love from the past. It was a very nice story with Ida and Frank. I really liked how patient and caring Jerome was with Margot, and when she reveals her horrible past, he still professes his love for her. The past will rear its ugly head again, but Margot will rise up to fight evil. The food (barbecue and bakery) was fun to read about and made us a little hungry.

Sugar and Salt was very well written by the author Susan Wiggs. It is a story of tragedy, second chances, love and friendship. While there was a long and tragic story from the past, overall this was a great story.

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