Download Broken Boys Can’t Love [PDF] By Micalea Smeltzer

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Broken Boys Can’t Love book pdf download for free or read online, also Broken Boys Can’t Love pdf was written by Micalea Smeltzer.

Micalea Smeltzer is a 20-year-old writer from Northern Virginia. She has four dogs, which is as crazy as it sounds. As a recent kidney transplant recipient, she is dedicated to raising awareness of the impact of kidney disease, dialysis and transplantation, and educating people about living donation. When she’s not writing, you can catch her with her nose in a book.

BookBroken Boys Can’t Love
AuthorMicalea Smeltzer
Size1.7 MB

Broken Boys Can’t Love Book PDF download for free

Broken Boys Can't Love Book PDF download for free


That’s what Jude is to me.

My older brother doesn’t trust me with his best friend’s player.

Which is totally fine because I’m not interested.

As Jude and I begrudgingly become friends, I begin to realize that he has more to offer than others realize. But I still won’t go there, not if I’m in love with someone else. But Jude is the perfect person to help me show the ropes when it comes to the opposite sex, plus he’s not like he’s going to commit to me.

Unless you do.

And what about the broken boys?

They are too easy to love.

Broken Boys Can’t Love Book Pdf Download

The steam, the heart, the chemistry! I couldn’t help it. It’s cute, it’s swooning and oh my god it’s sexy! Broken Boys Can’t Love is the first feel-good romance that gets my heart pumping. Characters finding themselves, growing up together and the epic thrill of that REAL first love. I just loved it.

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I love the brother’s best friend trope and Micalea really played into all of those vibes. The secrets, the tricks, the relationship strains. Sheltered Millie begins her freshman year of college in a house full of cranky jocks. His brother, the protagonist of the last book in the Cree series, and his two cronies, including the Playboy Jew. Jude got hurt by his high school girlfriend, so he piled all that baggage on meaningless connections and emotional detachment.

Needless to say, his reputation with women isn’t exactly the glowing endorsement the Cree brother would expect from a suitor for his little sister. But Mille falls in love with the busted Playboy, and while they develop a small friendship, Jude decides to help Millie discover a part of herself she’s never seen before: sexy times with men, but soon to be hers Friendship and their physical chemistry complicated. . Real feelings can be a real problem because not only are they taboo, but Jude has real baggage.

I just adored these two. While I adored Cree, I felt his book lacked some of the emotional connection and substance I wanted in a couple, and I felt like I got that with Millie and Jude. Partly because Millie is so open and curious, and partly because Jude has so much unresolved pain, it all makes them the perfect couple to overcome some big challenges AND grow together in the process. Jude’s scars run deep, some are secret, and Milie is the perfect safety net for him to learn to heal and reconnect emotionally, just as he is the safe place for her to explore her sexuality.

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They are hot together but also incredibly cute. Millie is incredibly kind: considerate, sweet, and smart. She is focused and motivated. And Jude is just lost, he is a very sweet and thoughtful guy under everything. He makes some awkward decisions early on that hurt Millie (before they are together but when the spark is already there), but he fully redeems himself. These two have great chemistry, and the intimacy they have on “Hidden” means we get a lot of alone time, which opened the door for more depth.

There’s some trepidation, both thanks to the tension with Cree and some pretty big twists, but I reckon Micalea doesn’t extend the drama too much, but still gives us a nice ending, and we had a good time with some of the past and Future. . Characters. I look forward to more of this series – the build for the next book is certainly a build for EPIC drama. HOly moly- can’t wait.

The story follows Millie as she begins her freshman year of college. He moved into the house his parents bought with his older brother and their two friends. Jude is a notorious playboy who has never been the same since his longtime girlfriend broke up with him and he started dating his teammate. It’s been over three years, but he’s still known for drowning his sorrows on at least one woman from time to time.

When Millie moves into the house at the start of the school year, Jude knows she’s completely taboo. As the two grow closer, they can’t help but feel attracted to each other. One thing leads to another, they enter into a secret relationship.

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Whoever thought it was a good idea for Millie and Playboy Jude to share Jack and Jill’s bathroom was crazy. A relationship should develop between the two. I loved the chemistry between the two despite their age. Jude is so withdrawn, but he can’t help Millie. I loved his car rides on rainy days. The smut between these two was intense, but the story oozes a small-town romantic vibe. Your relationship is really pure and good. I never wanted those car rides to be end.

I’m a big fan of this whole series. The fifth book does not disappoint. if you wish You can read this independently.

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