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The Last Aether book pdf download for free or read online, also The Last Aether pdf was written by Tessa Hale.

BookThe Last Aether ( Royals Of Kingwood Academy Book 2 )
AuthorTessa Hale
Size1 MB

The Last Aether Book PDF download for free

The Last Aether Book PDF download for free

My universe has been turned upside down. Not only am I no longer human, I am the most powerful elemental the world has seen in centuries. And I have no idea how to handle the power coursing through my veins.

Did I mention that I also have four companions in destiny? The charmer, the gentle giant, the psychopath and also the cruel prince who would really rather kill me than kiss me. Throw in bad girls, assassins and kings in our blood and I’m having a rough first year.

Just when I feel like things could take a turn for the better, a secret is revealed that changes everything. And I wonder if there’s someone I can trust…

  • Book two in a new reverse harem paranormal romance trilogy. Fellow Fates, powerful elementals, and one evil that will stop at nothing to bring them all down…

The Last Aether Book Pdf Download

I am so in love with this series!! I couldn’t put it down and devoured it in one go in about 4 hours. The story is great and makes you wonder what will happen next and intrigues you. The plot is amazing and runs smoothly for the characters. The growth and depth and development of the character is amazing and their struggles and feelings that come up and mold them into their bond rather than just an instantaneous form of, it’s okay and they’re in love, it’s really amazing on the part of the writers.

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This book picks up where book 2 left off, and the mysteries and questions about what happened and who did it just keep getting longer as the days go by. With the bond now formed, they must be very careful and be even more diligent in covering their tracks against attacks while trying to learn from each other and let the bond grow. It’s a medium difficulty build and ends on a cliffhanger that takes you to Book 3, the finale of the Royals of Kingwood series.

The Last Aether is the second book in the Royals of Kingwood Academy series and picks up right where the first book left off. This book has everything I know this author for: an FMC that starts to discover how powerful she is, protective companions, spice, outside threats, action, love,… and also a pretty heavy cliffhanger; seems inevitable ;-).

I like the connection between these guys, the kind of brotherhood they’ve built and trust and how Aura fits into that brotherhood. I enjoyed some of the surprises the author has thrown at us in this book; They kept the story interesting and made my interest rise a little each time. I like the touch of humor Kai always brings, but all the characters have their own important role in the harem.

Nice addition to the series and I’m excited to see what happens next.

Once again, Tessa Hale kept me up late to finish a book and then hit me with a killer cliffhanger! I wouldn’t want it any other way. I loved the second book in his Royals of Kingwood Academy trilogy.

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Tessa left us at the end of the first book with the FMC, Aura, who was shot by a would-be assassin while she was locked at school until they could confirm her Aether status. She survived, but at the cost of cementing fateful ties to all the princes, including Riven, who doesn’t seem too thrilled about being bound to her forever. You must keep these new connections secret, as they all expose them to even greater danger from those who do not want the kingdoms to be united.

Phoenix, Kai and Atlas remain loyal to Aura forever. It’s so cute to see their interactions. They are the balm she needs to hold Riven until she finally gets her head out of her @ss. Riven redeems himself as things from their combined past are revealed, but Aura is reluctant to trust him. Despite all the Prince’s support, her first reaction to stress is to flee. We see her grow as she learns to lean on them when they need it, but also shows them that she is stronger than they think and can stand on her own without constant protection.

The cliffhanger was intense! The next book promises to be the conclusion of Aura’s story. I can not wait!

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