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The Time Traveler’s Wife book pdf download for free or read online, also The Time Traveler’s Wife pdf was written by Audrey Niffenegger.

Audrey Niffenegger born on June 13, year 1963 is an American writer, artist, and academic. Her first novel, The Time Traveler’s Wife, published in year 2003, was a bestseller.

Audrey Niffenegger was born in year 1963 in the South Haven, Michigan. She then moved to Evanston, Illinois and has since lived most of her life in Chicago. Niffenegger began writing books at the age of six. Niffenegger completed her bachelor’s degree at the Art Institute of Chicago, where she trained as a visual artist. After earning her bachelor’s degree, she earned her MFA from Northwestern University.

Niffenegger is currently a professor in the Department of Creative Writing at Columbia College Chicago, where she co-founded Columbia College Chicago’s Center for Book and Paper Arts. Niffenegger is also a founding member of T3 or Text 3, a group of artists and writers that also performs and exhibits in Chicago. She is a graduate and board member of the Ragdale Foundation. She began making books herself using techniques such as intaglio and letterpress. She also wrote many novels that were produced on an offset press.

Niffenegger is married to cartoonist Eddie Campbell. Niffenegger and Campbell have collaborated on the visual novel Bizarre Romance to celebrate the Comics Unmasked exhibition at the British Library. Niffenegger describes herself as “somewhere on the spectrum of agnosticism and atheism” and attributes her disbelief to her Catholic background.

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Niffenegger’s first novel, The Time Traveler’s Wife, was published in year 2003 and was a bestseller. A film adaptation was released in 2009. Niffenegger has no intention of seeing the film because she stated that the characters are only really her in the book, not in the film. Niffenegger originally conceived The Time Traveller’s Wife as a graphic novel, but realized that time travel would be difficult to capture in visualizations.

In March 2009, Niffenegger sold her second novel, a ghost literary story entitled Her Fearful Symmetry, to Charles Scribner’s Sons for a $5 million advance. The book was released on October 1, 2009 and is set in Highgate Cemetery, London, where Niffenegger acted as a tour guide while researching the book. Although this book is not as big a commercial giant as The Time Traveller’s Wife, it received generally more positive reviews and secured Niffenegger’s reputation as a leading novelist with ideas and atmosphere.

Niffenegger collaborated with Wayne McGregor on a ballet fable, Raven Girl (2013), which was performed at the Royal Opera House in London in 2013 and 2015.

In 2009 she began work on a novel called The Chinchilla Girl in Exile.

As of 2022, it is revealed that he is working on a sequel to The Time Traveller’s Wife called The Other Husband.

BookThe Time Traveler’s Wife
AuthorAudrey Niffenegger
Size1 MB
CategoryFiction Romance Novel

The Time Traveler’s Wife Book PDF download for free

The Time Traveler’s Wife Book Pdf Download

Niffenegger has written a wonderful love story with time travel as a background. If you’re reading this review, you probably know the basics of this book’s plot: a story about the romantic relationship between a time-travelling man and a “normal” woman.
I was surprised by some negative or “average” reviews highlighted on the website. I get the impression that people generally loved it, but a few were left disappointed. Maybe it’s because you have different expectations of the book than it actually offers.

What I liked:

  • I admit that I am not an avid reader of romance novels. Still, I was really moved by Henry and Clare’s romantic story. This is a beautiful love story of the everlasting love. It wasn’t difficult for me to somehow identify with the characters and their love for each other.
  • The book contains some very nice comedy elements that make you laugh and add variety to the story.
  • The time travel premise holds up well. The author defined a set of rules in her mind about how it happens, why and what it can bring, and develops a coherent story around them.
  • The characters are human. They have positive qualities and they also have flaws – very human.
  • The stickiness of the story is good. Not being an action story or a thriller, the flow is so good that it’s hard to stop after the first few pages. It’s a little bit page turner (not that common but some places).

I haven’t had any trouble with these issues, but some people may have:

  • It’s not science fiction. Yes, there is time travel, but in the background.
  • The story is told in the first person perspective (alternating between Henry and Clare). Some people may get annoyed at the author’s little things that clearly indicate who is telling their part of the story.
  • Both Henry and Clare share their perspective on the relationship, but don’t delve too deeply into other aspects of their lives. It feels like a close-up of the relationship and how it’s affected by Henry’s time travel. Other themes are presented tangentially (though coherently). This means that there are many themes and sides of the story that are not fully developed. That was fine with me because, like I said, I see it as a romance novel. But a “curious” reader may be annoyed by the lack of other details.
  • The story is relatively complex as it goes back and forth at different times in Henry and Clare’s life. Some people may be surprised by this complexity. I had no problems with that. For me it didn’t slow down the book at all and made it richer as it allowed the story to build and some “mysteries” to unfold.
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I can really recommend this book to almost everyone. You just need to be aware of the details above. But you will probably love this book.

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