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The Midnight Club book pdf download for free or read online, also The Midnight Club pdf was written by Christopher Pike.

Kevin Christopher McFadden born on November 12, year 1955, known by his pen name Christopher Pike, is an American author. He is a bestselling author of children’s and young adult literature.

McFadden was born in New York City in year 1955 but he grew up in California. He briefly attended college before dropping out and taking on various jobs, such as painting houses and programming computers. He initially attempted to write adult science fiction and mysteries, but later took up writing youth thrillers at the suggestion of a publisher.

McFadden’s first novel, Slumber Party, was initially written as a supernatural thriller featuring a character with pyrokinesis, which he later shortened at the request of his publisher. The book was then rewritten as a mystery thriller about a group of teenagers who encounter strange and violent events during a weekend of skiing. His publisher sold the book to Scholastic Press, which published it in 1985. McFadden’s next novel, Weekend, was also published by the Scholastic. He then published another novel about Scholastic, 1986’s Chain Letter, before moving on to Simon and Schuster.

McFadden wrote several young adult novels and later branched out into young adult novels under the title of the Spooksville series, as well as several adult novels such as her 1990 book, Sati. Spooksville was adapted into a television series in year 2013 on the Discovery Family.

On November 25, 1996, his book Fall into Darkness was adapted into a television film of the same name, produced by his company Christopher Pike Productions.

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BookThe Midnight Club
AuthorChristopher Pike
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CategoryHorror Fiction Thriller

The Midnight Club Book PDF download for free

The Midnight Club Book PDF download for free

Rotterham Home was a hospice for young people, a place where terminally ill teenagers died. Nobody who checked in ever checked in. It was a place of pain and sadness, but also, remarkably, a place of humor and adventure.

Every evening at twelve a group of five girls and boys from the hospice met. They called themselves the Midnight Club, and whenever they got together they would take turns telling stories. They told every type of story they could think of, full of intrigue and horror, life and death… True stories, made-up stories, and stories somewhere in between.

But one night, in the midst of a particularly terrifying story, the five children make a pact. The first to die must do their best to contact the others from beyond the grave…

Then one of them dies and the story begins.

The Midnight Club Book Pdf Download

The characters in this book are absolutely real. What is unique is that they both remember the past and anticipate or pave the way for the future. At the same time, they live very much in the present; and dying a lot in the present.

There is a feeling that the past, the present and the future are happening now. And by “past” I mean past lives and past loves not too long ago.

and future future loves and lives.

At one point, a character speaks with great wisdom about past lives and future lives as if they all exist right now.

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This book is full of the action of life: the condensation of everything that is happening and the great expanse of time and space in which all action can infinitely unfold.

So what is the truth? Does everything happen at once? Or is it happening on the stage of time and space? Christopher Pike doesn’t tell you, but the questions can be found in the Midnight Club, either on the first reading or later, say, at midnight.

In Christopher Pike’s world, “story” is a verb. The world is “story.” But at the center of the story, like the center of a wheel, is something immovable, something beyond space and time and thus beyond history.

Pike brings both the moving story and the unmoving stillness IN front of the reader’s eyes. It goes so far as to say that although we experience joys and horrors, we are the immovable center of the wheel, the wheel that turns endless stories and stories within stories and stories within them.

Pike makes it clear that the unmoving center of the wheel is not where one goes to escape the fact that one will die and may end up suffering. He just gives you the opportunity to see the wheel in its entirety, and that seeing is a kind of healing, even amidst the continuous story generation.

Some stories are about past and future lives. However, Pike brings us back to the center of the wheel and asserts that all of our lives exist here and now.

It is rare for a writer to combine a masterful narrative with truths about the nature of existence. It has to be one of the most difficult literary feats, especially when aimed at a ‘young adult’ audience.

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The Midnight Club is a gem of an example of how life is a continuous complex of stories centered on pure love and where all past and future lives exist in the present moment.

We could remember even as we played our roles with passion, intimacy, confusion, frustration, joy, ecstasy, the pain of missed opportunities, abuse, affection, doubt, even as we suffered we could remember.

We could remember. This is The Midnight Club’s best gift. You will remember something you lost. You will remember something you saw coming, blown towards you unpredictably on the wind. You will remember who you are here and now. And in that memory you will see yourself as a more complete person. And that has to be something healing. Read The Midnight Club for the real experience of healing and wholeness.

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