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The Lost Elemental book pdf download for free or read online, also The Lost Elemental pdf was written by Tessa Hale.

Tessa Hale is the author of love stories with magic. constant dreamer.

Tessa Hale is a writer of paranormal romance including Spark of Fate, Mark of Stars and Bond of Destiny.

BookThe Lost Elemental Royals of Kingwood Academy Book 1 )
AuthorTessa Hale
Size1.4 MB

The Lost Elemental Book PDF download for free

The Lost Elemental Book PDF download for free

Book one of an ongoing three-book Reverse Harem series. Think fateful companions, mad and powerful elementals, a heroine who has no idea who she is, protective royalty, and an evil that wants all her power…

The Lost Elemental Book Pdf Download

The Lost Elemental book is the first book in a new trilogy. In this world there are four real kingdoms based on the four elements: earth, air, water and fire, in which the elite have magical abilities. At the age of eighteen, all human youth must undergo a test to determine if they have any affinity for any of the elements. When they do, they automatically enroll in one of the academies, where they learn to control every item they own.

When Aura goes to the test, she didn’t expect what happened next. As she knows, life is turned upside down in seconds when she turns off the power, and before she knows what happens, she finds herself at Kingwood Academy, where the girls treat her like dirt, so horrible, that they would make you shy away from average bad girls, but then again, your usual bully doesn’t have the magical power to kill you. It doesn’t help as he draws the attention of the four royal princes and it’s not long before the threats begin.

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I’m quickly becoming a huge fan of this author’s work. His writing style and characters grabbed me from the first page. The Lost Elemental is set in the reverse harem genre, it’s honestly not my favorite, but unlike many books in this genre, it’s not dominated by the physical aspect of the story, but rather by the relationship building between the characters. into a fantastically simmering romance between Aura and her four men, albeit one with plenty of chemistry and flirtation galore.

Aura is a strong character, but she struggles with nightmares from a past she struggles to remember, and on the surface the princes have it all, but beneath the facade they present to the world, their scars are as deep as that from aura. I loved the references to various fandoms including Harry Potter with the choices in the academies and also the pre-unleash vote: Do you solemnly swear to use your affinities? …it’s very reminiscent of the Marauder’s Map and also Quincy, the Librarian, who It was very Giles. as in his behavior.

If you love great character development and a fantastic storyline and don’t mind cliffhangers considering the next book is out in October so don’t wait too long I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

I knew that I would love this book as I love everything that Tessa Hale writes. But I didn’t know I would love it.

Everything was perfect. The story begins with Aura, who has just graduated from high school and is undergoing the necessary tests to see if she has elemental powers. Expecting to have none, he surprises the appraisers and the power of the building by displaying a strong gift. She is sent to Kingwood Academy and meets the royals. The golden god Kai, who protects his heart behind a charming facade, Atlas the gentle giant, Phoenix the possessive psychopath and Riven the brooding alpha hole.

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Aura had to adjust to an unfamiliar new environment, elemental powers, bad girls, complex politics and a surprising connection to four princes of the kingdom.

Tessa Hale did a great job creating this world. i love everything about it From the required tests, crazy bad girls, obnoxious parents, magic and a sublime and mysterious plot, this book is a gem. When I got to the end of the story I kept trying to turn the page, desperate and needing more. I have so many questions that I need answers to and it’s hard to wait.

This book is a bit slow and there weren’t many sexy moments, but honestly I didn’t miss it. The way the relationships developed felt right and suited the characters.

I can’t wait for the second book.

If you like paranormal, imaginative, inverted harems with strong female characters and swooned alphas, you should definitely check this one out. It’s worth it!

After discovering Tessa with her Shifting Fate series I was SO excited to see her doing another PNR series. After reading the first few chapters he teased us about, I was hooked. I love that Aura (our FMC) knows about the “world” and that everyone knows everyone, but they don’t exactly mix. She is definitely powerful but she doesn’t know her mood, she also went through something terrible at a young age which leaves her with anxiety and fear of closed spaces.

Without giving too much away, you should get close to Aura from time to time and hug her, hit Kai, possibly hit Riven with a car, cuddle with Atlas, and stargaze with Phoenix. This book is fast paced, Aura arrives at the academy and meets her roommate Kerry (BFF material!) and begins to learn about the academy and what to look out for. And there’s a lot to look for!

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There’s a mix of mean girls, “I hate loving you” vibes, corrupted FMC and MMC, mysterious “outsiders” with tendencies, and real politics that’s absolutely insane.

Our amazing FMC:
Aura – Assuming she was only human, she is “tested” and discovers that she could be a very powerful elemental. He interacts with 2 of the guys before being tested and meets some of the “bad girls” while waiting to see what it is. He has an adorable little brother and a mother he has to leave behind when he goes to the academy.

Meet our real men:
Riven (air) – jacccccckass , tormented past, protector in its own way… maybe
Phoenix (fire) – our psycho, is in awe of aura, very protective, touch her and, big family dramas/issues
Kai (Water) – our Golden Retriever, Cinnamon Roll, wears a mask to hide the pain of past events, protectors of the aura
Atlas (Earth) – silent but a giant of a man, father points out, listens to Aura, the group’s referee.

If you’ve read Tessa’s Shifting Fate series, you might find some similarities in some of the characters. If you liked this series, you will love this one!

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