Download The Making Of A Gentleman [PDF] By Kathleen Ayers

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The Making Of A Gentleman book pdf download for free or read online, also The Making Of A Gentleman pdf was written by Kathleen Ayers.

BookThe Making Of A Gentleman
AuthorKathleen Ayers
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The Making Of A Gentleman Book PDF download for free

The Making Of A Gentleman Book PDF download for free

Miss Olivia Nelson has never done anything reckless in her life.

Determined to be the perfect young woman in the midst of a field of Barrington savages, Olivia struggles to be polite. modesty. Restriction. But when Lady Phaedra Barrington finds her boring and urges her to venture to Elysium, Olivia reluctantly agrees.
Half gambling hell and half pleasure palace, Elysium isn’t the sort of establishment Olivia should be visiting.

Her future includes making calls, taking leisurely walks in the park, and marrying a decent and somewhat boring gentleman chosen by her grandfather. When a handsome stranger almost rapes her on the second floor of Elysium, Olivia is thrilled that she has done something daring.

Until she finds the same man sitting across from her at the Duke of Averell’s table. winked at him. A decent gentleman, one with a modicum of decency, would pretend not to recognize her.
But Olivia soon discovers that Mr. Benjamin Cooke is definitely not a gentleman.

He’s ruthless. unscrupulous. Sparkling. Attractive. And the worst, Americans.
Cooke loves Olivia with a determination that is as exciting as it is terrifying.
Now Olivia faces an impossible decision.
Will you be bound by duty? Or sacrifice everything to follow your heart?

The Making Of A Gentleman Book Pdf Download

I have previously commented on my favorite books of all time in my reviews. An all time favorite book has to exceed my expectations and create a romantic masterpiece. The Making Of A Gentleman does this and takes it a step further. Not only is this book outstanding, but the Beautiful Barringtons books as a whole are my favorite historical romance series. These books hijacked my emotions and took me on an exciting, harrowing and unique journey. They are all exquisite and The Making Of A Gentleman is another huge success for Kathleen Ayers.

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I’ve been looking forward to Ben’s story ever since A Lady’s Bet. I fell in love instantly and my curiosity peaked when we were introduced to Ben. Ben Cooke has rough edges and is a wolf in finery. Ben’s dark edges are inescapable and drew me in like a moth on a blaze!

Poor Olive! She is the unique anomaly in the Barrington family. She is all right and proper. As the Barrington ward, Olivia longs for approval from her maternal grandfather. Blinded by the scheming man, Olivia is determined to become the perfect granddaughter even if she loses herself. Last in her family line, Olivia allows duty to overwhelm desire.

Ben and Olivia’s introduction is pure fire! The natural sensuality exuding from the couple is undeniable. The scenes of Ben and Olivia together got my pulse racing because of their passionate connection but also because of the romantic nature of the encounters. The couple’s journey really took me to the places I didn’t really expect. I loved how Ben and Olivia reacted to situations; His thought processes were fascinating.

As much as I love Ben and Olivia, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my favorite scene. It’s not an exciting or heartbreaking scene, although there are plenty of excellent ones. However, it is really the family dinner at the beginning of the book. It was so much fun bringing the whole family back together. I laughed until I cried over Leo and Tony’s antics. I loved seeing a family witness their share of tragedy who can have fun and play. He wanted to join the Barringtons! It says a lot about Kathleen Ayers that she can create these characters that are so important to me that I want to be one of them.

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The Making Of A Gentleman is the sixth book in The Beautiful Barringtons. Three of those six books (including this one) are nominees for my Book of the Year. I’ve never had a situation where books from the same series compete with each other. Kathleen Ayers has really created six exquisite masterpieces of the historical romance! If you are new to these books, I recommend reading the entire series as it enriches each book.

I was moved by Ben and Olivia’s romance and didn’t want this raw, beautiful, passionate journey to end. I’ll finish with this; Please let me know if Phaedra’s story is next so I can prepare! I think this girl’s ride is going to be a wild ride that will even make Tony and Leo blush! These great books will take you to a place of heartbreak and joy, romance and passion, and the most perfect happy ending. Bravo Kathleen Ayers for stealing my heart once again!

Will they let his past and their present stand between their future together…

I confess I have little patience for those who live to be someone else and pretend to be someone else instead of being themselves.
So I didn’t know if I would like Olivia trying to be someone she’s not, even though everyone around her was always welcome, whoever she is.

Why did I like it and dislike it at the same time?
Everything goes wrong. She is so hungry for a connection to her late mother that she is blind to the manipulations being done to her.

However, in becoming her grandfather’s demands, she rejects those who took her under them and offered her the family that fate had stolen from her.
Also, she didn’t really search for the truth until later, why her mother allowed a friend to be the guardian of her newborn daughter instead of her blood relatives.

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But he should have had more faith in the author’s talent, so he railed against Olivia’s naivety and took it all at face value. Angry at her, he eventually even becomes cruel with his words, some of which were true and partly deserved. In fact, all he needed was time and quiet to organize his thoughts and determine things around him.

Introduced in his cousin Georgina’s romance with the infamous Leo, Benjamin was portrayed from the start as an enigma, a boy-turned-man who endured a nightmarish childhood before finding his feet as the heir to the ruthless Rutherford. Still, he seems to be hiding something more than a violent upbringing.

Oh, he’s no angel, he throws knives and punches like crumbs at seagulls, he’s also even more faithful to guilt than something weighs on his soul, so fascinated by the woman he secretly catches in the pleasure chamber he rents hat night, from the moment he sees her again, he can’t let go of her, even though he keeps repeating that it’s only for a certain amount of time. By telling Olivia that he’s not a man who should commit to a woman, he repels her from the start.

So even if I was a bit like Phaedra, Olivia’s cousin wanted to get her to admit she was wrong, but not with Phaedra’s reckless and dangerous methods, Benjamin’s hot-and-cold behavior would certainly unsettle Olivia.
He adored her when once she made up her mind she leaves no room for anything, he is for her and no one else would.

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