Download Gallows Bridge [PDF] By Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

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Gallows Bridge book pdf download for free or read online, also Gallows Bridge pdf was written by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti.

Caroline Peckham is An author of all things dark romance, from fantasy to contemporary, from high school bully to mob, there’s sure to be a book for you!

Today she and her sister Susanne Valenti write books together.

Susanne Valenti writes books with her sister Caroline Peckham. They love dark romance and characters that break your heart, trample on it and laugh at the pieces before finally putting them back together.

BookGallows Bridge
AuthorCaroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti
Size2 MB

Gallows Bridge Book PDF download for free

Gallows Bridge Book PDF download for free

This is the final book in the Harlequin Crew series. Beware of the dark themes, devious villains and the beautiful men with blackened souls.

This series is part of the US universe of anarchy and there are some characters that overlap with other series from that world, including Kings of Quarantine and The Death Club, but each dark and twisted story can be read independently.

Gallows Bridge Book Pdf Download

Some mixed feelings about this series. Overall I liked it and I’m glad I read it. I will read the other books in the United States universe of Anarchy.

I’ll start with the good stuff: the series had a lot going for it. Between the relationships, the villains, the drama, the humor, and the murders, there’s plenty to keep you interested and reading. The beginning of the series was excellent, as was the ending.

This end!!! From about 60% of the last book to the end it was fantastic. I lived every second… the writers took revenge! Rounding out the series is a trend-setting HEA that will leave you with a smile.

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The Characters: Rogue, I’ll admit I found the first 3 books a bit annoying. But she grew on me and I cheered for her at the end. Fox was no longer my favorite in Book 1, instead rolling his eyes and gritting his teeth at his constant indecision. JJ was fantastic, I loved him. Chase went from the hate to the love… and Maverick?? phew! By far my favourite. And let’s not forget Mutt! He definitely stole the show from everyone.

Now my nitpick: To be honest, this series should have been 3 books. The inner feelings/thoughts kept repeating themselves. Often in most books (1-4) very little happens until the very end where the plot continues. It may be that this is just my problem… I know a lot of people love slower paced books. I personally prefer the faster ones.

There were a lot of editing errors (nothing too big…again, that’s a personal thing. I notice the errors and it takes me out of the story. This may not bother many others). Plotholes were another issue, along with inconsistencies. (If Carmen was in charge of the boat…then she knew where it was, right? And how would she know it caught fire? A lot of that part of the story didn’t make sense.)

Those issues aside, I would still recommend this series…because despite the issues I had, I was still hooked and gave up other responsibilities to continue reading. And that really says it all.

Reading the last book in any series is always the bittersweet. On the one hand we can see how the story ends that we are all so involved in, on the other hand we have to say goodbye to the characters we have become so close to… No, I’m not crying.

I’ve been waiting for this moment since last October, and while I had so many scenarios in my head following the brutal ending of Paradise Lagoon, I couldn’t have predicted how these amazing writers were going to complete the story of Rogue and her Harlequins. I’m impressed Caroline and Susanne.

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These characters finally got the ending they deserved. These 5 children, with a pure and iron friendship, have come a long way… and their journey has been emotional, with ups and downs, with laughter and agony, with heartache and joy… still without crying.

This last book was exceptional, with so many memorable moments… Gallow’s Bridge was perfect. It was more about finding a way to be together while trying to get revenge on the one monster responsible for their agony and suffering. But in true Caroline and Susanne fashion, there were some WTFs that got my heart rate racing and my eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

The highlight for me was Mutt… this dog is so loyal and so cheerful and I love him.

Aaaaaaa, and we have a chapter from my favorite night watchman’s perspective, a Brooklyn with a B moment, a bit of Irish madness…could this book be more perfect????

The epilogue made me hope that maybe, and I hope I’m not wrong, we could have another America of Anarchy spin-off… fingers crossed.

Thank you beautiful ladies for this series I will cherish forever… now I am in tears.

Back in Sunset Cove… These characters are etched into my heart and soul whether I laugh with them, cry at them or curse at them. I fell hard and fast in love with each of the main characters in the series’ prequel novel and have done nothing but fall in love ever since. I love love love the growth of these characters and there is a lot of that in this book.

Book 5 picks up right where the last book left off and starts yanking us from the edge of our seats. It’s packed with drama, action, hope, and healing, and the heat also ramps up several tiers as these characters fight each other and for their HEA. The pacing felt great, and I loved watching these characters find strength and healing in each other and reforge their bonds to who they are now, in all their perfect imperfections.

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I have so many favorite moments in this book, especially between the four boys when they break down their walls and reveal raw truths and emotions while leaning on each other’s strength, acceptance and love.

The multi POV gave me a deeper understanding and connection to the main characters. I still feel a lot of empathy for the main characters, even if they really screw up. Everyone has their own pains, fears, dreams, insecurities… I love broken characters that find strength and healing in each other and are a perfect match in their own way.

These characters have come through quite a journey, with some tough lessons and some of their pretty agonizing trials, but they’ve come out of it stronger on the other side, to be who they need to be for themselves and to fight for each other, even when that is is one thing, with each other, and reforging their bonds, and I loved this latest part of their journey.

Definitely many tears of heartbreak and joy for these characters. Completing a favorite series feels bittersweet, but it already ranks high in my heart among my favorite series of all time to read over and over again.

There are also fantastic cameos and references to other series that these writers weave together so well.

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