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The Mercy Of Promise book pdf download for free or read online, also The Mercy Of Promise pdf was written by T. S. Joyce.

TS Joyce is a 106 time bestselling author dedicated to bringing steamy romance novels to readers. Hungry alpha males are her calling card, and the wilder the men are, the more she will make them open her heart.

She lives in the PNW with a mysterious hunkyman, a makeshift family, a pack of awesome kids, lots of farm animals, and devotes her life to writing great stories. Foodie, bear whisperer, mother hen, thief of tiny bottles of amazing smelling hotel shampoo, nap expert, rom-com fan, zombie hunter, bite-sized rancher, book lover And it’s just getting started…

BookThe Mercy Of Promise
AuthorT. S. Joyce
Size1.7 MB

The Mercy Of Promise Book PDF download for free

The Mercy Of Promise Book PDF download for free

Something big is happening in this city.

Police officer Darren Callaghan has been looking for the cause of a burned mountain outside of Leadville, Colorado, but when a woman goes missing, he can’t shake the feeling they’re somehow connected.

A call comes in that some fences have been cut and you discover that a ragtag band of intruders are occupying an abandoned lot on the outskirts of town. This is your moment. This is the missing piece.

This is your chance to find out all the strange events that have been piling up lately. However, the intruders he interrogates are not what he expected, particularly the dark-haired beauty who seems to be guiding these grumpy folk. Aspen is beautiful, protective, intelligent, and brave, but it’s clear she’s hiding something behind those shining golden eyes…something dangerous that will change the course of her life forever.

Aspen Moore is a werewolf at his last chance.

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Tired of fleeing the wars her last Alpha began, she takes one last desperate step to find sanctuary in the mountains of Colorado for the Trader Pack. His pack needs an alpha to protect them, but no one wants to commit to a pack that is being hunted. A meeting in the woods with a handsome cop throws everything she thought she knew crumbles.

Nothing is as it seems near Promise Falls, but perhaps a tall, powerful, commanding man in uniform is just what she and her friends need to stay alive. Falling in love with him is a terrible idea, but the heart wants what it wants. The better she gets to know him, the more she wants to protect him from what’s to come in the Trader Pack, and now she must make a choice: the life of her pack or the life of the man she falls in love with.

Buckle up for this wild ride as two new Alphas battle for territory. War has come to Promise Falls. Lines are drawn, borders crossed and alliances destroyed as love once again struggles to conquer all.

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, swear words, and tons of shape-shifting secrets. This series consists of half war and half settlement lines. If you don’t like wolf fights this won’t be your topic, but if you like action-adventure love stories with a combative side of werewolf fights then this is for you.

Two packs, one territory.

May the best werewolves win.

The Mercy Of Promise Book Pdf Download

Big but shortened fight near the end of the book, the pack is attacked without Darren present and after losing a member they run away. They tell themselves they are doing it to protect others. And while a part of me might NOT want to put someone you love in an uncomfortable or painful situation, I really do.

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I would have respected them more if they had stayed and fought for the beautiful new lives they created/created for themselves. Darren and Naomi and the pack/family they fought for. I want to protect them, but after all the wonderfully consistent work they’ve put in, having to go after them to basically save them from themselves was honestly a huge disappointment to me.

The pace seemed very, very slow to me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved to watch Aspen and Darren court each other. I loved watching them meet, but either the pacing was too slow or the book needed to be a bit longer for me. Usually a love pack like this can lure in their new member (whoever the new H or h in the story is) and bring them into the herd fairly quickly, but here Darren seems to be an incredibly fit person/alpha. /wolf for the job, it’s like an incredibly long audition then there’s no job offer.

Darren was born to be their alpha, and yet when they need him most, though he may for some reason compel them to follow his commands, pack gangs have not yet formed to let him know that “his people “ is in danger ? Not after being with them day and night for a month?
Besides, the know-it-all Stark had no idea how good and friendly they were. Grudges aside, the F’ers should know as well as anyone what it’s like to sit with an evil/toxic alpha and how powerless it can leave you.

Almost too little to be there too late. To me it should have kept its pace really slow but at least another chapter after Darren has gone and found her,
Or he was selling stuff with Darren and his new team. It made them fight for their new life together and further strengthen their new bonds while saving each other’s lives again.
But taking such a slow path so the pair isn’t really a “thing” to the SAME end and same with him and the pack?

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Come on, raise your hand if you really love a couple that isn’t REALLY a “couple” until the last chapter of a book. Be honest ? It means Darren feels even weirder/worse not only courting Aspen and vice versa, but also courting the pack and vice versa to be their alpha. And then it ends the way it happens? That feels good. I felt cheated by a book that by then wanted to deliver my first five stars in almost a year. I was starting to think I wasn’t going to be able to give more than a three star rating anymore.

But it was like everything woo, unrelated. We spend over 75% preparing for our first sex scene and for them to become partners, and bonds are cemented by having to literally chase everything to the end of the book. It felt like hours of appetizers and only getting to the main course long after dessert. I like that it should have been shorter and faster and made different choices or stayed the way it is but longer so the choices could be more satisfying.

Not the review I was hoping to write. But just like the story, it ended with . Still, it was nice to have a healthy male lead for once, even if he was a bit slow to get what he wanted.
Please read.

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