Download The Midwife’s Confession [PDF] By Diane Chamberlain

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The Midwife’s Confession book pdf download for free or read online, also The Midwife’s Confession pdf was written by Diane Chamberlain.

BookThe Midwife’s Confession
AuthorDiane Chamberlain
Size1.6 MB

The Midwife’s Confession Book PDF download for free

The Midwife's Confession Book PDF download for free

A baby is stolen. A second daughter has leukemia. Three mothers, all affected by the decision of a midwife who was their best friend. So many secrets and so much damage leads to healing and new relationships.

This book was a tear maker and a bringer of smiles at times. I loved how it was written from the different perspectives of the mothers and daughters. All of the characters were realistic and relatable, and the storyline paced just right to keep me reading.

The Midwife’s Confession Book Pdf Download

This novel is the story of three friends, Tara, Emerson and Noelle, and a shocking secret that will have truly devastating effects when it is finally revealed. It was an absolutely captivating read and I really couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend it if you like contemporary fiction with constantly unfolding drama and well-drawn characters.

Without revealing too much about the plot, it revolves around the aftermath of midwife Noelle’s suicide and a box of letters that Emerson finds while cleaning up his things. The letter surprises both Tara and Emerson, and makes them realize they may never have known Noelle as well as they thought…

Told from the perspective of five characters, including the late Noelle through flashbacks, the plot really works. Seeing more than one person’s point of view in such a fascinating situation adds tension to this story and makes it more realistic. I also found the author to be very good at writing in teenage Grace’s voice; Seeing the situation from his point of view gives the novel a certain credibility.

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The character development was excellent overall and I felt that “Sam” was portrayed very well. I was never quite sure what direction the author was going or how much he knew about Noelle’s secret, which added another interesting dimension to the story. .

Granted, parts of this book were a bit predictable, so I took a star off and you could see where the author goes in parts, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the novel at all. Wise, especially since some other aspects of the plot came completely out of nowhere. If anything, it actually encouraged me to read a little faster just so I could see the characters’ reactions to certain situations that I had already figured out.

Chamberlain excels at creating unexpected little twists that keep the rhythm of his novel moving and encourage the reader to keep going. You can imagine yourself wondering how you could handle a similar situation and what the heck is going to happen next to these characters. It’s very lifelike and believable, but it’s nothing like a soap opera. The suspense is very well maintained and the writing style reminded me a bit of a novel by Jodi Picoult.

This book is moving in places, dramatic and shocking in others, but it is mostly about friendships and families, particularly the relationship between mothers and daughters, and it was a truly engaging read that I really didn’t want to finish. I’ve already downloaded some of Chamberlain’s other novels for my Kindle to read on my next vacation and can’t wait to see how they are!

Also, if you enjoy this book, I would heartily recommend that you check out These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf, another brilliantly written family drama I’ve read recently and is one of my five favorite books of the year.

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